Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I am glad Chris is back to work. Its nice to go places, but its also nice to have my routine back.....and to try and get this house together! I am looking to do some redecorating in the family room. I need to make a trip to IKEA for a cabinet for the gazillion videos we have. Looking at the amount of Chris' bonus, I will able to buy pretty much anything I want;-)

We went to Pismo Beach for a couple of days last week. The weather was absolutely incredible. I think February is the best time to go down there. It was SO relaxing. We mostly just bummed around, poking into shops here and there, and looking for shells and rocks on the beach. I got some more sand dollars. We stopped at Avila Beach Friday, and Joseph found a starfish on one of the supports of the pier! It was so cool!! I have never seen a live one outside of the tidal pools at Marine World or the zoo. He took a bunch of pictures of it.

Saturday morning, Chris and Joseph let me sleep in while they went to the mall (to get my Sees candy........pure heaven it is) and IKEA. They got the loft bed Boo has been wanting. They spent all afternoon and evening putting it up. Now I have a captain's bed in the living room to get rid of. Guess I'll call Salvation Army to pick it up.

The boys did a benefit Saturday night , so I got to see them again. 2 shows this time, and I got to visit with Casey, and catch up on some good gossip;)

Sunday, I dropped Joseph off at youth group. He called me a bit later to tell me that the teen choir they started was going to sing at Mass Sunday night. Poor kid was nervous, but they sounded really good. Father Mike even complimented them. I'm so glad Joseph enjoys it.

I think Joseph and I are going to take *Princess* to Sacramento tomorrow and show her around the state capitol. Maybe we will see the Governator;-)

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