Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday, Sunday

I have NO idea why there was so much friggin blank space in my last post.

My mood is better today. I guess Chris felt bad for being an ass yesterday, because he took me out to breakfast this morning, then we went to IKEA. I only spent $70 on stuff that I really *didn't* need, but it was such a good price........

Tomorrow is the startof Vacation Bible School. I went and set up my room.....I am the Critter Craft lady;-) Joseph was hoping to just be a crew leader but Karla decided she needs him in the Bible Story room. He is dramatic, after all;P

The youth group kids pretty much finalized what they will be singing/playing for the dinner/concert in August. They are doing Let It Be........Joseph is jazzed about that, cause he gets to do the guitar solo. Besides.....Fr. Mike loves the Beatles, and especially likes Let It Be, so it will be a good thing to perform. Gotta keep the priest happy....especially when he is normally a grump;) Whoever speaks about happy go lucky Irish priests has never met Fr. Mike.

With that said.....I have to get up early, and I really should be in bed.....


Pez said...

This one has a big white space too!

IKEA has their huge sale on right now so I guess you got some great deals!

Enjoy VBS this week.

Evil One said...

Just wanted to say hello!