Monday, May 31, 2004

Well, we're back from Vegas:)

It was a lot of fun....and very crowded.

I'm so tired (gee, isn't that a Beatles song? *nodding head*)......I'll blog the details tomorrow, I promise.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

We're off to Las back late Monday or early Tuesday:-)

Viva Las Vegas, LOL.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I've changed the comments so that anyone can comment. You don't have to register or be a member or anything;)
That hot pink had to go. I like this template a lot better....easier on the eyes I think:)
I can't believe it! Big 5 actually had the tents in stock. Usually when there is a coupon sale, they are out the first couple of hours. It looked like they had plenty though. Good. One less thing to worry about:)

I ran into the Mercantile while I was out this afternoon. They are closing down and had everything 50-75% off. Unfortunately I waited too long to go in (kept forgetting) so most of the good stuff was gone. I did get a cool recipe card holder for $2. It says "The best things in life aren't things" Good saying.

We picked up snacks for the trip.....and I left them in the car. Now I won't be tempted to open anything tonight. I still need to paint my toenails.....and to finish packing. I think the toenails will be done tonight and the rest of the packing in the morning:)

Right now, I think I will pour myself a nice glass of wine. Maybe I'll fix Chris a drink (or 12) His mood is horrid tonight. Why does he always pick a fight right before we go sometwhere? *Sigh*
Ugh! The pollen count must be high this morning. My eyes are so damn itchy.....and my nose is running. I took a claritin but it hasn't kicked in yet. Hurry up and work!

I have to go to Big 5 this morning. They have small tents on sale and I need a small one for the camping retreat. There is no way I'm taking the 14x14 one for one night!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I just noticed this will be my 100th post:)

We scored some good books at the Scholastic book sale. I spent less than $50....which is a good thing for me. I think the last one I went to cost me almost $100. I found some interesting American History books for next year, and a couple of science and language arts books as well. Joseph picked out a few books to read too. Maybe he'll get them read during the summer.....

Since we had to drive right by Kohls....I had to go in. I found a cute pair of dark khaki capris and a couple of fun tee shirts. I also found a great top to wear to oneof the shows this weekend. Joseph found a tee shirt too. He went over and looked at Vans, but he didn't find the ones he wants.

The weather was beautiful the 80s. I think 80-85 degrees is perfect.

I washed the car, then Chris and I waxed it after dinner.

Speaking of dinner....I completely forgot to take anything out (no, really.) I could have gone for Chinese, but I thawed some fish to throw on the grill. Of course, Chris walks in, looks at the fish and tells me "Great, just what I didn't want for dinner" Pissed me off. He pissed me off more when I put green beans on the table (along with rice pilaf and marinated artichoke hearts) "Green beans again?!" (We've had them twice in a week) Well, fuck you very much, dear. Men:/

He loved the fish, BTW....which I knew he would.

He's in a better mood now......a beer in hand and watching the Giants game. Good thing, too. I would hate to have to smack him;) (I'm kidding) (mostly)

I have to pack tomorrow, and I have no idea what to take.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Well, I've finally added comments. Feel free;-)
I did some work in the back yard today. I got the garden ready for planting. I can't believe we're so late planting this year...we usually have it planted the beginning of May. I guess I'll just buy bigger plants;)

I mowed the back lawn and watered the orange tree. The back yard is finally looking better. It has been a pit all winter and early spring. I want to have a big bbq and invite everyone over. When is the question.

Santa Maria called Chris at work today. They are having problems and need his help. Hopefully he can get it done through e mail and phone calls. You don't want to know how pissed I will be if he has to miss our trip to Vegas. I think he realizes it, but if they need him there, he will go. *Shrug* What can I do?

Sunday, May 23, 2004

The weekend is almost over......

Yesterday was the parish picnic that the youth group put on. Not much of a turnout.....but ok for the first time. The kids had fun. Fr Paul came for a while but Fr Mike never did. Way to keep in touch with the parish:/
Joseph was beat last night. It was a long day for them. The kids had to be at the park by 8, and we didn't leave until 5. I got to know Cathy P. She will be going on the camping retreat too.......and I found out today that Marilyn will probably be going as well. Now I don't feel so bad about chaperoning, lol.

Joseph played guitar at Mass this evening. It was the first time he's done it. He did a good job!

Thrift shop find of the weekend: a cute Gap skirt for $1.99. It will be great for summer. I have decided that I will not be wearing shorts out in public anymore......only at home or camping. Skirts are cool enough anyway:)

Friday, May 21, 2004

Somebody slap me. What was I thinking???
I have volunteered to help chaperone about 30 junior high and high school kids (from the youth group) on an overnight retreat in a couple of weeks. Camping no less.

Wonder if I can smuggle in a bottle of wine. I may need it;)

I guess I'm just a girl who can't say no, LOL.

Geeze.....what have I gotten myself into.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Happy 5th Birthday, Kaya Michelle.

I wish I could tell you in person. I wish I knew where you were. I wish your mom would get in touch with us and at least tell us where you are.

Your Nana, Papa and Uncle Joseph love you more than anything and we all miss you a lot.

Your room is still waiting for you:-)

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Sheri called this morning to tell me my Pampered Chef stuff was in, so after Joseph finished his schoolwork we went up to Sacramento. Oh how I love Pampered Chef:) I can't wait to try out the new goodies I got.....especially the avocado knife. I don't know how I've survived lo these many years without one;P

We went into Costo while we were there.....the new one on Auburn has a big garden department. They had peonies in 5 gallon containers for $10.99! I am going to check my Costco tomorrow and see if they have any.....otherwise its back to Sacramento for some there.

Gotta run out and sweep the sidewalk.....Chris fertilized the lawn and I need to make sure none is on the sidewalk.......

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Got a lot of errands done the past couple of days. I've been good about combining errands since gas is up to $2.47 for supreme! Yikes! I have been putting midgrade in, but the car is I have to spring for the good stuff. Guess I'll go to Costco and get it then. Its a little cheaper there. Am I ever thankful the Volvo gets good gas mileage.

Some of the forums have been pissing me off lately. I get so irritated with stupidity. Stupidity and narrow minds.

Joseph had another meeting tonight. Saturday is the picnic that the youth group is putting on. They have been working hard at planning. I hope it goes well.

Boy, was this a boring blog or what;) I hope its better tomorrow:)

Friday, May 14, 2004


Sometimes I just have to scream. I have a problem with people who deal in absolutes. "I would never.....(fill in the blank)" Bullshit. NO one knows, until the situation presents itself, whether or not they would (fill in the blank) I've been around this world long enough to know that. Anyone who says differently is deluding themselves:/
I'm hungry. I hope Chris gets home at a decent hour tonight. Its Friday...which means pizza & beer. I think Joseph and I may just go ahead and he can meet us there....

I had to drive down to the Bay Area and take him the meds that he forgot. You'd a diabetic, he would remember the glucophage, but no. Sigh That's ok.....I hit Goodwill while I was there, so it wasn't a waste of the day;)

Joseph has been out on his skateboard most of the afternoon....I got some laundry done and a few things thrown away.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

I can't believe this week is almost over. Where did it go?

Chris has been working non stop.....leaving the house before 6 in the morning and getting home after 7 most nights. Hartford called him yesterday....they are having start up trouble and want him back there again to help. Sigh He hasn't been able to talk to them I don't know if he's going back or not. If and when he goes had better not be over Memorial weekend. I made our reservations....Vegas, baby! I can't wait. It will be so fun:-)

I finally got to the post office and mailed Steve the press clippings for their shows last weekend. It was a good thing, as Martha would say;) They had to add a third show, as the first 2 sold out so quickly. Good for them, I say. I actually made money this past weekend......Mark had Casey and me selling tee shirts & CDs before and after the shows....then he paid us. Color me surprised, lol.

It was nice to see Rupert win a million tonight on the Survivor thing. It was really interesting watching how people voted. I must say, I agreed 100% with the sexiest man. Yum.....Colby. Just call me a lecherous old lady;P

Monday, May 10, 2004

Seattle Saga pt.2

Saturday afternoon (May 1) Casey called me and had to explain that the guys really didn't want Deborah around. I figured that out on Friday.

After the show on Saturday, Deborah went with a friend while I went to the after party and then out for drinks. I felt bad about it, and felt like I was betraying her. She said she understood......but I know she was hurt about it. When she called to let me know she was at the hotel to pick me up, she really sounded drunk. Drunk enough that I was scared. Joey told me I was not to ride with her if she had been drinking. He was pretty adamant about it. Luckily, when I saw her, she seemed ok, so I got in the car with her and we went back to her house.

We stayed up until 5 a.m. again, just talking. I really think she is a lost soul right now, and is having a problem accepting that she is not 20 anymore.

Sunday started great. The studly young boyfriend took us out for breakfast before he went to work, then we set out for an afternoon of shopping. There are such cool little shopping areas of Seattle. After we had done some shopping we stopped for some nachos and margaritas at a little Mexican resturaunt. We were going to head home after that, to relax with some wine and wait for studly young boyfriend to get home from work. That all changed with a phone call from her roomate Bobbie. She looked at me with a smile and told me we were going to her uncles.

What she didn't tell me was that her 'uncle' was a 60 something pot seller. She also didn't tell me that we were going to a horrible part of town (I don't even know what town it was:/) She didn't tell me that 'Uncle' lived above a ratty bar. She did tell me that we couldn't talk to anyone as we went through the bar on the way to "Uncle's".

As we walked up the rickety stairs, he came out to meet us, and to warn me about his booby traps. He has stuff set up so no one can sneak up on him. Comforting thought, huh. Not:/

Antyway, Deborah had told me that it would be rude not to accept his offer of beer or wine. I had a beer. At least I could open it myself. We sat there for an hour with him and his girlfriend, and I was a nervous wreck the whole time. I kept expecting someone to burst through the door.....either a disgruntled customer or the police.

It was that night I decided that next time I fly to Seattle to see the boys, I will be getting a hotel room, and renting a car. I can't subject myself to that kind of environment again.

I am worried about Deborah. She has alienated most of her old friends.......but I know she is fundamentally a good person. I don't know whether to back away from the friendship.....or what to do. Most people that knew her before she went wild think she is a joke now.......and it hurts me, even though she hasn't a clue.

Friday, May 07, 2004

I am such a blogging slacker;) goes. I took Joseph to Grandmas last Thursday, and got home just in time to see Shii Ann voted off Survivor. I missed the reward challenge though:/ After Friends and Will & Grace were over, I finally packed for my weekend trip.

Friday I met Casey at the airport, and we flew up to Seattle. Deborah picked us up and we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch before we dropped Casey off at the hotel. O.M.G. the pasta at the Cheesecake Factory was to die for. We let Casey pick out what kind of cheesecake to have for dessert. We split a piece 3 ways. God knows my ass doesn't need a whole piece;)

After we dropped Casey off, we headed to Deborah's house to have a glass of wine and get ready for the show. Sometimes I really like packing for a trip....I can't change my mind about what I want to wear. I ended up wearing a pair of white jeans and a green top. Deborah.....well, she dressed like she usually does. This time, she wore a little fitted Chinese dress, short as hell. Add the platform shoes and hair up in sticks and she looked like she should be charging:/ (More about THAT in a minute) It was so good to see everyone. Kim & Lori were there, as was Linda. Mark came up from L.A., and Monika was there with Joe. Kim chewed me out for not letting them know I changed my e mail. Oops.

The boys were a bit distant. I wondered if it was because of Deborah, and as I found out Saturday, I was right:/ They really don't like least J and R don't. I think JB likes her, but doesn't feel comfortable with her around....when M is there. Sometimes its a freaking soap opera:/

What can I say about Deborah? I can say that she is one of the kindest people I know, someone who is so loving and giving. She will do anything for her friends. Unfortunately, the lifestyle she is leading right now is SO not healthy. Since she divorced, she has become a wild woman. She gets a kick out of telling people she is now pagan *and* bisexual. Some of the stuff she does and says......I wonder if its for shock value. She is alienating most of her old friends. Of course, she *is* dating a 29 year old *God*, LOL. This boy is absolutely freaking b e a u t i f u l!! He has long curly brown hair, striking blue eyes and a killer of a smile. He looks like a model from Abercrombie & Fitch. But he's a boy. I have a SON that age, ferpetessake. Oh well, at least he makes her happy for now.

Saturday afternoon Deborah and I went to a few yard sales, then to Tacoma to go antiquing. We found lots of treasures, lol. Before we left to go have dinner with Cynthia, she told me we had one last stop to make. It was a porn shop. An ICKY porn shop at that. The toys and stuff didn't bother was the booths upstairs to view 'movies'. And it was the creepy guys in there:/

More later. It gets better:/