Tuesday, November 21, 2006

t day minus 2

I really hope I have everything I need to take down to Pismo tomorrow. I gave Chris a list of what to buy this past weekend (we had already got the turkey and other main stuff) I went and picked up the spices for brining today, and he said he got a big bucket at the hardware store. I do not want to have to go to the store after driving 4+ hours.

I have to finish packing a few thing for the table. I'm taking the gold chargers down to use. They will look good with the white plates there, and the tablecloth I picked up last time I was there.

I have to drop a couple of bills in the mail on the way out in the morning. It's a good thing Chris reminded me! I swear, with all this coming and going, I need to write everything down:/

Now, if I can just get Joseph up and functioning at a decent hour....maybe we can get out of here by 10 in the morning. That way, we'll miss the worst of the traffic.

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Pley said...

Have a great trip, and stay safe!

Happy Thanksgiving!