Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It smelled so good this morning when I went outside. I love the smell after a rain. When Joseph was little, he would say it smelled like Oregon outside;-)

Summer rain.....good for the garden, not so good for the clothes I forgot to take off the line last night. Oh well, I'll just consider that an extra rinse, lol

Joseph is finishing up schoolwork today. Tonight we're taking him out for pizza to celebrate the end of 8th grade. He gets his choice of pizza, so it will be pepperoni:/ At least I can have a salad tocut someof the grease from the pepperoni, lol. We asked him what he wanted for 8th grade 'graduation'. He wants a gift card from Tower we got him a $100 gift card, and a $100 gift card from Guitar Center. He will be thrilled! For the rest of his present, he gets to to to Seattle with me then end of July, then up to Vancouver:)

I can't believe my baby is going to be a high schooler in the fall. Even a homeschooling high schooler is in high school :*(


Pez said...

Congratulations to Joseph for completing his 8th grade work and for moving on to HIGH SCHOOL! Wow! Enjoy the celebration dinner!

Chris said...

Okay, that made me sniffle even......