Friday, June 03, 2005

We went to Mels Diner for dinner tonight (our Friday night out) then to the Creekwalk to listen to some music. The band was a jazz band......not too bad. It was pretty mellow jazz. We visited with John & Kathy, and Joseph & Derek hung out for a couple of hours. I don't think they appreciated the music as much as the adults;-) Joseph thought it was going to be more like Brian Setzer swing type music, but it wasn't.

Tomorrow is my little brother's birthday. Poor guy.........Kelly is one who 'fell through the cracks' in life:( He was 16 when my mom died......and he needed her then. He really needed my Dad when she died, but he wasn't available....he was having a hard time dealing with her death himself. Kel has always been *slow*. (When he was little, they didn't know about learning disabilities or anything) I think he probably had multiple LDs, knowing what I know now. In school in the late 60s/early 70s however, they didn't really do or know much. He was promoted from grade to grade.....never really learning much. He could barely read, but he kept getting promoted.

When Mom died, my dad just was in no shape to deal with a teenager. He already had brother Geoff who was 20 then and still a no good lazy PITA....and he didn't have the energy for Kelly. Chris and I tried to do what we could, but after a few years, nothing really helped. He ended up dropping out of school, after getting rolled and robbed at school multiple times.

He is and has always been such a kind, vulnerable soul. He has been taken advantage of too much, and, like I said, has fallen through the cracks. I felt guilty for a long time, but I know we did all we could. When Kelly moved in with (crazy PITA) brother Geoff, he was turned on to drugs. Pot would be ok, but not the other shit he started using. Meth is some BAD shit.

Sad thing is.....he was an artist. He could draw/paint anything. If we could have gotten him into some kind of program.......but we didn't.

I haven't even seen him in a few years........he got erratic and I couldn't have that around my family. Like I said, guilt and I got well aquainted.


Happy birthday, baby brother.

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