Monday, May 10, 2004

Seattle Saga pt.2

Saturday afternoon (May 1) Casey called me and had to explain that the guys really didn't want Deborah around. I figured that out on Friday.

After the show on Saturday, Deborah went with a friend while I went to the after party and then out for drinks. I felt bad about it, and felt like I was betraying her. She said she understood......but I know she was hurt about it. When she called to let me know she was at the hotel to pick me up, she really sounded drunk. Drunk enough that I was scared. Joey told me I was not to ride with her if she had been drinking. He was pretty adamant about it. Luckily, when I saw her, she seemed ok, so I got in the car with her and we went back to her house.

We stayed up until 5 a.m. again, just talking. I really think she is a lost soul right now, and is having a problem accepting that she is not 20 anymore.

Sunday started great. The studly young boyfriend took us out for breakfast before he went to work, then we set out for an afternoon of shopping. There are such cool little shopping areas of Seattle. After we had done some shopping we stopped for some nachos and margaritas at a little Mexican resturaunt. We were going to head home after that, to relax with some wine and wait for studly young boyfriend to get home from work. That all changed with a phone call from her roomate Bobbie. She looked at me with a smile and told me we were going to her uncles.

What she didn't tell me was that her 'uncle' was a 60 something pot seller. She also didn't tell me that we were going to a horrible part of town (I don't even know what town it was:/) She didn't tell me that 'Uncle' lived above a ratty bar. She did tell me that we couldn't talk to anyone as we went through the bar on the way to "Uncle's".

As we walked up the rickety stairs, he came out to meet us, and to warn me about his booby traps. He has stuff set up so no one can sneak up on him. Comforting thought, huh. Not:/

Antyway, Deborah had told me that it would be rude not to accept his offer of beer or wine. I had a beer. At least I could open it myself. We sat there for an hour with him and his girlfriend, and I was a nervous wreck the whole time. I kept expecting someone to burst through the door.....either a disgruntled customer or the police.

It was that night I decided that next time I fly to Seattle to see the boys, I will be getting a hotel room, and renting a car. I can't subject myself to that kind of environment again.

I am worried about Deborah. She has alienated most of her old friends.......but I know she is fundamentally a good person. I don't know whether to back away from the friendship.....or what to do. Most people that knew her before she went wild think she is a joke now.......and it hurts me, even though she hasn't a clue.

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