Wednesday, February 16, 2005

We're going here today:

Look under Youth Day.

Joseph and I are leaving this evening and flying down to LA with some other Youth Group members.
Youth Day is tomorrow. It looks to be a really neat day. People who went last year said it is very powerful......over 15,000 teenagers. I have my Tylenol handy;-)

Tomorrow night we will go to dinner, then to Hermosa Beach for a bonfire/retreat. I hope it isn't raining, or Jo will cancel the bonfire.

Friday we are going to Downtown Disney (it is going to kill me not to be that close to Disneyland and not go in!), then we fly home Friday evening:)

The youth group did go to Disneyland last year, but Jo thinks the kids focused too much on Disneyland instead of the congress. *sigh* Kathy said it is a tradition to go to Disneyland the day after. I really think Jo is just afraid of Fr Mike and didn't want to ask for any more money. The kids raised over $4000 for the trip though. They worked their butts off. I think they deserve a day at Disneyland. Oh well.

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Pez said...

Have fun! And WTG for the kids for raising the money for the trip to Disneyland!