Thursday, May 13, 2004

I can't believe this week is almost over. Where did it go?

Chris has been working non stop.....leaving the house before 6 in the morning and getting home after 7 most nights. Hartford called him yesterday....they are having start up trouble and want him back there again to help. Sigh He hasn't been able to talk to them I don't know if he's going back or not. If and when he goes had better not be over Memorial weekend. I made our reservations....Vegas, baby! I can't wait. It will be so fun:-)

I finally got to the post office and mailed Steve the press clippings for their shows last weekend. It was a good thing, as Martha would say;) They had to add a third show, as the first 2 sold out so quickly. Good for them, I say. I actually made money this past weekend......Mark had Casey and me selling tee shirts & CDs before and after the shows....then he paid us. Color me surprised, lol.

It was nice to see Rupert win a million tonight on the Survivor thing. It was really interesting watching how people voted. I must say, I agreed 100% with the sexiest man. Yum.....Colby. Just call me a lecherous old lady;P

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