Monday, May 30, 2005

The family reunion turned out to be lots of fun. It was great to reconnect with cousins I haven't seen in a couple of years.......and Dick wasn't one;-) In fact, he was very sweet. I even got a compliment.

It was bittersweet in a way.....remembering all those who used to come, but are no longer with us. .....and knowing that some most likely won't be at the next one.

Rich and Shelley's place is awesome. They moved up a few years ago from Martinez to Penn Valley.....quite a change! They bought a ranch house on about 5 acres.....complete with a barn and swimming pond. It would really be an idyllic place to raise kids. Such freedom those girls have! The house is one with a wraparound porch. That alone made me fall in love with it. He has added to the pond area since we were there last. Now, besides the sand beach he has on one end (he trucks in sand) and the zip line from up the hill (you can either ride the zip line down & land in the water, or land on the other side), he has added a fire pit, with benches all 'round. I think I would live out there during the summer evenings.

Joseph had a good time....either playing with the younger cousins, or hanging out with the early 20 set, playing fusbol and badminton. I am lucky....he relates to all ages.

We didn't spend the night though, like we were going to. Chris ended up getting called out to work, and I didn't want to stay without him. Really, I didn't want to set up the tent/lug everything back and forth from the car;-)

Yesterday we went to the factory outlets here in town. We hardly ever go over there, but they were having a big sidewalk sale. We went to the Haggar store, and Chris ended up getting 2 polos, 2 pair of pants and a pair of shorts. After that we went to the VF outlet, and Chris got a pair of jeans,and 2 more polos, I got a pair of rolled jeans and Joseph got 2 pair of shorts and a pair of jeans.....then I got 2 (mens) tee shirts at Polo Ralph Lauren. (Mens shirts are SO much cheaper than womens) and a pair of baby blue pants and 2 shirts at Ann Taylor. Chris and Joseph really needed what they got....Chris more so. Me, not so much, but I can't pass up a sale;-)

Today, I took Joseph up to Dixon to "jam" with a couple of guys, and Chris did some yard work, then we bbqed a roast and had pasta salad and corn. Yummy:-)

And so, another Memorial weekend draws to a close......


Pez said...

Glad to hear you had a good time, Shelly.

Kimmer said...

That really does sound idyllic!