Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I can't believe it! Big 5 actually had the tents in stock. Usually when there is a coupon sale, they are out the first couple of hours. It looked like they had plenty though. Good. One less thing to worry about:)

I ran into the Mercantile while I was out this afternoon. They are closing down and had everything 50-75% off. Unfortunately I waited too long to go in (kept forgetting) so most of the good stuff was gone. I did get a cool recipe card holder for $2. It says "The best things in life aren't things" Good saying.

We picked up snacks for the trip.....and I left them in the car. Now I won't be tempted to open anything tonight. I still need to paint my toenails.....and to finish packing. I think the toenails will be done tonight and the rest of the packing in the morning:)

Right now, I think I will pour myself a nice glass of wine. Maybe I'll fix Chris a drink (or 12) His mood is horrid tonight. Why does he always pick a fight right before we go sometwhere? *Sigh*


Robin said...

What color did you paint your toes?

Shelly said...

pale pink with white tips:)