Tuesday, November 28, 2006

sad news

While I have been enjoying myself at Disneyland, my sister is in mourning.

My brother in law died yesterday morning. Fucking cancer.

He was diagnosed only about 3 months ago with Mesothelioma, and they knew he didn't have long. He was only given 12-18 months to live. He didn't even make it 4 months.

Apparently, the cancer became aggressively worse in the last month, after his CT scan (which was promising...) His abdomen filled with fluid and his kidneys failed.

Sue said she and the boys were with him. She said he squeezed her hand at the end. She and Terry, Kevin and David (and their wives and kids) are all devastated. They thought they would have a little more time with him.

His name was Walt.

I'm kind of numb right now. He has been part of my life since I was in elementary school. Chris is really upset too. He said Walt was his hero.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

mickey, here i come!

We're off to Disneyland tomorrow morning:-)

I love it there this time of year. It looks so pretty all decorated for the holidays. I am as bad as a little kids when it comes to Disneyland;-)

We'll be back here (Pismo) Thursday (unless I can talk Chris into staying until Friday.)

*Cue music to Its a Small World

Saturday, November 25, 2006

beautiful day

The weather down here has been spectacular since we got here Wednesday. It has been clear and pleasant.

Chris and I went out to breakfast this morning and sat outside. It was a little bit chilly, but the restaraunt has heaters on the patio, so it was comfy. We took a hike around the property when we got back. There are 3 houses here, and the 'general store' and it is a huge property. I guess the guy who owns it wanted to rent it out for weddings and stuff, but it couldn't be done. I'm glad though, because it is such a beautiful place to stay in here.

Friday, November 24, 2006

black friday

I had big plans on waking up at the butt crack of dawn and heading out to the stores this morning. Had being the operative word ;-) Chris was really exausted last night. Chris being really exausted = snoring. Lots and lots of snoring. Granted, we have been married for over 31 years, and I am used to him snoring. However, the bed down here is only a double, which means I get snoring right in my ear.

I didn't sleep well. I poked him, made him roll over. Nothing helped. A pillow over my head (or his face) was sounding good;-) I finally fell asleep around 2:30 a.m. That is not condusive to getting up at 5 ;-)

We did go out later. He needed to go to Wal Mart and get a new coffee maker for this rental. The one that was here doesn't work, so he has been using the one he has for the office. We picked up a new one and came back *home*. We went to San Luis Obispo later in the day for some shopping. I picked up some jewelry in Urban Outfitters (for $1.99!) I also got some oh so cool Jesus pencil toppers;-)

Ooohhh. We were sitting here tonight with the front window open, and could hear coyotes howling! Cool! (I say that as I'm sitting in the house, LOL. )

Thursday, November 23, 2006

happy thanksgiving:-)

I am as stuffed as the turkey we ate tonight;-)

Everything turned out wonderfully well. I got up this morning and baked 2 pumpkin pies, and while they were cooling, we took a short drive to Oso Flaco Lake, which is near Guadalupe. There were lots of different birds there. Next time I'm taking the binoculars.

This afternoon, after we put the turkey in the oven, we went down to the beach and went for a walk along the water. I found 7 sand dollars:-) I also found some beautiful delicate shells.

Dinner was terrific, and dessert even better;)

I am thankful today...for my family and friends, ny health and the health of those I love, and right now, for the fact that Grey's Anatomy is on in about 5 minutes. Time for a glass of wine;-)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

almost t day

We got out of the house and on the road late, as usual. One day, I will leave on time;-)
The drive down wasn't too horrible. There were only a couple of patches of bad traffic, and we still made it in about 4.5 hours.

When we pulled up the driveway and parked, there was a deer about 20 feet away, just looking at us. (This place is SO cool!) Of course, the camera was in a bag in the car, and by the time I got it out, Bambi had run away.

I usually don't bring anything but my makeup bag & magazines, but since it is Thanksgiving, I packed some other stuff (chargers for the table, a big bowl, pie pans, etc....and a bottle of good wine) We got the car unpacked and realized I FORGOT the whole bag of supplies for brining the $&%^#^ turkey! AARRRGGGHHHH.

When Chris got home from work, we all went to the store so I could REbuy the stuff I need. *Sigh* At least the grocery store wasn't too crowded. On the upside, I have a supply of kosher salt and allspice berries at home:/

No matter. The turkey is now resting in a big bucket of brine.

Dinner tomorrow will be fabulous.

t day minus 1

Well, I've got everything packed (I think) It is cold and foggy here. I imagine it will be the same in Pismo;-) At least it's not raining. It is supposed to start later this evening, but we should be safe and snug in the house there by then.

Chris suggested Spash Cafe for dinner tonight http://www.splashcafe.com/ to pick up a couple of quarts of the best clam chowder ever ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it, and to those who don't, Happy Thursday;-)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

t day minus 2

I really hope I have everything I need to take down to Pismo tomorrow. I gave Chris a list of what to buy this past weekend (we had already got the turkey and other main stuff) I went and picked up the spices for brining today, and he said he got a big bucket at the hardware store. I do not want to have to go to the store after driving 4+ hours.

I have to finish packing a few thing for the table. I'm taking the gold chargers down to use. They will look good with the white plates there, and the tablecloth I picked up last time I was there.

I have to drop a couple of bills in the mail on the way out in the morning. It's a good thing Chris reminded me! I swear, with all this coming and going, I need to write everything down:/

Now, if I can just get Joseph up and functioning at a decent hour....maybe we can get out of here by 10 in the morning. That way, we'll miss the worst of the traffic.

Monday, November 20, 2006

i love you, peanut.

It's been three years now since your mother picked you up "for a couple of days". Three years that we have all missed you every single day. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, Kaya Michelle.

I hope that wherever your mother took you, that you are safe and healthy. I won't give up looking for you.

I hope you still remember your family.

We're still here, sweetheart. We will be here when you can come back to us.

Don't ever forget how much we love you, Kaya.

With all our love,
Nana, Papa and Uncle Joe.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

food, yummy food

I bought a half dozen homemade tamales this morning. The Hispanic community spent all day yesterday making them, then came in at 3:30(!) this morning to cook them. Oh heavenly days, were they good.

It worked out perfectly for dinner, being as I was so stinking tired after Mass tonight;-) I wasn't up nearly as early as Anita and the rest of them, but we did get up at 6:30 so we could be at church at 7:30 for donut sales. Not only did we get up at 6:30, but it was so foggy when I got up that I could barely see across the street. Needless to say, it was cold and damp standing outside from 7:30 until noon:/ Thank God for hot coffee;-)

After we finished up and got everything cleaned up, it was almost 1. We had to be back at 3 for youth group, so there wasn't much time to do anything in between except eat lunch.

We got home from Mass about 7, and I put the tamales in to reheat. Like I said before, they were so good.

It was a long, busy day, and I am seriously ready for bed (It's not even 10 yet!)

I thought Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

sat tur day

So, we were supposed to be at the church hall at noon to sort, pack and put away the canned goods the Boy Scouts collected this morning. I figure I'd laze around in the morning.....read the papers, do a little forum surfing, take a leisurely shower. HA! I had no sooner stepped out of the shower than I got a call from Jo. "The food locker ladies just called. The donations are coming in and they need us now!" So, I put some balm in my hair, scrunched it a bit, threw on some make up ( I didn't want to scare people) and off we went. (luckily Joseph didn't sleep too long. He is a teenaged boy, mind)

It was so unorganised! Last year, the little old food locker ladies separated the food into categories as they unloaded the bags. Not this time. There were only 2 ladies there, so everything was just dumped on the tables. Urg. I think it took us twice as long to pack boxes, because we had to search for like items on 15 different tables. We finally got it all sorted. They figured we sorted over 6,000 cans, bags and boxes. Hopefully some people who wouldn't other wise, will have some good food.

We finished up around 3, so Joseph and I decided to take a ride over to Petaluma. Some of my favorite thrift shops are there....along with some great vintage/antique stores, and 2 of my most favorite places to shop: Heebe Jeebe (FUN stuff and toys) and Jungle Vibes http://www.junglevibes.com/ We went to dinner at a cool little Mexican restaraunt.

Friday, November 17, 2006

pizza friday

We went to Round Table for our Friday night pizza.

The Pepperoni Artisan pizza rocks. Seriously. Huge slices of fresh mozzarella, a really good smoked pepperoni, roasted tomatoes and fresh basil.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

from the inbox

This made me laugh out loud, especially considering I got it from one of my more conservative friends.

The World's Shortest Fairytale

Once upon a time, a girl asked a guy "will you marry me?"
The guy said "No."
And the girl lived happily ever after and
Went shopping, dancing, drank Martinis, always had a clean house,
Never had to cook, stayed skinny and farted whenever she wanted.

I love my husband, but sometimes.......

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Number of hours we sat waiting for this to happen. It didn't. 2 http://www.thereporter.com/news/ci_4669940

Number of CDs I bought today at Tower's going out of business sale: 6

Number of Beatles CDs I bought to replace old ones : 2

Number of guitars Joseph played at Guitar Center: 3

Number of times I called him before he answered the phone while there: 4

Number of minutes the dog behind us barked this evening: 120

Number of times I jumped up to make sure it wasn't our dog: 5

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I genuinely like the kids I have this year in CCD. I mean, I always like (most) of the kids I teach, but this group is fun. And funny. Even if I have to get on them about the noise level;-) One of the boys told me, "I just really don't have a voice volume control, you know." LOL! Even he isn't bad though. Today, when he would get louder and louder, I would just walk by and touch him on the shoulder, and he would quiet down immediately.

This group is more helpful than past years too. They ask to help (take roll, pass out books/paper). They also ask to read, which is so nice for a change. Past years, getting some of the kids to read out loud was like pulling teeth.

These kids were all in Ana's class last year. We talked about forgiveness today, and a couple of them brought her up. They asked me if God would forgive her for what she did. I said yes. They seemed content with that.

Since next week is Thanksgiving, and we won't have class on Tuesday, we did our Thanksgiving stuff today after the regular lesson. I had them write down at least 5 things they were thankful for. I told them I used to do it, and that it really makes you think. A few of them filled the page in their journal with things. I think they get it;-)

I bought some blank cards/envelopes at Big Lots, and had them make a thank you card to someone of their choosing. I want them to give them at Thanksgiving. They all asked for more than one card, because there was more than one person they wanted to thank:) They had fun decorating the cards too.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm tired

Days like today wear me out.

Joseph and I left Pismo Beach about 10:30 this morning to drive home (after I did 2 loads of laundry there)

We got home about 3:00 and went straight to church for youth group, then Mass at 5:30. Joseph won 2 tickets to the movies for his design of the youth group t shirt, even though his design didn't win. At least he keeps trying, LOL.

Fr. Mike was in a rotten mood again. How sad is it that I dread seeing him. I would much rather have any of the other priests say Mass. Luckily he hardly ever says the youth Mass. He was making sure we Eucharistic Ministers know there is a dress code. ( I mentioned that one of the women scheduled to EM tonight thought she wasn't dressed properly and so someone filled in for her) He said he was thinking about making us wear robes. Every one of us shook our head no. I don't think he realizes that one reason we do EM at the teen Mass is because we aren't required to wear albs. We dress nicely and we all wear wooden crosses that say Eucharistic Minister. If he starts requiring robes, he may be looking for new EMs....and it is hard enough to get people who want to do it.

I do love it. It is such an honor to be able to distribute the Body or Blood of Christ:)

Anyway, we just went to Burger King (or the BK Lounge, as Dane Cook would say) for a burger after Mass, then I had to go to the grocers because we were out of milk.

It has been a long day, and I am ready to crash.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

for our military men and veterans

I pray for you. I thank you. I honor you.

Today is Veteran's Day (Rememberance Day in other countries)

I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you. My Dad was a veteran of WWII. I can still remember his stories, and I have pictures of him from then. ( I miss you, Daddy)
My BIL is a veteran of Korea, and my brother a veteran of the Viet Nam era, although he never had to go there. He served on a ship in the Carribean, and Guantanamo Bay.

I also want to honor two boys who were killed in Iraq....Casey Sheehan and Thomas D. Casey was a member of my church. I remember seeing him sitting every week with his parents, his brother and sisters. He was such a good boy...a boy who loved God. His mother is the one who got me started in my ministry as a catechist. You're right, Cindy. The Holy Spirit does work in wondrous ways.

Thomas is the son of a forum friend. I have read about him, and know how much he is missed and loved by his family.

I pray that there would be NO more Thomases and Caseys. One more is too many. Don't make any more mothers weep for their sons:*(

A Nation Rocked to Sleep Carly Sheehan
Have you ever heard the sound of a mother screaming for her son?
The torrential rains of a mother's weeping will never be done
They call him a hero, you should be glad that he's one, but
Have you ever heard the sound of a mother screaming for her son?

Have you ever heard the sound of a father holding back his cries?
He must be brave because his boy died for another man's lies
The only grief he allows himself are long, deep sighs
Have you ever heard the sound of a father holding back his cries?

Have you ever heard the sound of taps played at your brother's grave?
They say that he died so that the flag will continue to wave
But I believe he died because they had oil to save
Have you ever heard the sound of taps played at your brother's grave?

Have you ever heard the sound of a nation being rocked to sleep?
The leaders want to keep you numb so the pain won't be so deep
But if we the people let them continue another mother will weep
Have you ever heard the sound of a nation being rocked to sleep?

Thursday, November 09, 2006


The weather has been absolutely beautiful here the past couple of days. We missed the heat wave, and have been enjoying clear days with temps in the 70s. There hasn't even been any fog!

Joseph and I went down to the beach today. The surf was churning. I love to watch the ocean, I really do. I looked for shells but only found one, and one sand dollar. Slim pickins:/

Chris is taking tomorrow off. I don't know what we're going to do, or where we're going to go. We may head south towards Santa Barbara again.

Thrift store deal 'o the day: A brown Armani sweater. Soft as butter, for $2.99. I also picked up a brand new black AK2 (Ann Klein) blazer for $3.99:-)

A lady came up to me in the thrift shop and told me it looks like I have an eye for shopping there, then told me I should open a resale/vintage shop. I would love to:)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

a new direction:)

The Democrats have taken control of the House. Yes, I am damn happy. I am even more happy that Rummy is GONE. I'll have to read up on the new guy though.

We are here in Pismo Beach. It is freaking beautiful today. It was still in the 70s when we got here last night! We drove down last night after CCD, and got in about 10. It's a PITA to drive that late, but we get to spend another day down here that way. We have to leave early Sunday because Joseph has youth group and I have to EM at Mass.

We are going to try and take another drive down to Los Olivos while we're here. Chris wants to buy a case of Fess Parker's red wine.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

don't forget to vote!

If you haven't already, make sure you do.

We're off to Pismo this evening after CCD. Chris said it was 91 down there yesterday! Holy guacamole, that is hot for there. There is no a/c in the house....so I am taking a fan just in case it is still warm;-)

Monday, November 06, 2006

reading is fundamental

And sometimes expensive;-)

I went looking for my copy of The Little Prince to read from at CCD tomorrow, and I couldn't find it. Anywhere. Crap and double crap:/ I must have given it away. Well, I thought, I'll just run over to the Book Warehouse at the factory outlets and see if they have a copy. They didn't have it, but they did have quite a few other books that interested me....and they are having a 40% off sale since they are going out of business. After my discount, the total was about $40. Not bad.

I then decided to go to Borders. I can NOT leave Borders for less than $30, I swear. I spent almost $60 there, but I did get The Little Prince. I also got Barack Obama's new book, a couple of more books for me, 1 for Joseph, and I got the new Vanity Fair, which I shall be opening in just a few minutes;)

Spending $100 on books isn't too bad is it?

Reminder to those in the States:

Don't forget to VOTE tomorrow!

If you don't vote, don't complain to me;-)


Instead of blogging last night (I had good intentions, really!) I was playing on YouTube. Look what I found! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSRoJJtiEto
It's my boys;-)

This was actually the last time I saw them. They've been off touring the country since then. I am so proud of them. I love them all:)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

surprise! or....ya gotta have friends.....

Tonight we celebrated Diana's 60th birthday. (I want to be Diana whenI grow up) It was so much fun. There were 7 women who rented a limo and picked Diana up at her house. She thought it was going to be her, her hubby Mark and Karla for pizza. We SO got her! She was so surprised to see the limo pull up, and even more surprised to see us women in the limo:)

So there we were, a bunch of ladies from St Mary's....having a wonderful time, enjoying each other's company, and generally acting like teenagers, LOL. There was a whole lot of laughter, and a few tears. We went to Old Sacramento, and went on a scavenger hunt. I definitely saw a different side to some of the women....some women who I mostly know from church.

I did realize just how lucky I am, to be connected with such a wonderful, caring group of women. We talked about everything...from the Mission at church, to Mass, to our kids, to sex (of course, LOL), to friendship, to love....like I said, there were some tears shed, but it was all good. We toasted each other often. The coolest thing was that we all prayed together. I felt strong. It felt right to say a prayer of thanksgving for the night, and for our connection.

In that spirit, I am thankful for each and every one of you, who read my blog, and who are my friend, whether on line, in real life, or both:) I lift my glass to you.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I love the smell of rain. I say that now. Ask me again in March or so. My opinion may change by then ;-) We got our first real rain of the season today. It smells so good and clean outside.

I even wore my cool flowered wellies today and carried my Lulu Guiness umbrella.

Joseph and I went over to Kohls this afternoon. It had been a while since I had been in. $100+ later, we left. It's those damn 80% off sales fault. I got 2 skirts, Joseph got a jacket, and I got a pair of Candies shoes. The same old school Candies I wore 30 years ago;-) I love 'em with jeans, and at $9, I couldn't resist. Along with that stuff, I picked up some jewelry and a bunch of socks.

My house smells like garlic. I marinated chicken in roasted garlic dressing and 10 garlic cloves then baked it for an hour. OMG it was good, but my house smells like garlic. Time to burn a candle I guess. Pumpkin Spice to be exact.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

it's november already?


Blog every day in the month of November? It's a nice idea, but I know I won't be able to. I'm trying to be better about it, but I spend half my time in Pismo Beach right now and don't like to use Chris's laptop much. Maybe I'll make an effort to get to the library when I'm there, then I will post;-) I will be better about posting when I'm home, 'k?

This morning was another court date for Ana. They finally set the date for the preliminary hearing. It will be January 10. That will really be difficult. There will be evidence presented, witnesses called...it still seems so damn surreal.

Oh!! Jo is sending the deposit tomorrow for our trip to LA Congress in Feb/March. I was planning on taking Joseph anyway (cause Chris will most likely still be gone, either in Pismo or possibly Texas) but she decided to take the leaders, so that means I won't have to pay the full price for him.