Thursday, February 19, 2004

Today was errand running and starting to rearrange the family room. I got the bookshelf moved under one of the windows, and all the videos ready to transfer to whatever cabinet I get. I have to get that done tomorrow.

Today I went to the library, Trader Joes, Cost Plus, Raleys, Longs and I filled up the car. Friggin gas has gone up AGAIN. $2.05 for midgrade.

Joseph and Adam are working on some skateboard stunts. I think they are both crazy;) Joseph played his guitar for about 2 hours this afternoon after he finished his schoolwork. He's sounding better all the time.

We're still waiting for the bonus check to be deposited....hopefully tomorrow. I noticed though that the check from the stock option was deposited Tuesday. That is very nice:-) I guess that means we can start shopping for a new fridge and a freezer for the garage.......

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