Saturday, November 18, 2006

sat tur day

So, we were supposed to be at the church hall at noon to sort, pack and put away the canned goods the Boy Scouts collected this morning. I figure I'd laze around in the the papers, do a little forum surfing, take a leisurely shower. HA! I had no sooner stepped out of the shower than I got a call from Jo. "The food locker ladies just called. The donations are coming in and they need us now!" So, I put some balm in my hair, scrunched it a bit, threw on some make up ( I didn't want to scare people) and off we went. (luckily Joseph didn't sleep too long. He is a teenaged boy, mind)

It was so unorganised! Last year, the little old food locker ladies separated the food into categories as they unloaded the bags. Not this time. There were only 2 ladies there, so everything was just dumped on the tables. Urg. I think it took us twice as long to pack boxes, because we had to search for like items on 15 different tables. We finally got it all sorted. They figured we sorted over 6,000 cans, bags and boxes. Hopefully some people who wouldn't other wise, will have some good food.

We finished up around 3, so Joseph and I decided to take a ride over to Petaluma. Some of my favorite thrift shops are there....along with some great vintage/antique stores, and 2 of my most favorite places to shop: Heebe Jeebe (FUN stuff and toys) and Jungle Vibes We went to dinner at a cool little Mexican restaraunt.

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