Friday, February 27, 2004

The company wants Chris to go back to Illinois to help start up a couple of units. I guess all told he will be there about 6 weeks. He leaves in a week. He gets to fly back for a couple of weekends....and he told them he has to be here March 31st for Joseph's confirmation. I'm going to check flights to St Louis.....hopefully Joseph and I can go back for a week or so. Its close to St Louis, so there should be lots to do and learn there.

Mom was born and raised in Illinois.....maybe I can find out about some long lost relatives.....or at least some family history. That would be cool.

I went to Target yesterday....found some new slipcovers for the dining room chairs. They are the Bella line....with morning glories embroidered on the edge. Pretty! I took the others off and after they are washed, I'll put them on the kitchen chairs:) Best part is they were on clearance.......reg. price was $19.99 each, and I paid $4.33 each. Not too bad;-)

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