Thursday, July 08, 2004

Wow, did I score today! When I took Joseph for rehearsal this afternoon, I ended up helping Karla get stuff ready for VBS on Monday. She was telling me about working on her annulment. I don't know.....will they annul a 25 year marriage? She said she has to fill out an 11 page questionnaire......sheesh!

Anyway, before I left, she had to go into the food locker for something and took me in there with her. When she opened one of the fridges, there were boxes and boxes of produce. Apparently, one of the local stores donated a butt load.....and they can't get rid of it before the weekend. She asked me if I wanted to take some home, so it wouldn't all go to waste. Ummm, yeah. She loaded up a huge box with about 5 different kinds of squash, some fresh green beans, & bell peppers, and gave me half a grocery bag full of nectarines and plums! WOW. Now I am going to have to see about freezing them or something.....I need to look online for hints. Meanwhile, we had grilled veggies for dinner tonight. OMG....heavenly!

After that, Joseph and I had to go to Target. He "needed" a Led Zeppelin CD;-)

I shouldn't have gone, lol. All the 'Summerville' stuff is 75% off.......I just kept putting stuff in the cart. I got an ice crusher for $1.99.....and hanging lamps for $1.99 each. One will go in Joe's room and the others out on the patio. I also got a little shave ice thing.....perfect for snowcones;)

There are a couple of other things I wanted, but I am going to wait until they are 90% off. If they are gone before that, oh well. It would mean I wasn't meant to get them;-)


Pez said...

Sounds like a successful Target shopping trip!

Shelly said...

Gotta love Target sales ;)