Monday, June 13, 2005

Not Guilty

So, Michael Jackson is free to molest as many boys as he wants now. After all, he isn't guilty of anything. I'm sure, in his sick twisted mind, he will feel vindicated now....and know he 'didn't do anything wrong'.

What a sick fuck.

WHY doesn't one of his people have the balls to say "Michael, sleeping with children is wrong, wrong, wrong!"

Its too bad the parents that pimp their kids out to him can't be arrested and procecuted:/

Ok, rant over.

Joseph and I are headed back to Tahoe tomorrow for a couple of days. I actually like the weekday shows.....the hotels are a hell of a lot cheaper during the week too. I am going to try and rmember my swim suit this time....the pool at the Horizon was just refurbished and it looks great.

Chris is in the middle of working on next year's budget at work, so his mind is totally on work. (Like it isn't usually??) Its a good thing I won't be here;-) It does make me feel better about our budget when he talks about the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has to shave from different places.

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Pez said...

Sadly it is weirdo families with questionable backgrounds who pimp their kids to sick fucks. I think the jury was judging the family. Jackson's lawyer said that the freak will no longer sleep with kids. Duh - he should never have been doing that to begin with.

Enjoy Tahoe, Shelly.