Friday, February 27, 2004

The company wants Chris to go back to Illinois to help start up a couple of units. I guess all told he will be there about 6 weeks. He leaves in a week. He gets to fly back for a couple of weekends....and he told them he has to be here March 31st for Joseph's confirmation. I'm going to check flights to St Louis.....hopefully Joseph and I can go back for a week or so. Its close to St Louis, so there should be lots to do and learn there.

Mom was born and raised in Illinois.....maybe I can find out about some long lost relatives.....or at least some family history. That would be cool.

I went to Target yesterday....found some new slipcovers for the dining room chairs. They are the Bella line....with morning glories embroidered on the edge. Pretty! I took the others off and after they are washed, I'll put them on the kitchen chairs:) Best part is they were on clearance.......reg. price was $19.99 each, and I paid $4.33 each. Not too bad;-)

Monday, February 23, 2004


Today I:

went to the post office (got a package mailed)
went to the library
dropped off some stuff at Goodwill
went by City Hall to ask a question
went to Target
went to grocery store

Then I came home and
mopped kitchen and both bathroom floors
did 3 loads of laundry
went through some papers
cleaned desk
checked Joseph's work for the day
went through pile of mail....mostly junk mail.
mowed back yard
swept sidewalk
made meatloaf for dinner

Chris built a nice fire this evening.....I think I deserve a glass of wine and a seat on the couch;-)

Sunday, February 22, 2004

I love Restoration Hardware. Really. Where else can you spend $35 on cleaning products? Beach House is the smells so good. I almost look forward to mopping the kitchen floor tomorrow. Almost.

I am just glad I have to drive almost an hour to get to a Restoration........I could be in serious trouble if they build one here;)

Pottery Barn is another place. *Sigh* I love to look there (or in the catalogue) then go to Target to buy:) Then there is Crate and Barrel......and Williams Sonoma. I just have champagne taste on a beer budget......but it IS fun to look.

Joseph sang with the teen choir again at Mass this evening. I am surprised at how much he likes it....or maybe I'm not. The reason he *really* likes it is named Heidi. She is an adorable little blonde. I saw her give him a hug when we left. Oh hell, it is starting. My baby, lol. I think she is an 'older woman' least 14. She is his first real crush I think, besides Brittany. Gawd help me;-)

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Menopause bites.

I have hair sprouting from my chin. I hate it. I pluck it. Thank goodness its only one or 2 hairs, but still.

What happened to the young thing that I was? Where did she go? In her place is a middle aged woman.....wrinkled and with gray hair (well, brown, but just because I dye it)

I am not feeling good about myself at all tonight:(

I think I will dig out a good old fashioned romance novel and read myself to sleep.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Today was errand running and starting to rearrange the family room. I got the bookshelf moved under one of the windows, and all the videos ready to transfer to whatever cabinet I get. I have to get that done tomorrow.

Today I went to the library, Trader Joes, Cost Plus, Raleys, Longs and I filled up the car. Friggin gas has gone up AGAIN. $2.05 for midgrade.

Joseph and Adam are working on some skateboard stunts. I think they are both crazy;) Joseph played his guitar for about 2 hours this afternoon after he finished his schoolwork. He's sounding better all the time.

We're still waiting for the bonus check to be deposited....hopefully tomorrow. I noticed though that the check from the stock option was deposited Tuesday. That is very nice:-) I guess that means we can start shopping for a new fridge and a freezer for the garage.......

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I am glad Chris is back to work. Its nice to go places, but its also nice to have my routine back.....and to try and get this house together! I am looking to do some redecorating in the family room. I need to make a trip to IKEA for a cabinet for the gazillion videos we have. Looking at the amount of Chris' bonus, I will able to buy pretty much anything I want;-)

We went to Pismo Beach for a couple of days last week. The weather was absolutely incredible. I think February is the best time to go down there. It was SO relaxing. We mostly just bummed around, poking into shops here and there, and looking for shells and rocks on the beach. I got some more sand dollars. We stopped at Avila Beach Friday, and Joseph found a starfish on one of the supports of the pier! It was so cool!! I have never seen a live one outside of the tidal pools at Marine World or the zoo. He took a bunch of pictures of it.

Saturday morning, Chris and Joseph let me sleep in while they went to the mall (to get my Sees candy........pure heaven it is) and IKEA. They got the loft bed Boo has been wanting. They spent all afternoon and evening putting it up. Now I have a captain's bed in the living room to get rid of. Guess I'll call Salvation Army to pick it up.

The boys did a benefit Saturday night , so I got to see them again. 2 shows this time, and I got to visit with Casey, and catch up on some good gossip;)

Sunday, I dropped Joseph off at youth group. He called me a bit later to tell me that the teen choir they started was going to sing at Mass Sunday night. Poor kid was nervous, but they sounded really good. Father Mike even complimented them. I'm so glad Joseph enjoys it.

I think Joseph and I are going to take *Princess* to Sacramento tomorrow and show her around the state capitol. Maybe we will see the Governator;-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I can now say I have been married for 30 years. I have joined the ranks of "long marriages". Wow.

Dinner yesterday was yummy. Hacienda is our absolute favorite restaurant......we've gone there for years. Seafood chimichangas to DIE for, and killer margaritas. Its all good;) We decided on anniversary gifts as well......a funky vintage bathroom cabinet for me, and new truck tires for him. Exciting, no?

Tomorrow we're heading to Pismo Beach for a couple of days. I can't wait for the spa at the Oxford Suites.....I can feel it already;)

About Seattle...........the quick trip was awesome:) The crowd for the guys' performance was HUGE.....over 5000 people. They got a great reception! They will be back in Seattle the end of April for 3 days, playing at the Paramount. It should be fun. I will be able to see people who didn't come on Saturday, and hopefully meet Denine and the rest of the Washington moms at the same time:-) It was a busy day saturday.....straight fromt he airport to the Museum where the guys played.....then out to dinner with Deboran and Linda, then drinks with everyone at the Edgewater. What a cool place! The Beatles stayed there on a trip to Seattle all those years ago. Got complimented on the new specs. Someone who shall remain nameless even said they were sexy. Boy did that make me feel good. I haven't been called sexy in.......well, too long. Anyway, it was a good weekend, and a great anniversary.

Monday, February 09, 2004

From SAHP:

30 years ago today.......
2 kids, fresh out of high school, drove their rented Ford Pinto (his uncle had to rent the car, since neither kid was old enough) to Reno. In the car were her best friend and his cousin.

They pulled into Reno, and had a flat tire, right in front of the marriage license office. While cousin Al fixed the tire, the two wet behind the ears kids got the marriage license....

The wedding was at 3:00, and the bride had to change into her wedding dress (a long baby blue granny gown) at the gas station, as the hotel room wasn't ready yet.

At 3:00, in spite of all the obstacles, the young couple and their two attendants stood in front of Father Bishop at St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral in Reno.

30 years later, in spite of all the obstacles, we're still here:)

And they said we wouldn't last a year;-P

I can't believe I am old enough to have been married for 30 years! It has been an adventure.

Friday, February 06, 2004

I'm packed and ready for my flight tomorrow......I can't wait to see everyone.

Chris had a voice mail at work this morning from #1 son......'the forgotten son' as he referred to himself. He called him and talked for a half hour. Jason is living in Seattle, and has a girlfriend. Chris said it was a really good talk. Jason is in AA....he has stopped drinking~~~~Thank You God~~~~and is in therapy. He said the new woman in his life is very supportive of him. I hope so. I want him to be a whole person again. He is a good soul, but has so many problems.

He asked about Kaya.......and Chris told him the whole story about the last time we had her, and everything that happened.
Jason told his dad that HE got a Christmas card from Kaya/Kezia....and that Kezia said she was living in NOVATO (she told us Mill Valley) but she was moving back to San Francisco. I think I will take a drive over there, possibly sometime next week, and see if they are back in the apartment Kelso has. Apparently Kezia told Jason a bunch of lies.....Chris set him straight on what the truth of the matter is. He also told him how malnourished Kaya was when we got her.....and how much weight she gained. He told him all the shit Kezia pulled, which Jason said he could believe. I guess she called Jason's girlfriend on Christmas Eve.....she was very pleasant for about 20 minutes, then went on a rampage, calling the girl names, etc. The girl ( I don't even know her name.....) finally hung up on Kezia......then Kelso called her back, yelling at her, telling her how DARE she call and upset Kezia on Christmas Eve. The girl, bless her heart ( I like her already....she stood up to both crazy people) told Kelso that KEZIA called HER, and not to call again.

It was weird that he called the day before I am to go up there though. I am not ready to see him yet. I hope he doesn't show up at the concert. I don't know him anymore.....I don't know what he might do. If he goes through a 12 step program, one of the things he will have to do is to apologize to people he has hurt. I just don't know what I will do if and when that happens. There is no hurt in the world like what a child can do to you.

Changing the subject......Chris DOES have next week off. I don't know what we're doing though........

Thursday, February 05, 2004

UGH. I am so glad I hadn't made reservations for anywhere next week:/ DH (and I DON'T mean dear husband right now:/) asks me tonight if I can take the truck tomorrow and have front tires put on. I told him that we can do it next week, since he's on vacation. He looks at me like he has no friggin idea WHAT I'm talking about. "Vacation? What do you mean? " Uh, DEAR.....the vacation you told me you signed up for last month. You we can celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary??? NOW he says he doesn't know for sure if he gets it off, but he will ask tomorrow. Hello? I feel like telling him not to freaking bother:/ He can take the Volvo to work next Monday and I'll go buy his effing tires.......then I'll take myself out to dinner. I also have a bottle of Perriet Jouet Flowers champagne in the fridge.....I will have to open THAT and toast myself too. Maybe I'll buy myself a nice anniversary gift while I'm at it. I doubt he'll even remember anyway. Can you tell I'm a touch pissed? Ok, whine over:/

On a lighter was sad seeing Rudy voted off tonight, but I am just glad Ethan is still there. It was touching to see them all in tears when Rudy left though:(
PLEASE let Richard's tribe lose so his naked ass can get voted off next!
Two more days til my Seattle trip! I am getting excited about it. I can't wait to see everyone. Since we are going from the airport to the museum when Deborah picks me up, I won't have time to change my clothes. I guess I'll wear my jeans, grey cashemere turtleneck and black boots. That looks *Seattle* enough, LOL. Its also comfortable for the plane and looks decent. Cansey emailed me this morning. They are flying up today.....they guys do the promo stuff tomorrow.

Off to get more coffee......I LOVE my new coffee pot! We got the rocks:-)

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I finally got the coffee pot dh wanted so badly. This had better be the best coffee I have ever tasted:/

I can hardly wait until Saturday. I need to get away from here so badly.........even for a night.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Random thoughts.....

I am seriously sick of Janet Jackson's boob. Every time I turn on the telly, there it is. I have seen better in my day, lol. I knew it wasn't an accident. I did like Justin Timberlakes 'wardrobe malfunction' line yesterday though. Wardrobe malfunction my ass;-) I am wondering how and when I can use the term 'wardrobe malfunction'. Heh.

Someone stop me....I want to start spring cleaning now. Its too early, and not nearly warm enough. Its hard to open the windows when its pouring rain and the wind is howling. I do want to get some stuff done before Confirmation at the end of March. I definitely need to repaint the front porch. In the meantime, I'll just content myself with looking at organizing tips in magazines, and getting all my cleaning supplies up to date. I love this stuff:
Its pricey but it works well and smells oh so good.

Chris is off all next week. Our anniversary is next Monday. I need to start thinking about it. I should be excited about it, after all, 30 years is nothing to sneeze at! I can't believe I am even OLD enough to have been married 30 boggles the mind. I still don't know what we're going to do. Probably just go out for dinner. I want a party. That won't happen:/

I loved Survivor last night! It is felt like I was seeing old friends again. I get entirely too involved in that show. Ethan is still adorable and huggable (and young enough to be my son, LOL) Colby still looks DAMN good. What eyes! Richard Hatch is an arrogant bastard. Rupert is a scared kid there. Lex is Lex. I love reading his article in the paper when we go to Santa Cruz. He would be a blast to hang out with. Maybe I'll go see his band play sometime.

And now....its about bedtime.....

Sunday, February 01, 2004

So much for the sunny weather....we're back to overcast.....and a storms a brewin.

I have been so lazy today. I didn't even shower and get dressed til 10:30. Chris got up & went to Mass this morning, so he would be able to watch the stupor bowl....which he is watching now. I dropped Joseph off at youth group.....have to go get him in a bit, then the two of us will go to the youth Mass. Chris gets to cook dinner, since he's staying home for the game:)

I can't wait til Survivor tonight!