Friday, May 07, 2004

I am such a blogging slacker;) goes. I took Joseph to Grandmas last Thursday, and got home just in time to see Shii Ann voted off Survivor. I missed the reward challenge though:/ After Friends and Will & Grace were over, I finally packed for my weekend trip.

Friday I met Casey at the airport, and we flew up to Seattle. Deborah picked us up and we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch before we dropped Casey off at the hotel. O.M.G. the pasta at the Cheesecake Factory was to die for. We let Casey pick out what kind of cheesecake to have for dessert. We split a piece 3 ways. God knows my ass doesn't need a whole piece;)

After we dropped Casey off, we headed to Deborah's house to have a glass of wine and get ready for the show. Sometimes I really like packing for a trip....I can't change my mind about what I want to wear. I ended up wearing a pair of white jeans and a green top. Deborah.....well, she dressed like she usually does. This time, she wore a little fitted Chinese dress, short as hell. Add the platform shoes and hair up in sticks and she looked like she should be charging:/ (More about THAT in a minute) It was so good to see everyone. Kim & Lori were there, as was Linda. Mark came up from L.A., and Monika was there with Joe. Kim chewed me out for not letting them know I changed my e mail. Oops.

The boys were a bit distant. I wondered if it was because of Deborah, and as I found out Saturday, I was right:/ They really don't like least J and R don't. I think JB likes her, but doesn't feel comfortable with her around....when M is there. Sometimes its a freaking soap opera:/

What can I say about Deborah? I can say that she is one of the kindest people I know, someone who is so loving and giving. She will do anything for her friends. Unfortunately, the lifestyle she is leading right now is SO not healthy. Since she divorced, she has become a wild woman. She gets a kick out of telling people she is now pagan *and* bisexual. Some of the stuff she does and says......I wonder if its for shock value. She is alienating most of her old friends. Of course, she *is* dating a 29 year old *God*, LOL. This boy is absolutely freaking b e a u t i f u l!! He has long curly brown hair, striking blue eyes and a killer of a smile. He looks like a model from Abercrombie & Fitch. But he's a boy. I have a SON that age, ferpetessake. Oh well, at least he makes her happy for now.

Saturday afternoon Deborah and I went to a few yard sales, then to Tacoma to go antiquing. We found lots of treasures, lol. Before we left to go have dinner with Cynthia, she told me we had one last stop to make. It was a porn shop. An ICKY porn shop at that. The toys and stuff didn't bother was the booths upstairs to view 'movies'. And it was the creepy guys in there:/

More later. It gets better:/

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