Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I just noticed this will be my 100th post:)

We scored some good books at the Scholastic book sale. I spent less than $50....which is a good thing for me. I think the last one I went to cost me almost $100. I found some interesting American History books for next year, and a couple of science and language arts books as well. Joseph picked out a few books to read too. Maybe he'll get them read during the summer.....

Since we had to drive right by Kohls....I had to go in. I found a cute pair of dark khaki capris and a couple of fun tee shirts. I also found a great top to wear to oneof the shows this weekend. Joseph found a tee shirt too. He went over and looked at Vans, but he didn't find the ones he wants.

The weather was beautiful today...in the 80s. I think 80-85 degrees is perfect.

I washed the car, then Chris and I waxed it after dinner.

Speaking of dinner....I completely forgot to take anything out (no, really.) I could have gone for Chinese, but I thawed some fish to throw on the grill. Of course, Chris walks in, looks at the fish and tells me "Great, just what I didn't want for dinner" Pissed me off. He pissed me off more when I put green beans on the table (along with rice pilaf and marinated artichoke hearts) "Green beans again?!" (We've had them twice in a week) Well, fuck you very much, dear. Men:/

He loved the fish, BTW....which I knew he would.

He's in a better mood now......a beer in hand and watching the Giants game. Good thing, too. I would hate to have to smack him;) (I'm kidding) (mostly)

I have to pack tomorrow, and I have no idea what to take.


Chris said...

Ugh! No fish for him next time. No nothing...empty old plate! ;)

Katie said...

Husbands can be so frustrating at times...

Congrats on the great deals!