Thursday, July 29, 2004

A Visit With Auntie
I had such a good time visiting with Aunt Louise today.  Sue wasn't home, so I took her for a drive around the old 'hood.   She really hasn't been back there in 25+ years, so she enjoyed the tour, and she reminisced quite a bit.   I love hearing the 'remembering'.  We stopped and had lunch in Pinole, and each house we passed in old town brought a memory from her:)
She may move down from Oregon.  Since Uncle Sam passed, and  Wauhilla& Lance are planning a move, she is pretty much on her own, except for friends, and her other daughters want her closer to case she gets sick or something.  I would really love to have her closer as well.  She has always been like a second mother to me, and since I don't have one anymore....a surrogate is always nice.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I get to spend some time with my aunt tomorrow:-)
Aunt Louise is down from Oregon, and gave me a call this morning.  She wants me to pick her up at Denise's and drive down to Sue's for a visit.   It was either that or come over here, and since my house is torn up right now (clasroom cleaning & organizing....and major cupboard cleaning in the kitchen)  I wish I had known she was coming down. I wouldn't have started the cleaning and stuff.  Right now the kitchen is in boxes while I go through and see what I am keeping and what goes to Goodwill.  As for the classroom......UGH.   I will get it finished by the end of next week. I am giving myself a full week for both things.
I think I will take her out to lunch too.  She was such a big part of my life growning up, especially during my teen age years.  I spent a lot of time at her house.  She has been alone for a year now, since Uncle Sam passed away.  I 'm glad she's getting out and about.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I need a new scanner.  I really do. 
Target has a printer/copier/scanner on sale......I should go get it.  We had one before and I loved it.  When it died, I just replaced the printer, so we have been scanner-less for awhile.  I use it so much with school stuff.....and when I get a new one, I will post more pictures;-)
From the Inbox
For us dopeless hope fiends:
How  to start your day with a positive attitude.
1. Create a "new folder" on your computer.
2. Name it "George W. Bush".
3. Send it to the trash.
4. Empty the trash.
5. Your computer will ask you: "Do you really want to get rid of "George W. Bush"?
6. Answer calmly, "Yes", and press the mouse button firmly...

Monday, July 26, 2004

This is a couple of years old. We were dressed up for an event and my friend surprised me.
here I am
OMG, its me!

For you, o Evil One

Ok, I posted a picture. I hope it doesn't break the poor blog;-)
As soon as I get a new scanner (mine died....may it RIP) I will scan and post some more;)

In the meantime, I may look and see what else I have around here I can post:)

Saturday, July 24, 2004

As soon as I can figure out how to post a picture, I will, I promise.   (Ok, Evil One??)

I don't have many on the 'puter anyway.

I will try and figure it out tomorrow.........

Deal of the day...
We went thrift shopping today.....I got a pair of linen cropped blue Banana Republic with store tags on ($68....thankyouverymuch) for $2.99. I love getting something like that!  I just don't understand though.....if you are spending nearly $70 for a pair of pants, and you don't like them (or they don't fit) why don't you take them back for a refund? Hell, I would.  But, thank you for not taking them back, whoever you are. I know I would never spend $70 on a pair of pants. I do love getting them for $2.99 though;-)

Friday, July 23, 2004

We interrupt this regularly scheduled programming.......
The shows at the fair last night were really good.   Joseph had a grand time.   S let him play one of his guitars, then complimented him on his playing.  Coming from a professional, that is high praise, lol

Joseph  had a good time hanging around with J during the break.  He really loves him, and J loves him back.   I'm glad they are so close.  J is like another father (or uncle) .  Joseph can't get away with anything around him:)

Exciting news!  JB and M are getting married (finally!)   Its family only at the wedding, but I am sending them a card.  I wish them all the, health and a lifetime of happiness...

Tee shirt/CD sales went well.....and one of the cute lighting guys was flirting.  He has no idea how freaking old I am!!  It did make me feel good though;-)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programs.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

*Said in voice of the Wicked Witch*............."I'm mellllting"

It is friggin hot.   9:30 at night and still almost 90.  Sleeping is going to be next to impossible,even with the air on.   I may end up on the sofa, just because the family room is the coolest room in the house:/ 

I had big plans for cleaning today, but it was too damn hot.   Since it was too hot to clean, I took Joseph up to Guitar Center to get a few things he needed.  $60 later..............little things add up, for sure.

I can't complain though.  He really enjoys his guitars and is getting so good!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another scorcher.....102* or more.  It is gonna be hot at the Amador Co. Fair, where the boys will be playing.  Sometimes I wish I still wore shorts in public.....but I will have to find something else to wear:/
Joseph is looking forward to going with me.  It should be fun.

I just found out that they will be back at Harrah's Tahoe in August!
Yay! I always have fun there:)

Saturday, July 17, 2004

I am one tired puppy.   We just got back from Marine World....we've been there since 10 this morning..   We were supposed to go to a Gospel Day there with the youth group, but the music was so unorganized that we all just ended up going to the shows and riding rides.  The kids didn't want to sit and listen to much music.....and 30 cranky teenagers is not a good thing;-)
After this past week with VBS, and today at Marine World.....I am exausted.  I think I am going to bed early and hopefully I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow. I know Joseph will!  Chris went down to R&E's to do some yard work today since neither of them can do it.  He'll be back home tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Its Wednesday.....halfway through this year's VBS. I'm having fun (and so is Joseph) I think being the 'craft lady' is a blast;-) I love watching the kiddoes putting together whatever I have planned for them. There are some colorful things being made. We have preschoolers in the program this year, which is different. Karla couldn't get someone just for the pre k, so they are with the K-3 kids. Most of them are doing really well. I would rather have some of the littles over some of the older kids. They can be real smart asses.

Tomorrow night is the pot luck (I have no clue what to take, either....) and the carnival that the youth group is putting on. Friday is the last day of VBS, and Saturday is the day we take youth group to Marine World. I think Sunday is going to be a day of sleep for me;)

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Thrift shop deals

Since Karla wants everyone working to wear 'island' clothing this week at VBS, I picked up 5 Hawaiian shirts for Joseph to wear (The theme is Lava Lava Island) @ $2.99 each. 2 of them are even vintage! Woo hoo!! I already have some for me, but I found a tropical looking dress today also. If I can find a sarong tomorrow, I may wear one (over shorts, and with a tee shirt) If not, there is always the grass skirt at the party outlet;)

I put together the sample crafts tonight. I am going to have to tell Karla tomorrow what a PITA the angel pin is. I don't know if the littles will be able to do it at all....and I know it will take longer than the 20 minutes alloted. It will probably take 2 days, even for the older kids:/ I don't think she really looked at them before she ordered them.

I think when I go to set up my room tomorrow afternoon, I will look around and see if there is something we can do instead of the angel pin....

Tonight is the best of Will Farrell on SNL.....can't wait til 11:30. In the meantime, I picked up the new Vanity Fair today, so I think I'll pour a glass of wine and do a little reading.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Wow, did I score today! When I took Joseph for rehearsal this afternoon, I ended up helping Karla get stuff ready for VBS on Monday. She was telling me about working on her annulment. I don't know.....will they annul a 25 year marriage? She said she has to fill out an 11 page questionnaire......sheesh!

Anyway, before I left, she had to go into the food locker for something and took me in there with her. When she opened one of the fridges, there were boxes and boxes of produce. Apparently, one of the local stores donated a butt load.....and they can't get rid of it before the weekend. She asked me if I wanted to take some home, so it wouldn't all go to waste. Ummm, yeah. She loaded up a huge box with about 5 different kinds of squash, some fresh green beans, & bell peppers, and gave me half a grocery bag full of nectarines and plums! WOW. Now I am going to have to see about freezing them or something.....I need to look online for hints. Meanwhile, we had grilled veggies for dinner tonight. OMG....heavenly!

After that, Joseph and I had to go to Target. He "needed" a Led Zeppelin CD;-)

I shouldn't have gone, lol. All the 'Summerville' stuff is 75% off.......I just kept putting stuff in the cart. I got an ice crusher for $1.99.....and hanging lamps for $1.99 each. One will go in Joe's room and the others out on the patio. I also got a little shave ice thing.....perfect for snowcones;)

There are a couple of other things I wanted, but I am going to wait until they are 90% off. If they are gone before that, oh well. It would mean I wasn't meant to get them;-)

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Cold beer and food on a stick. It can mean only one thing......the fair. We went to the county fair today (not our county, but a county) I was a happy camper.....the weather wasn't scorching. It was actually pleasant. I love walking around looking at all the exhibits. I think my favorites there are the collections and the table settings.

Of course, there are the massive amounts of this, buy that. Who knew that there was such a market for sushi makers and salsa makers;) How have I lived lo these many years without a sticky roller for my pet hair?? Not to mention the telescoping ladders....guaranteed to hold up in a hurricane!

I did buy some earrings from the lady who is there every year. She sells the cutest crystal earrings, pins and bracelets. I also bought a Beatles purse. It is adorable, if I may say so (and I do) I think I will have to carry it to a Rain show;)

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I don't know what happened last night....triple post? Wierd. Anyway, I got rid of 2 of them.

So. John Edwards is going to be Kerry's VP. Ok. I wonder what shrubbie and the dick are going to have to say about that. What kind of shit are they going to spew?

Got a call from Karla this morning. Joseph's rehearsal was postponed until Thursday. Dammit. If I had known, I would have gone up to Sheri's today. Chris is taking the day off tomorrow, so we can't go then, and now Thursday is out too:/ I think we are going to the Alameda Co Fair tomorrow. I hope its not too hot. It can be bloody hot there;)

Monday, July 05, 2004

Its 9:30 at night and still 86* outside. Its going to be a hot one for sleeping. I hate to have the a/c on while I sleep.....I always wake up with a stuffed head.

We bought one of those small pop up pools today.....10 feetX 36 inches deep. Its at least big enough to get wet in, which is all we need. I even bought a new air mattress to float on. Joseph was in it as soon as we filled it.......I will wait until the water has warmed up a bit;)

Sunday, July 04, 2004

I got some deals this weekend while we were out and about......

First deal....a vintage peach colored beaded sweater. I've never seen a peach one. Very cool. It looks like late 50s, early 60s. price: $1.99
second deal: 2 vintage chrome toasters w/bakelite handles. price: free An antique store is going out of business, and had them sitting outside with *free* marked on them. They were selling for $25 each. There are also 4 dining room chairs....marked free. Unfortunately we were in the Volvo. Dammit....I wonder if they will be there tomorrow? I should send Chris down in the truck......
I love fireworks. I am such a sappy sentimentalist. I cry every time I watch them. I don't know why, I just choke up. Can't help it. The fireworks here were the best tonight that they have been since they started doing them a few years ago. We had a prime spot to see them, too. Coolness:-)

We got back this afternoon from R& E's house. They seem to be doing ok. E found out she is allergic to almonds though. She didn't know it....has been eating them all her life. Well, shes developed an allergy now:/ I guess she had to go to ER....her throat closed off, her face swelled. Doc gave her an Epipen to carry now. Damn. I didn't realize you could develop an allergy at 70 years old! That is scary:/

My swap from Sarah was delivered while we were gone. What a treat it was to open! She sent me some water ballons for Joseph, 3 cooler thingies. (I don't know what they are soak them in water then put them around your neck.) Those will certainly come in handy! She also sent me a bag from Bath & Body works ( a real purse, too.....I love purses) It has shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion and body spray. AND...its Cucumber of my favorite fragrances from there. Yay:-)

Speaking of forums.......I am seriously tempted to take a break. I actually had to stop reading one of them today, I was getting so pissed. I could feel my BP rising. I wonder why people do what they do. There are people on the forums I don't like. No one is going to like everyone all the time.....its just not gonna happen. If I don't like someone though, I ignore them. Its really very easy. I may not have them physically on ignore, but I just don't read their posts. I sure as hell try not to egg someone on, to get them to *melt down*, whatever. I don't have time for that kind of shit. Its childish and high school. I sure don't have the time (or energy, or desire) to go through each and every fucking post and pick it *catch* someone in a lie. Big. Fucking. Deal. I'm sure some people lie. I don't, but personally don't give a shit about any one else. I can't control what they do. *Sigh* I know I'm rambling, but I guess I am just disappointed in people. Some of these people I consider 'friends' too.

If you read this, and I strike a nerve, sorry. I'm just bitchy tonight, and this is a good place to vent. If you don't like what I have to say.......feel free to ignore me. Right now I could care less;-)

Friday, July 02, 2004

Mmmmm. Pizza. We haven't had our Friday pizza in a while. It sure tasted good. A girl who works with Chris was there with her hubby tonight, Her name is Dory. Wonder if she gets Finding Nemo jokes?

We went to the Creekwalk after dinner. Unfortunately it was a country/western band playing. Ick. We did run into my aunt while we were there. It was nice to talk to her. She was very impressed when I told her about Joseph being in the church choir & youth group and that we are working at VBS, until she remembered we go to a *shudder* Catholic church. This is the woman who told me that my grandmother would turn over in her grave if she knew I converted to Catholicism. *Shrug* I guess its all that idol worshiping and praying to saints that gets her. *Evil grin*

When I got home and checked email, I had a classmates thing with the new members. On the list is one of my cousins....a daughter of the aforementioned aunt! I haven't seen her in a year, so I shot off an email. I hope I hear from her. She and her sister managed to grow up fairly unscathed from the fundie upbringing they had.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Well, I took the car in this morning. $400 I am. Brakes, both front and rear, plus the rotors needed to be replaced. Thats one of the downsides of having a used car....I don't know when the brakes were replaced/repaired, or if the rotors were done when they were. Oh well, its as good as new now:)

My sinuses have been bothering me all day. I think I'll take a Claritin and go to bed early.