Monday, May 30, 2005

The family reunion turned out to be lots of fun. It was great to reconnect with cousins I haven't seen in a couple of years.......and Dick wasn't one;-) In fact, he was very sweet. I even got a compliment.

It was bittersweet in a way.....remembering all those who used to come, but are no longer with us. .....and knowing that some most likely won't be at the next one.

Rich and Shelley's place is awesome. They moved up a few years ago from Martinez to Penn Valley.....quite a change! They bought a ranch house on about 5 acres.....complete with a barn and swimming pond. It would really be an idyllic place to raise kids. Such freedom those girls have! The house is one with a wraparound porch. That alone made me fall in love with it. He has added to the pond area since we were there last. Now, besides the sand beach he has on one end (he trucks in sand) and the zip line from up the hill (you can either ride the zip line down & land in the water, or land on the other side), he has added a fire pit, with benches all 'round. I think I would live out there during the summer evenings.

Joseph had a good time....either playing with the younger cousins, or hanging out with the early 20 set, playing fusbol and badminton. I am lucky....he relates to all ages.

We didn't spend the night though, like we were going to. Chris ended up getting called out to work, and I didn't want to stay without him. Really, I didn't want to set up the tent/lug everything back and forth from the car;-)

Yesterday we went to the factory outlets here in town. We hardly ever go over there, but they were having a big sidewalk sale. We went to the Haggar store, and Chris ended up getting 2 polos, 2 pair of pants and a pair of shorts. After that we went to the VF outlet, and Chris got a pair of jeans,and 2 more polos, I got a pair of rolled jeans and Joseph got 2 pair of shorts and a pair of jeans.....then I got 2 (mens) tee shirts at Polo Ralph Lauren. (Mens shirts are SO much cheaper than womens) and a pair of baby blue pants and 2 shirts at Ann Taylor. Chris and Joseph really needed what they got....Chris more so. Me, not so much, but I can't pass up a sale;-)

Today, I took Joseph up to Dixon to "jam" with a couple of guys, and Chris did some yard work, then we bbqed a roast and had pasta salad and corn. Yummy:-)

And so, another Memorial weekend draws to a close......

Thursday, May 26, 2005

I can't believe how fast this week has gone! It seems I have done nothing but run all and fro, hither and yon. Yon was pretty fun, as was hither;-)

Joseph and I went up to the Scholastic Warehouse Book sale on Tuesday. $50 for $140 worth of books. Not too shabby. I picked up a few books for him to read next fall (holy crap, my baby is going to be a NINTH grader!) along with some for me to read, and a few he wanted for the summer. I took the 9th grade reading list along, but they didn't have any of the listed books. That's ok, I think I probably already have most of them. Black Like Me, The Good Earth and All Quiet On The Western Front are 3 of the listed books. I know I have The Good Earth....I read it again last summer.

I hit both Kohls and Old Navy for clearance sales this week. Lots of adorable tee shirts at Kohls....and I picked Joseph up a pair of jeans for $10 at Old Navy.....along with some track pants for both Chris and me, and a very cute blue floral skirt for me. I think I will wear skirts instead of shorts this summer. They look a lot better on me:/ With the skirts, you can't see that damn cellulite. ICK.

Chris went to the Giants game with Kevin last night.....and got sick on the way home. He tested when he got home, and he wasn't that low......I think it was something he ate. We just don't eat so much junk as we did before, and I don't think his tummy can handle it anymore.

Saturday is the big family reunion........I look forward to seeing most everyone.....but if Dick makes another comment about 'chubby cousin Shelly' I will tell him to go to hell. Back story......I am about 5'7" or so.....and when I was a teenager and a young married, I wore a size 3. I looked anorexic. Now that I am a more normal 10/12......he has the balls to call me chubby? I don't think so:/

Anyway, I am going to Costco tomorrow to pick up some goodies to take along.....and I have to remember to buy more film.

Monday, May 23, 2005

The MRI was Chris still has no idea why the optic nerve is pale. God, it is so frustrating:/ On top of that, he had 500 laser blasts to his eye today. His frustration level is on red. Not good for him.....or anyone else in the house:(

We did have a nice visit with family (even Holly the perfect) Joseph took his guitar along to Oregon, and he and Roberta entertained us on Thursday night. The boy continues to amaze me....he is really good!

Friday we drove from Oregon to Tahoe.......and I managed to have a good time. My buddies realized what day it was (Peanuts birthday) and kept me laughing all night. I love those guys.

I found out they are going to be at Harrah's almost the whole month of June. Woo hoo! I also found out I will be doing some travelling this summer;-) They will be back at the Paramount in Seattle, and also in Vancouver. YAY!! Road trip!!! (AND.....maybe I will finally be able to meet Denine and Jo Jo!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Well, the MRI is he waits for the results. He seems a wee bit calmer this evening.

I've been going through pictures this week. Jason emailed and asked for some of his baby pictures and some pictures of Kaya. I don't know if he has any of her......and he damn well should. He is her father:/ Looking through the pictures has brought to the surface lots of feelings and memories. I SO regret believing that bitch over my own son. I know we were going through a rough patch then anyway, but finding out what a liar Kezia is makes me regret believing anything she ever said.

I hadn't looked at Jason's baby pictures in a long time. They are getting faded.....I need to have them restored. I realized lots of things while I was going through them, too. One being that Kaya Michelle is her dad's clone. She looks JUST like Jason did when he was little....only with less hair.

The Peanut has been on my mind more than usual. Her 6th birthday is Friday. Another birthday without the family that adores her. I am thinking of putting a personal ad in the SF paper....just in case any of her mother's friends/family read the paper. Maybe it will piss her off enough to get in touch with us and let us know Kaya is ok. I can't imagine what Kaya thinks......her mother promised to bring her back "in a few days". That was 18 months ago :*(

God, I miss that little girl so damn much, my heart hurts. I still have her Christmas gifts wrapped and waiting for her.......

I'm glad we are going to be gone and busy this weekend....maybe I won't cry so much on Friday.....

Monday, May 16, 2005

Its About Time!

For my throngs of adoring fans.......what you have been clamoring for! A blog update from ME!

I can't believe it has almost been 2 months since I last updated. Why so long? Hell, don't ask me. Just lazy I guess. I *think* about blogging, then get sidetracked. I finally made myself sit down;-)

Let's I got my tickets for Joseph and me to see Paul McCartney in November. *sigh* Paul.......

I have had the cold from the cold is almost gone (except for nagging cough) and the oh so loverly allergies have kicked in. My nose is running like a faucet. I should buy stock in Kleenex.

We went and picked up Chris' sister Holly on Saturday and took her down to Santa Cruz to Roy & Eleanors. She told Chris "oh please take me to your house.....don't make me stay with them' Luckily for Chris, she was just kidding.....and even if she weren't, he got out of that. He knows better. Lets just say I am ever so grateful my dear SIL lives ACROSS THE COUNTRY from me. I don't know if our marriage would have survived if she lived closer:/

We're all heading up to Oregon on Wednesday to BIL's house. Thursday is Roy's 80th birthday, and all the kids are going to help celebrate. I still haven't got a gift for him. I have NO clue what to buy.

Tomorrow Chris goes for an MRI. The last visit to the opthamologist wasn't great. He had to have more laser treatment, and his optic nerve in both eyes is pale. I don't know what that means, but it has nothing to do with the diabetes. Doc suspects MS. Chris is scared to death and trying to hide it. I told him that if it is least he will know and can begin some treatment. Maybe there is even something they can do about the eyesight. I know THAT scares his mom became blind in the last years of her life....but hers was completely due to diabetes.