Tuesday, December 21, 2004

For Denine:)

We Three Things

Three Names You Go By:

Three Screennames You Have:

Three Things You Like About Yourself:
I like that I am loyal
My eyes
that I am sensitive to others

Three Things You Hate/Dislike About Yourself:
My teeth
that I cry too easily sometimes
I blush very easily

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:

Three Things That Scare you:

Three of Your Everyday Essentials:
something to read
hugs from my son

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
blue sweater

Three Of Your Favorite Bands/Artists At The Moment
The Beatles :)
Dave Matthews Band
Green Day

Three Of Your Favorite Songs At Present:

In My Life (the Beatles)
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) ( Green Day)
Silent Night (hey, its Christmas)

Three Things You Want To Try in The Next 12 Months:
Go to Vancouver, Canada
excercise more
declutter my house

Three Things You Want in a Relationship (love is a given):

sense of Humor

Two Truths and a Lie:

I was an honor roll student
I got married at 19
I am a blonde

Three Physical Things about the opposite (or same) sex that appeals to you:

Three things you just can't do:
play the guitar
knit (but I'm trying)

Three of Your favorite hobbies:

Three things you want to do really badly right now:
See my granddaughter
organize my house
get over this cold:/

Three careers you're considering:
can't think of 3;-)

Three places you want to go on vacation

Three kids names:

Three things you want to do before you die:

Travel the whole US
travel the world
See world peace

Three people who have to take this quiz now or die a slow orgasmic death:

Monday, December 20, 2004

We went down to Sue's today to exchange gifts, and I found out more about Geoff. She got the same email as I did, and she called him. Apparently, he has been drinking heavily and drugging heavily since Josh (his oldest son) has been in Iraq.....so it has been quite a while:/

He hasn't been making the house payments.....it is all going to alcohol/drugs. (Now....his wife works.....why didn't she see that those things were taken care of?) Anyway, apparently she just couldn't stand it anymore, and that is why she left. When she left, she left him $1,500 to help him get by. WHAT did he do with that money????? Buy drugs. BUY DRUGS.

He definitely needs help.....more than I can give him. I am looking for some agencies that can help, and I will give him some numbers. Right now, that is all I can do. I can't subject my family to him.....it wouldn't be fair to them. I don't want him around Joseph. Sad, but true:(

Sunday, December 19, 2004

And Just What Am I Supposed To Do???

Brother Geoff emailed me today. ***A little background*** Geoff is a fuck up. A royal fuck up. He is 46 years old and has never had a *real* job. He has always done handyman type stuff, because he doesn't want to get drug tested. He is a loser, a drunk and a pot head. He has always blamed everyone else for his problems. Nothing is ever his fault. He's been that way as long as I can remember. I really don't have anything to do with him. We have nothing in common except for the fact that we had the same parents. I haven't seen him in probably 4 years or so....and have heard from him twice in that time.....one time being today.

Anyway........he emails me today. His wife left him and took their youngest son with her (he's about 15) He is devastated. He tells me he is going to lose his house, he'll be homeless and he's all alone with no one to talk to. (He has always been overly dramatic as well.....I don't know how much, if any of that is true ) He said he's never been alone. All his friends are users (drugs/alcohol). He wants to 'be a family again'. What he wants is someone to take care of him....to bail him out of his troubles. I CAN'T. I just can't. He can't come here, if that's what he is looking for.


I don't know what to do. I haven't replied to him.....I don't even know what to say:(

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks, Dressed in Holiday Style...

In the air there's a feeling of Christmas. We went over to San Francisco yesterday for an afternoon of shopping and window shopping. It is an annual thing for us. We rode BART and went to San Francisco Centre then walked up to Union Square. I got my ornaments from Neiman Marcus. I usually only buy one, but this year I splurged and bought 2. I think it is so cool that they now have a small tag with the year on them:)

The best part of the day though was the fact that we saw Joe Montana (Hall of Fame quarterback from the SF 49ers, for those who don't know) and his wife. She is much too beautiful and thin to have had 4 kids. He still has the killer smile....and those eyes. They look like the perfect couple. FYI.......Joseph is named after him , lol. Both of my good friends named Joe think he is named after them, but no. He was named after Joe baby;-)

Today was the last CCD before Christmas. I had pizza delivered, and we had a party. I got a beautiful new mug for my coffee.....and two different kinds of candy from kids. I also got candles, and Christmas towels:) They didn't want to do any work, but I read from Luke and had them make Nativities to take home. After all, they are supposed to be learning something;)

Sunday, December 12, 2004

The youth choir/musicians went to the convelescent home yesterday to sing Christmas carols for the patients. We parents who went along had to sing too. I knew I should have stayed in the car;-) Actually, it was nice. Gerry was late and Joseph was the only one there with an instrument, so he did one song on guitar as accompaniment for everyone til Gerry showed up to play piano. The kid did good.

Of course, I couldn't make it through all the songs without tearing up. Silent Night and Away In a Manger get me every time. I think the patients were appreciative for the most part. One sweet little old lady smiled and sang along with everything. They had to take one lady out though. It was so sad. She was looking at one of the boys and talking to him like he was an old boyfriend or something. Telling him he was no good, and he had been in jail and made her kill her baby:( The kid was looking nervous....as were the rest of the kids. I feel so bad for those with dementia......it makes me so sad.

The day ended on a good note though, even after all the sadness of the elderly sick people.

The boys were playing at a little Indian casino at Clear Lake, and I got to go to the show. I didn't think I would be able to, but Chris told me to go:) It was a fun night. C and I got the giggles before the show. Good think the boys couldn't hear what we were talking about. It would have shot my image all to hell;-)

Thursday, December 09, 2004


An online friend of mine lost her baby. She just found out that she was pregnant.....but it was enough to want and love that tiny being.

I cried.

I could feel how sad she is.

Silly maybe, but I did. Damn hormones. I swear, menopause feels like PMS and pregnancy rolled into one. I cry at the drop of a hat, I am moody and my boobs hurt:/

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas........

Around here. I got the rest of the decorations up in the living room & dining room today. Between my Santa collection and the snowglobe collection, its looking quite nice, if I say so myself......and I do;-) While I was doing that, Joseph set his Lionel train up around the big tree, then we put out the 'village' stuff. Tomorrow I finish the family room.

I am feeling mighty pleased with myself too. Sending out the Christmas cards yesterday was the earliest I have done so in years. I don't know what came over me!

Dinner tonight was perfect for a rainy night......meat loaf, garlic mashed potatoes and corn. Yum. After dinner, Chris and I ran over to Kohls. I found a couple of sweaters I loved so I had to point them out to him, then I left him to his own devices while I went and picked up a couple of more things I needed for Joseph and him. He had a bag in the back of the wagon when I got back there, so maybe he got the not so subtle hint on the sweaters, LOL.

Now there is a fire going in the fireplace, and I am fixing to get my flannel jammies on and pour myself a glass of wine. Time to relax:)

Monday, December 06, 2004

Monday......or more aptly named busy day;)

I finally got my ornament swaps mailed out. I really dislike standing on line at the post office. Especially for 30 minutes:/ *Sigh* At least they're mailed:-D

Tonight I'm doing Christmas cards. I've got family & friends done and will do the SAHP ones next. Luckily it is a small list this year, so my writer's cramp won't be too bad;)

I had grand plans to clean house today, but after the post office I had to go to Costco, Big 5 , Kohls, Wal Mart and Target, then to the grocery store. There was no time to clean house! Oh well, there is always tomorrow. I will have to get it finished early though, because Joseph and I will be working at Christmas Wish for a few hours before we go to CCD. I have a great project for the kids to do tomorrow....making Christmas message thingys to go on the fridge. They are Christmas trees with a clothes pin and magnet on the back.

I got 3 of my ornaments in the mail today (well, it could have been Saturday, because I didn't check the mail that day....) They are all beautiful:-) I love the swaps. Everyone is so talented. I wish I was. Its an easy kit for me......you know, ornaments for dummies ;-)

Hmm. PEZ opened a chat last night. I of course missed it. I will have to see when she opens the next one. I miss chatting:)

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Half a century?!?!?!

Holy cow.....when I think of it in those terms.....I could get seriously depressed. But I won't. I don't feel 50. (How is 50 supposed to feel, anyway?) I don't feel any different than I did on Thursday when I was still 49. People who know me say I don't look 50. People who don't know me all that well are surprised when I tell them how old I am.....even people who know me pretty well;)

Anyway.....about my birthday.

Chris had the day off, and he and and Joseph let me sleep in on Friday.....while they ran out to pick up flowers. They brought me a big cup of coffee, 2 birthday cards, flowers ....and a strand of real pearls. Real. Wow. It may have taken me 50 years to get real pearls, but they are worth the wait. Its gorgeous they are.

We went up to Folsom to the Hacienda for a late lunch.....home of the world's best seafood chimichangas, along with the world's best margaritas;-) After lunch (and 2 margaritas....hey, I deserved them both) we went shopping. I didn't see anything I wanted. Weird, I know.

We had a room at the Vagabond Inn in Sacramento, near where the guys were playing on Friday night. When we got back to the room, I changed and they dropped me off at the theater to meet C. I chatted with the boys for a few minutes before they got ready. C and S got me a box of handmade chocolates.....which I felt I had to share;-)

The show was wonderful. About halfway through, some woman yelled out that it was her friend's birthday, so the guys wished her a happy birthday. Then J said that the band was celebrating a special birthday that night. His speech made me tear up. He said that a special, long time friend of the band was celebrating a birthday. He said, "We love her and we honor her" and he asked everyone to give me a round of applause to wish me a happy birthday....and they put the spotlight on me. Then, right before they started singing Birthday, he blew me a kiss and said I love you. *Sniff*

After the show, and after C and I had sold everything we had at the merchandise table (we had a great night of sales, lol) we went back into the showroom while the guys were breaking down the equipment. J came over to me and wrapped me in a huge bear hug, and sang very softly in my ear. It was beyond sweet. I love all those guys a lot. I am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life:-)

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Gobble Gobble

The pies are finished, the turkey is in the oven, the rest of the food is prepared and ready to cook, and the table is set. Bring it on!

Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we shop;-) I will be up at the ass crack of dawn to hit the Black Friday sales.

I am thinking of how much I have to be thankful for. My health, my family, my wonderful friends, both IRL and online. I am thankful for the fact that I have a roof over my head and a warm place to sleep. I am thankful for laughter, hugs and music. AND I am thankful that GWB will not be able to run for president again;-)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 22, 2004

My mood improved yesterday evening......though I still have an ache in my heart from missing my Peanut. It won't get better until I can see her and hold her again.

The youth group kids threw a surprise birthday party for Josephine and me yesterday afternoon:)

We had our YG meeting in the small chapel, because there was a ginormous party being held in the rest of the Parish Hall, and it was too loud to do the lesson. After the lesson was over, the kids went back over to the hall with Crystal...supposedly to eat the pizza that Tony and Patty bought. When Jo and I walked back over, the lights were out in the YG room...we both wondered where the kids had gone! We walked in and flipped the lights on...and the kids had decorated the room, had a beautiful cake on the table, with flowers and gifts for both of us. Both of us teared up. It was so sweet of them.....and believe me, it was just what I needed.

41 years ago today President Kennedy was assassinated. I was in 3rd grade. I was home sick from school. My Dad didn't have to go to work til swingshift, so he was home too. I remember sitting on the sofa watching Love of Life with my mom, when Walter Cronkite came on and said the president had been shot.....and that he had died. That was the first time I saw my Dad cry. I remember how sad I felt for Caroline and John John. It is amazing how vivid those memories still are.....

Sunday, November 21, 2004

I Miss My Peanut.

It has been a whole year since I have seen Kaya.....or heard from her. Her effing mother has disappeared from the planet, it seems. I have been trying to find her, but no luck. Who the fuck knows? Maybe she made good on her threat to
leave the country.

I am trying to stay busy today, but I can't stop thinking about her. I still have her Christmas gifts from last year wrapped and waiting for her......

It is a hard day.

This afternoon is youth group. Maybe being around the kids will help:*(

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Ob La Di Ob La Da.......Life goes on.....

It does go on, you know. Even with an evil ass being re elected. One thing this last election has done is made me even more political. Heaven help us all now, lol. I will be fighting the good fight;-)

In other news......

Where has this week gone? I can't believe it is already Saturday night.

Only 3 weeks til my birthday. I am buying a red hat that day;)

That night, I am going to see the boys play! I am thrilled. They are playing at the Crest Theater in Sacramento.....on my actual birthday. I think I should be able to pick the whole set list;-)

We all went to Cal Expo today. Chris and Joseph went to the car show, and I went to the Country Folk Art Show. I didn't spend a fortune, either. I picked up some really cute metal Christmas decorations.....2 for outside and one for inside.....and got some ideas for some other decorations to make myself:) I did get some darling jewelry......and for cheap, too. I got a Christmas bracelet, along with a couple of other beaded bracelets and 2 vintage looking brooches. All in all it was a good day. After the shows, Chris dropped me off at the mall while he and Joseph went to Guitar Center. He picked up another guitar stand for Boo, and a new guitar strap. I bought nothing at the mall....but had fun looking, lol.

Tomorrow morning is donut sales again....along with crucifixes, crosses and other stuff. We're still trying to raise more money for the L.A. trip in February....wouldn't want Father to have to give us too much:/

Chris is taking Monday off....he hasn't had a day off in 3 weeks. We're heading up to Sonora for the night after donut sales. He really wants to get away.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

The forums have calmed a bit today......although I came thisclose to putting one particular person on ignore. I added a new tagline to my forum sig because of her. Minds work better when open. I could have added ***and not so damned self righteous.***

I am still thoroughly pissed that the fuckwad was re elected. I still can't figure out why intelligent people would vote for him. (I got into trouble for saying that I thought voting for shrubya was stupid. I still do....but becasue I think someone does something stupid...does not mean I think they are stupid. ) Honestly. I don't understand why anyone would vote for him. I really wish someone would give me a good reason. One I could accept.
I hear the "pro life" argument. I guess I am feeling really old. I have seen too much. I have seen abandoned kids......abused kids. Are they better off having been born? Is the 2 year who died after her mother dropped her in the water off the Vallejo pier better off for having lived for 2 short years....in the ghetto, with a drug abuser for a mother? What about the 3 month old baby who was shaken to death by its father?

True confession time.....that is what this is for, right?

When I first found out I was pregnant with Joseph....I seriously thought about aborting him. Seriously. I talked to a person at the clinic and everything. I had a 16 year old son! What the hell was I doing having a child at 35???? Needless to say, he was a complete surprise:/

Now, people (right to lifers) will say to me...."but look what you would have missed out on!"
I would have missed nothing. What, you say?

I adore Joseph. Adore him. He is the light of my life. I love him so much it hurts sometimes. He makes me laugh on a daily basis...he has the best sense of humor. He is brilliant. He learns things in a day that would take me weeks to learn (if ever). He has taught himself to play the guitar. He plays so well in less than a year....people are amazed. The guys in the band are so impressed with his playing. He is good and kind and sensitive and loving and funny and honest. He can carry on a conversation with anyone....from a 2 year old to an 85 year old.

But.....if I had aborted him, I wouldn't know any of that. Knowing that, I am so glad I made the decision to carry on with the pregnancy. BUT......if I had ended the pregnancy, I wouldn't know any of it.....therefore I wouldn't miss it. I don't know if I explained it well....but it makes sense to me, at least. I know I am rambling;)

Ok, enough election crap:/

I was carless today. The truck is acting up so Chris took the Volvo to work. It is amazing what I get done around the house when I have no wheels. He's taking the car tomorrow as well. The house should be spotless by the end of the day;-)

We had a meeting at Jo's tonight. It is so nice to be able to walk around the corner for a meeting. We had to be fingerprinted...since we volunteer around kids. My fingers are still stained;)
We are planning another night out for the adult leaders....dinner in San Francisco on Saturday was wonderful:-)

I am hoping to get everyone to go see the guys if they play in Sacramento.......

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Don't sweat the petty things....and don't pet the sweaty things;/

I was told today by someone on the forums that I am being petty. "Your pettiness and insults lower any message you may have had. If you want change it has to start with yourself and thus far you are not convincing me or any other Bush supporters that we made any sort of mistake. "

I had posted that something to the effect that I thought the American people were smarter than that....smart enough to see through all the BUshit. (of course I didn't sayBUshit....that wouldn't be nice.....and gawd knows I always try to be nice.....) And that I was disappointed and disgusted...and scared.

I was also told that my 'attitude was beneath me'

What the fuckever:/ This woman has not begun to see my 'attitude', lol......and she won't. She's not worth it. I guess I am not allowed to say what I think of the election. *shrug*

I have seen some gloating and a lot of self righteousness coming from the Bushies. (But we "losers" are whining?):/ One person even made mention that maybe the Dems needed a candidate with good morals (?) WTF does that mean? She made it sound as if Dems have no morals. Hoo boy. What I wanted to say to her then!

I was actually nicer than I wanted to be ;/

I am fucking sick and disgusted at the fucking people of America. The fucking son of a bitch has been reelected:/ What the HELL were these people thinking? I can't fucking believe it.

I am scared for our country. What is going to happen in the next 4 years? How many MORE rights will we have taken away? I am scared for Joseph. What kind of a world will it be for him?

I am so glad I don't have a daughter. With Judge Rehnquist sick......if he retires, shrub will put in a reactionary judge, and Roe v Wade will be overturned. It won't stop abortions.....but it will stop safe and legal ones:( Back alley abortions will again be the thing.

I am so thankful I live in California. Maybe the west coast & the northeast should secede & form our own country. We could be the United States. Let the friggin idiots in the midwest & south have their own shrub loving country (or theocracy......which is the way we're heading anyway...) Maybe they can call it Sheepleville. Who fucking cares anyway.

Is it too early to look for an impeach Bush site?

I am depressed...........very depressed. And scared shitless.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

We're in Tahoe, and it is COLD.

We're at the library......Joseph is doing his schoolwork, and I am playing on the computer;)
When we get back to the room (Horizon....with an awesome view of the lake) I am planning on making more of my ornaments for the Christmas SWAP.

The show last night was good....but a very small audience. The people there were loud though;) Tonight is closing night....I hope there is a good crowd. Joseph and I have to over early. JB told him to bring his guitar over so he can 'fix' it for him. Its something to do with customizing the fit...making the neck better and the strings. hell, I don't know what he's going to do;/ AllI know is I will bring a book along to read, lol.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Sunday was World Youth Day.

I spent it with about 400 kids from 5 different youth groups at a 'praise' rally at St Patricks High School. It was raucous, funny, powerful and touching. The theme of the rally was social justice.....something close to my heart. Each youth group had to do a skit. Our kids did really well, I thought. They showed a video....the "What's Going On" one with Bono, Christina Aguilera, and a bunch of other singers.....powerful. After that, they did a skit with a 'teacher' and 'students' who did 'reports' on different things that have happened....the Holocaust, the Civil Rights movement , and Columbine. At the end, they played another video, Michael Jackson's Heal the World. (I thought it ironic that they used a Michael Jackson song....perverted bastard) They were all on stage singing along with it, and everyone in the audience stood and sang along....holding hands.

There was a speaker by the name of Paul Flores. He was awesome! He connected so well with the kids, and spoke the truth, lol. He makes observations....observations that are dead on. He was also funny as hell;) I guess he is also going to speak at the L.A. convention in February. That should be very cool.

The singer they had was great too. During the first break, instead of going outside for a snack, Joseph and Derek both ended up talking to him (and he let them play his guitars) In fact, Joseph ended up going out and bringing his guitar from the car, and before the end of the next break, he was onstage with Trevor, singing;-)

Chris took Monday off. We went down to IKEA. I bought a great shelf for all the record albums. I knew I could find one at IKEA, lol. I also found a chair I want for the family room....but I didn't get it then. Chris will have to take the truck down and get it.

Today Joseph and I are going back up to Tahoe for the last 2 nights of the run there. At least the weather is cooperating this time! I am going to take my ornaments along and work on them tomorrow while Joseph is doing his school work. It will be a perfect time to do it:)

Friday, October 22, 2004

Going away in the middle of the week messes me up. Today feels like Monday. It was errand day.....I went to Target to pick up printer cartridges.......$80 later, I left. Its those dang dollar bins that get me every time;-)

I did 5 loads of laundry, cleaned and mopped both bathrooms, then went through magazines to thin them out.

The only reason I know it is Friday is that as soon as Chris gets home, we're off to Round Table for pizza and beer. He will be happy when he sees what I bought at Target (for a dollar, no less)....Night Of The Living Dead. The original.

He can watch it Sunday while Joseph and I are gone;)

Off to check the tv listings........is Monk on tonight?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Its JUST an online community....why am I hurt?

A private forum....sorry, but nonetheless, someone made me cry tonight :*( One person asked me if I had a good time in Tahoe and Oregon....and said they wished they got around as much as I do. I took it to mean ...travelled...but some one else said (jokingly) why don't you just call her a ho. I should have realized she was joking, but when someone says that.....damn. I keep wondering, does she mean it? Does she really think (even subconciously) I am a *ho*? Yeah, I do go a lot. I am damn lucky that I can. I know that. Chris makes good money....I homeschool Joseph and we can take off at the drop of a hat. Schoolbooks travel well, and he can do math anywhere;)

I am also very good friends with 5 men. I have posted about those men.....my friends. I have known them for almost 18 years...they are all part of my life. A platonic part of my life. I have been married for 30 years, and am faithful.
I happen to enjoy being friends with men. They aren't as catty and bitchy as women can be. They are real.

I am so fucking frustrated. I made the mistake of saying something (in response) about 'travelling being better than bitching about my life and my sick kids.' That was in regards to someone who does exactly that. All the time. Those person does nothing but complain about one of her kids having a cold, or a runny (or stuffy) nose, and how she has to take them to the doctor. What I want to do is slap her upside her head and tell her to STOP. But I don't. Well, one time I did try and gently tell her that maybe she was too much of worrier. That went over like a lead balloon though, so I have given up. I usually ignore her. We are just too different.

Anyway, I shouldn't have lashed out at her because someone hurt my feelings. That was wrong, and I am sorry I did it.


Might as well, lol......just wish I was having the fun such a title implied;-)

Tahoe was fun, but the drive up was hell.

We left Tuesday afternoon.....and had to drive up highway 80, as 50 was closed due to mudslides. It took 6 hours to get from my house to Truckee......a trip that normally takes 2 hours. Here in the valley, it was flooding and high winds, and in the mountains it was snow....and chains. By the time we got to Truckee.....it was almost dark. I drove along Highway 89....and there were no 'chain monkeys' to take the cables off the tires. Yes, I am a flatlander, and I have no freaking idea how to take them off.

We got to the 7-11 by Squaw Valley, and I pulled in the parkng lot to attempt to remove them. (It wasn't snowing then....) We got one partof each cable undone, but couldn't reach the other part. Luckily, a Good Samaritan came out and helped us unfasten one....but the other one got stuck and wrapped around the axle (do NOT ask me how that happened) I ended up having to call AAA to come and fix it. By the time AAA got there and unhooked it......it started to snow again.

We bravely decided to continue on our way to Tahoe....it was only a 45 minute to an hour drive.....I could still make it for the end of the show, and to sell merchandise. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had different ideas. The snow came down harder...and harder. I couldn't freaking SEE. I don't know how people drive at night in the snow:/

We decided to turn around and head back to Truckee for the night. What a freaking harrowing drive. I had Joseph roll down his wondow andhelp me navigate the road. I was terrified I would skid off the road onto either an embankement or the river. Luckily, the Holiday Inn had rooms when we got there. After a dinner of chips/candy bars and sodas from the hotel machines, first Joseph, than I took a hot bath to thaw out our wet feet and bodies. I called Chris to tell him we were in Truckee instead of Tahoe, and had to listen to him tell me 'I should have left earlier, I should have gone a different way, I should have....blah blah blah.' Not what I needed to hear. By the time we made it back to Truckee,I was shaking like a leaf.

We got up yesterday morning, and it was still snowing......but the road was plowed, and we headed off to Tahoe via Reno.

The show last night was lots of fun.....we spent some time with the guys at sound check....and everyone was worried because we hadn't shown up on Tuesday. Its nice to know someone cares.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

It's Raining, It's Pouring......

And rain here means snow in the mountains. While I normally don't care, I do today. Joseph and I are driving up to Tahoe (again) for 2 shows, and to sell merchandise afterward (Casey can't be there for sales)

Hopefully there will be a break while we are driving up. I hate to chain up. I especially don't like paying the 'chain monkeys' to put them on, but since I don't know how to.......I have no choice.

Another fun tidbit.....Highway 50 is still closed because of mudslides (the fire last week+ rain= mudslides) so I have to drive up through Reno....which adds at least an hour to the trip.


The things I do for those guys. I hope they appreciate it;-)

Sunday, October 17, 2004

It has been a busy week!

I love Oregon in the fall. We spent last weekend there. The leaves in Lithia Park are all turning, and it is absolutely beautiful. We spent some time with Steve and Roberta, and basically just relaxed. ( I did do some shopping.....3 new pair of shoes among other things:-D )

Joseph played guitar with his Aunt Roberta. She was very impressed with his playing. So was I. I didn't realize just how good he is getting. They played "Pancho & Lefty"... a Willie Nelson song, and then she pulled out the music for "The Weight" by The Band. The kid did good;)

We came home on Monday, then on Tuesday Joseph and I left for Lake Tahoe. We got back yesterday. We stayed at Doc's Cottages.......they are small cottages built in the 1920's, with quite a history. Clark Gable stayed there. Joseph would do his schoolwork in the morning, then we would go out in the afternoon, either shopping, or to the lake looking for rocks. At night we went to see the boys play at Harrah's. It was a nice 4 days. JB gave Joseph some kind of guitar gadget. I have no idea just what it does. I admit I am hoplessly ignorant of much of the stuff that goes along with electric guitars.

We're heading back up on Tuesday for a couple of days. Casey has rehearsals, and she won't be there, so I am handling the merchandise sales alone.....well, with help from Joseph. He is quite the salesman, lol. I am so lucky. Chris doesn't mind at all. He is working long hours with the new project, so us being gone isn't hard on him. He basically comes home, eats and goes to bed. I do worry about him getting sick, but can't tell him anything:/

I am ready for an early bedtime tonight. Today was donut sales, rehearsal for the skit the kids are putting on next Sunday at the rally, youth group, then Mass. I was at the church from 7:30 this mornig until 6:30 tonight. Whew.

Tomorrow it is schoolwork for Joseph and cleaning for me. *Sigh*.......definitely a Monday.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Today was Mr. N's funeral. It was good to see Mike and Tom.....its been a long time. It is sad that there are family members we don't see unless there is a funeral:( Peggy didn't come out for the funeral though. I didn't think she would. If she couldn't be bothered to come out for her own father's funeral, why would she for her father in law:/ Poor Tom. It must be awful to get NO support from your spouse. Ever.

We went and had pizza for dinner, but waited til after the debate was over. Shrub was defensive again. He just doesn't. get. it.


We're heading up to Oregon tomorrow for a couple of days to see SJ and maybe Auntie.

Have a good weekend everyone:)

Oh......the girl with the offensive sig took it off, so I have her off ignore now.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I got my Eucharistic Minister "training" today, such at it was. Karla told me a couple of things, then gave me a booklet to read. Poor thing, she wasn't feeling well, so she gave me an abbreviated version.

Tonight was the parent meeting at Jo's house. We talked about the budget and plans for both the rally this month and the LA trip, then we all just sat & talked. Florence gave us some good feedback....and told us what a difference we are making in the kids' lives. It was nice to hear.

Then I came home and watched Brady being voted off Survivor. Wahhhhh. The cute one is gone:/

After that I got on the forums...........I wish I hadn't.


Right now, I am so disappointed in some people.....on so many levels:(

Have you ever put anyone in one of the forums on ignore because of his/her signature?

I never have, before today. I am pretty easy going about sigs, of any kind. The one today really offended me though. It is a picture of John Kerry as Osama Bin Laden. It says something like "Osama Bin Kerry....he'll terrorize your taxes" I am appalled that someone, even in a joking manner, equates a candidate with OBL. Maybe I am touchy about it, but it really pisses me off. I thought better of this person......even if she is a Bush supporter, LOL. After all, everyone has a right to be wrong;-)

I could ignore all sigs in that forum, but I really enjoy seeing what people have in their sigs. I didn't even mind when she had the Bush button.

Hopefully she won't keep it in long.....I don't like ignoring her.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Smile For the Camera

I took Joseph to have his school picture taken today. One thing about homeschooling.......if you want a picture, you have to go to a photographer, lol. No one comes here for it;)

It would be fine, too.....if all I got was one pose. Unfortunately, they take 7 or 8 different poses....and I have a hard time choosing, so I usually get 3 or 4 of the poses. Yes, I am a soft touch;)

Anyway, the photos will be back on October 19. I'll post one here so you can see my handsome young man;-)

A Sad Note

Tom N.'s dad passed away. The funeral is Friday. Joseph and I will attend and pay our respects. Chris is going to try and take off for a couple of hours so he can go too. Mr. N. was quite a character. Chris went on a motorcycle ride with him about 20 years ago.......Mr N. was 70 at the time. He was full of life and very funny. he will be missed.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Another day, another debate.

Tonight it was the candidates for VP. I think John Edwards won the debate handily, but that's just me. I really have a hard time even watching Cheney.....he gives me the willies. Seriously....he scares me....even more than Dubya does. I think he is an evil, evil man. *Shudder*

With the mess the forums have been the past couple of days, (damn Delphi) I actually got some stuff done around the house;) I got the closet in the den straightened out, and went through some of Joseph's old books. I gave some old unused workbooks and stuff to Florence for Helen to use.

I also rearranged the lawyers bookcase in the entry/dining room, and the table behind the sofa. I took the vintage school books off the table and put them on top of the bookcase where we can see them better, and I put all the pictures that were on the bookcase onto the sofa table. I feel like I am finally making some progress, lol.

After I finished that, I made a simple family tree as an example for the CCD kids, as I had them make one during class this afternoon. After they finished, I put them all up on the wall under a sign that read " An Arbor of Ancestors". Fr. Mike came in and spoke to the kids about the children's mass he is (finally) starting. I really wish we had a priest who connected with the kids and teenagers of the parish:-( Neither he nor Fr Paul do....at all. Neither one is comfortable around young people. The kids see it too, at least the teens do. They don't feel like they are part of the church. Sad. When the YG had donut sales Sunday from 8-12, Fr Mike didn't even walk over and say hello to the kids. He didn't even acknowledge them at all:(

The only comments some of the kids even get is someone bitching about how they dress. I don't like the really short, short skirts, or belly shirts either at church, but other than that, I don't see what the big deal is. The youth group has a dress code that says no micro minis or belly shirts, so the YG kids, at least don't wear them to church. The thing is, at least around here lots of people don't dress up for church anymore. When a 70 year old complains about the clothes the teens wear to Mass though, I would like to respectfully tell them to STFU. At least the kids are coming to church. Besides, the 5:50 Mass on Sunday evening is the youth Mass. If the little old ladies don't like it, there are lots of other Masses they can go to:/

Monday, October 04, 2004

I am such a slacker.

A blogging slacker, that is. I honestly do have good intentions.....then I get sidetracked. Must be old age;)

Let's see.....what have I been doing? It seems like I have been busy, but nothing is done. The house is still a mess, although I am s l o w l y going through stuff and cleaning out. I will get done sometime this year. I will, dammit. The garden is almost done for. We have a few tomatoes left, and some zucchini (still). I am thinking about putting in a crop of broccoli & maybe brussels sprouts along with some lettuce for the fall. We'll see.

*Sigh* Joseph is really over the moon. My baby boy has a huge, gigantic crush. Heidi is adorable and sweet....and 2 years older! Yikes. I can't believe he is even old enough to notice girls:( They hang out at youth group. I think every 8th grade boy has a crush on her though.

CCD classes are going well; we have been busy at youth group with different activities (planning a trip to L.A. in February) and NOW I have been asked to be a Eucharistic Minister at church.
As Karla told me...someone put my name in as "someone who might be interested". Could I say no? No:/ She is going to train me sometime this week, I guess. I will do it once a month at the youth Mass. I don't know when I will first do it though, as this month we are going to be spending a lot of time in Tahoe.

I thought I was going to be able to meet an online friend this past weekend, but it didn't work out. I am so disappointed. I was looking forward to the meeting. I was actually going to meet 2 people, but one lives faily close by, so we are going to meet soon anyway. Maybe the next time I fly to Seattle I will be able to meet the other one.

I have to go through my lesson plan for tomorrow's CCD class.....luckily I don't need to do that for Joseph. I did the week's lesson plan late last night.

I hope this was enough of an update......I will try and do better, I promise;-)

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I saw it this afternoon. I don't know what kind it is, nor do I care. I want it GONE. It is probably just a garter snake (so Chris says) but I. do. not. care. *Shudder* I hate snakes:/ I am going to stay out of my back yard until Chris 1. Gets rid of it, or 2. kills it.

Yes, I am a wuss.

Today was the first day of CCD for the year. I have a fairly small class....which is good. Karla repeatedly warned me about one boy....telling me to send him to the office at the least hint of trouble....but he was really sweet and good......much better than some of the other boys in the class. I guess I will wait and see. Maybe he just needed a fresh start with a new teacher. I do feel a new freedom this year. If they drive me crazy, I will take a day off;-)

We had to stay for the Confirmation meeting tonight.....the youth group did a presentation to get more kids to join. I don't know if it did any good.......we shall see.

It was good to see a couple of *my* kids who had taken a couple of years off. I almost didn't recognize Taylore...she has really changed the past couple of years. It did make me feel good to have her come over and give me a hug. Its nice to know I have made a difference in someone's life.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Busy Weekend

I think I am actually glad it's Monday;-)

Friday night Joseph and I went to Lodi to see th guys play. Great show as usual. Poor R is looking very tired though:/ It was good to see everyone. We got home about 12:30 a.m., and had to get up early Saturday morning. Saturday was the California Coastal and Creek Cleanup. We all got up and, armed with gloves, headed down to Rodeo for the town cleanup. Our group was assigned the main street, so we headed off, carrying a couple of huge trash bags, which were soon filled, and more passed out. We worked for almost 4 hours.....picking up every thing from cigarette butts to bike frames to sofa cushions, and a few really disgusting things. Thank goodness we were wearing gloves:/ I felt good about how the town looked after we finished, and saddened that it will not last.

When we got back home and showered all the yuck off, I dropped Joseph and his guitar off at Derek's house for the afternoon. While I was gone, Chris finished more of the trim painting on the house. I got home and managed to talk Chris into going downtown to the Jazz Festival. There were some really good bands! There was also a 'wine stroll'........$18 got you a commemorative glass and 5 tastings. They weren't actually tastings either......everyone poured full glasses. Yikes! Its a good thing we only sprang for one glass......we shared. Luckily there was lots of food to taste as well.

Another early morning yesterday. Joseph had to work after the morning Masses, selling donuts. I had to help 'supervise' so I was there all morning as well. After the kids were done, he went back over to Derek's until choir practice at 4:30. I got to go home for a couple of hours, then go back to the church for a meeting......then Mass, then another meeting.

Chris (who doesn't feel sorry for me and my meetings at all, since it was my BIG mouth that got me involved in the first place) went to the Jazz Mass, then went home and relaxed the rest of the day, watching baseball, then football.

Oh! We had our first rain of the season yesterday afternoon, too. It was a doozy....thunder and lightning, and a hailstorm. When I was driving to church, streets were even flooded.

It did make the air smell so good.....and I went to sleep hearing the water drip from the eaves.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I finally have a few minutes to actually sit and blog:)

Camping at Pismo Beach was wonderful......and so peaceful. We got down there late last Wednesday night, and stayed til Sunday. There is nothing better than going to sleep with the sound of the ocean to lull you. I slept like a baby every night. We walked down the beach every day. One day we drove up to Cambria and went to Moonstone Beach. They have the most incredible rocks there:) Cambria is such a cute funky town. We went through some antique shops, but due to the fact that I had NO room left in the car I didn't get anything.

It was especially nice to be at the beach on September 11. I was no where near a television.....so I didn't have to watch endless replays of the towers getting hit......

We sat and relaxed....Chris took a nap while Joseph played in the surf and I hunted for shells. Later we lifted a glass to all those who lost their lives that day.

Memories of 9/11

I can still remember that horrible day as though it was yesterday. Chris had just left for work....the tv was on Channel 3 and I was asleep. I happened to hear Katie Couric though.....a voice cutting through my sleep. She said a plane had hit one of the towers. Sitting up and rubbing sleep from my eyes, I focused on the television. At first, they thought it was a commuter jet or something......they had a camera on the towers.....and the other plane hit the second tower. I knew then it wasn't an accident. I knew I had witnessed something horrific.

I watched it again....watched Katie and Matt try and report on what had happened. I felt then I needed to talk to someone, but didn't want to wake Joseph yet. Let him keep his innocence for just a little while longer. Chris wasn't at work yet, but I emailed him and told him to get to a radio ASAP. Then I turned on ICQ....something I rarely did. Luckily Sandy was on.....there was someone I could share my fear with. I went to the SAHP forum then....and the women there were a Godsend.

When I finally woke Joseph up.....we sat, stunned and crying, in front of the tv most of the day. If I wasn't watching tv, I was at the computer, chatting with others who were just as horrified as I was.....

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I typed out a nice newsy post, and it disappeared somewhere.

Dammit. ETA......never mind, it showed up...twice. I deleted one.

Anyway, we're off today on a back to school camping trip. Joseph got to choose where, so we are going to Pismo Beach. Math won't be so bad at the beach;-)

Besides, falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean is wonderful.......

Have a nice rest of the week:)

Back to school time

We're leaving today for our annual back to school camping trip:-) We usually try and start back to school while camping, but couldn't get away in time. It always seems easier to ease back into the daily schoolwork while sitting at a table under the trees. (for both Joseph and me) This year we're camping somewhere different, in honor of 8th grade, lol. We let Joseph choose, so we will be camping at the state park at Pismo Beach.. Falling asleep at night while listening to the ocean......mmmmmm)

I hope everyone had a nice labor day weekend. Saturday we went up to Reno (Sparks, actually) for the Rib Cook Off http://www.nuggetribcookoff.com/ Yum! There is nothing better than ribs and cold beer on a hot day;-) I bought some different sauces while we were there.....we used one of them on Monday.

Sunday morning Joseph had to help sell donuts after the morning Masses, to raise money for the L.A. trip in February. While we were at church in the morning, ( I had to be there to help wioth the kids) Chris got some trim painting done. Boy, the trim looks so much better now! Sunday evening at youth group, Joseph got his guitar our and played and sang Imagine. It brought tears to my eyes. If I do say so, the kid has talent:)

Monday Chris took him over to Derek's with his guitar, amp, and skateboard (but no helmet. Grrr) He, Derek, Kurt and Heidi are starting a band. Lord help us all;P I am very happy that John and Kathy have decided to let the kids practice there, lol. Its actually easier.....the other three live within a couple of blocks of each other, so I am the only one who has to drive to get there. After they practiced for a while, they decided to ride their boards downtown to get an ice cream and stop at the music store. Well, while they were riding, my darling son (no helmet, remember. Grr again) takes a header off the board. Smacks his head on the sidewalk. He had a humongous goose egg . Instead of turning around and going back to Kathy's though, they decide he is fine, albeit scratched, and continue their adventure. They did call Kathy to come pick them up from the music store though.......after all it was 103 degrees. When they got back to the P's house, John put an ice pack on dear son's head. I arrived soon after that to pick him up.

I am glad he didn't have a concussion (he does have a niiiice bruise now, and the knot is gone already) .....but he is now grounded from the skateboard for a while, because he knows better than to ride without a helmet:/

Oh, one more thing. I told Karla last year that if she needed a catechist for tis year, I would help her out again. I was SO hoping she wouldn't.....but no such luck. She called last night, and I will be teaching 6th grade. When will I learn???

Thursday, September 02, 2004


I have to take the car in tomorrow. The *idiot* lights keep coming on....but I don't know that there is a problem in any of the things! The battery charge light, the light that shows the brake is on, and the 'brake failure' light are all on. I think it is a short somewhere in the light area. I know what I mean, even if no one else does. Anyway....I hate electrical problems:/

Tonight was the parent leader meeting at Jo's house for youth group. She is really coming along with the preparations for the LA congress. Looks like we'll be staying at the Anaheim Hilton:-)
From the preliminary roster, I will have Theresa and Melanie in my room. Two quiet girls, thank God. I hope it stays like that.....I don't want to be responsible for any wild ones.

The best part of tonight was watching Adria get evicted from the Big Brother house. Whatta bitch! Poor Will.....as of tomorrow, he will be alone with both twins in the jury house. Too bad CBS doesn't show more of the jury house, lol. It could be more interesting than the regular house;)

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Well, brother Greg has gone back to Boston. It was good to see him. He came out for his 40th class reunion. I made sure to call him my much older brother while he was here, lol. I am still the pesky little sister when I have to be;-)

We had a small family reunion on Sunday.....Aunt Louise, Sheila, Denise, Myrtle, Wauhilla and various kids & grandkids came, along with Sue, Greg, Sue's kids & grandkids, and Chris, Joseph and me. It was so much fun. I took some old family albums along (I inherited my Mom & Dad's photo albums) It is nice looking back with people who were actually there. I realized how much my family means to me. Aunt Louise (and Uncle Sam) were such a big part of my growing up years. I miss seeing her. I do hope she moves down here.

Yesterday we all went to Sue's for a goodbye dinner with Greg. Lots of laughter there. I realized I am the baby sister....now matter how old I am;-) I stil lcatch crap from big brother and big sister...but luckily I heard no more about how awful I am for not calling Sue:/ Luckily her boys & their SO's know how she is....I got commended by Laura for putting up with it.

I have no choice:/

Today was back to the same old, same old. You know....the never ending pile of laundry. Where does it all come from??? There are only 3 of us here!

OMG....I almost forgot.....my son has a new gadget in his room....a black light. He belongs to another age, so my SIL says. He was born in the wrong decade;-)
It is pretty cool though;)

Friday, August 27, 2004

I have a phone phobia. Seriously.

I've not really thought much about it. I don't like talking on the phone. I haven't really, for years, but it has gotten really bad the past few years. I wish I knew why. I don't like getting phone calls....even from people I care about. I loathe making them. I feel like I am interrupting someone when I call....so I don't.

Most of my friends know this. They know if they want to get in touch with me, for any reason, that email is the best way to do it. I check my email a bazillion times a day, and it works for me. If they really need to talk to me, they give me a specific time to call them.......I manage to do it then. Its like an appointment. I called Sheri this morning and we talked for an hour. Once I get on the phone, I'm fine.....its just picking it up and dialing. I get sweaty palms, and dry mouth. Its a phobia.

The reason I'm blogging this is because my sister jumped my ass tonight for not calling her. We were at her house, and she was drinking.......

We were out on the front porch, and she actually started yelling at me, then apologizing for yelling, then telling me how angry she gets at me for not calling. She just kept asking me why I don't call. I don't KNOW. I just don't. Every time she would ask, getting louder each time, I could only say I. don't. know.

Maybe I need a shrink. It is certainly irrational to be afraid to pick up a phucking phone and make phucking phone call:/

I guess I can check into classes or something.........

I do know this....if you know someone who has a phobia.....don't yell at them about it. Chances are good they already know they have a phobia......getting bitched at does not help matters. All it does is make the person feel worse:/

Thursday, August 26, 2004

WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD (George Weiss / Bob Thiele)

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

The colours of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shakin' hands, sayin' "How do you do?"
They're really saying "I love you"

I hear babies cryin', I watch them grow
They'll learn much more than I'll ever know
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world
Yes, I think to myself, what a wonderful world

Oh yeah

I love to listen to Louis Armstrong.
That song can bring tears to my eyes sometimes......

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Isn't she beautiful? She was a kitty last year.....a darn cute one.

Kaya on Halloween 2003
Well, the scanner works;-)

I added some pictures. The first one is of Joseph with his "Uncle" Joey. It was taken at the Woodland Opera House after a show. The second one was taken the day of Joseph's Confirmation, and the last one was last year when we had Kaya staying with us.

I have a beautiful one of Kaya I will put in......you will be able to see what a doll she is. I miss that little girl :(

Joseph and Uncle Joey

Confirmation Day, March 31, 2004

Joseph and Kaya at Bonfante Gardens, 2003

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Damn hand held poker game. I am addicted already. I went to Big Lots today and found one for $3.99. I have been playing it all evening. I'm doing good, too......I wish my luck was this good when I put $ in the machines at Tahoe or Reno;)

Sunday, August 22, 2004


I love the state fair:-) It is always so much fun. We went yesterday....walked all over, ate junk and looked at strange and wonderful things. I saw my earring lady, and bought 7 pair of earrings. (to be honest, 3 pair were on one card) We did a wheel of fortune at one booth....Chris got a trowel for the garden, and I got a cute egg whisk)

There is a baseball exhibit this year, as well as a civil rights exhibit. Its nice to get a little 'edumacation' along with your food on a stick. Chris' foot was bothering him pretty bad about 5 pm, so he left and didn't stay to see Rain play. He did talk to Steve and Casey for a few minutes though. Damn plantar fascitis....... I wish I could get him to take ibuprofen. He came home and iced his heel.

What a show the guys put on though! It was awesome! Oops....must back up though.

About 90 minutes before the show started (the guys couldn't set up or do sound check early...another band was on stage) JB realised that there was a piece of equipment he needed.....RK forgot to bring it (along with enough guitar stands) They sent Casey and me (and M) to Guitar Center to get said products......they didn't have the reverb whateveritwas, but we did get 5 guitar stands....and some batteries they needed. S called while we were comnig back......they also didn't have a piano stool! Oh well....he made do....by that time, it was only about 30 minutes to showtime, and Guitar Center was closed!

Mishaps and missing equipment aside, it was a fun night. I wore my "Liberal, and proud of it" button for a while, until J said *don't touch me*. I of course, touched him. Lots. Later he was tesing me....'you, you....liberal'. I just smiled and told him 'yeah, but you love me anyway'

I must say.....I am more than happy he is out from under another's thumb. He is back to being 'my' J. Well, not mine per se, but they way he used to be. Sweet, funny and loving.

Oh man....gotta go watch the Olympics. I hear the Russian wench fell off the uneven bars, and stormed out of the hall. Geeze....unsportsmanlike much?

Friday, August 20, 2004


The boy and I both got haircuts this afternoon. He really needed one.....the curls were out of control! His hair looks good. He had them cut it a little shorter on the sides and back than before. Damn kid looks like a man now:/ Where did my baby boy go?

Mine was just trimmed. I am growing it out....I want to be able to put it up if I want to, but it had no shape at all, so I had her trim & shape it a bit. It kind of looks like Oprah's.....with bangs and kinda flippy.

Chris should be home soon......tonight is pizza night (yay) Round Table here we come!

After pizza we will go to the Creekwalk. I hope the band is good tonight. I forgot to look and see who is playing. Please....anything but country;/ Joseph is supposed to meet Derek.....but if it is a country band, we will not be staying long. There isn't enough beer for sale to make me listen to country music for very long;-)

One more thing (shameless patriotism here.....the Olympics bring it out in me, lol)
YAY Carly Patterson! WTG girl!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I Love Lake Tahoe

Tahoe was absolutely beautiful. The weather was perfect, and the days were so relaxing. We did some walking, a bit of window shopping in town, and a lot of reading. It was nice to get away for a week. The only bad thing were the squirrels who decided they wanted in the screen room of the tent.....(to get the pumpkin seeds that DH {not dear husband, either} had left in plain sight)....so they gnawed through the screen:/ Little fuckers. Now I have to go get some kind of a patch and sew it on.

Oh yeah, the shows at night were awesome:) Donna is an angel.....she seated us in the front row every night, no matter what our tickets said. Casey and I did well selling tee shirts/cds. hats/mugs after the shows. It was much better when the guys came out to sign autographs though. Joseph came to a show one night, then disappeared into the dressing room with S & JB. They are very impressed with his guitar skills, lol. J forgot the wahwah pedal he had promised Joseph, but brought it on Sunday. Speaking of J....he was back to his sweet self, thank goodness. Moody damn musician;-)

Casey and I went shopping on Sunday.....and were caught in one hell of a thunderstorm in Carson City! The freaking lights went out in the store while we were there. It didn't stop us though;-)

Came home on Monday, then went straight down to R& E's in Santa Cruz to celebrate Chris' birthday.....which was yesterday. They bought him a Jacaranda tree.....I was jazzed! We have admired those every time we go to L. A. We just have to decide where to plant it......

Today was spent doing laundry. Oh joy, oh bliss. Not really;) I wish I could send my laundry out to be done. Denine?

The only thing about Chris taking yesterday off.......I feel all discombobulated. It feels like Monday......and I hate Mondays;)

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Bad Blogger, Bad.
I have been a bad blogger this week. I didn't realize it had been since Monday or something since I blogged. I kept putting it off because I didn't think I had anything worth blogging. *Sigh*

It really has been slow around the old homestead this week. Let me see if I can remember any highlights.......

Hmm. There was the day that Chris brought home a printed email he got at work from his associate....it was very nice. It was all about what kind of herbs I should be taking for menopause. It even gave him the brand name and how to buy them. Gee, I wonder how Charlie knows I am going through menopause? Wasn't it sweet of my dear husband to let someone (who I don't know well at all) know personal stuff about me??? Maybe I can poll my friends about a problem he is having, and give him the results of what they think. After all.....it is just being helpful, right???

I had a parents meeting at Jo's house for youth group.....somehow I have been named a parent leader. I am on the inside as far as budget and planning goes now. How the hell did that happen?? I guess that's what I get for volunteering;-)

I am surrounded by assholes.

Not only has dh been an ass this week (besides the menopause thing.....he has been a grouchy ass for 2 days....he really needs this vacation), but yesterday Joseph and I went to Santa Rosa to see the guys play. After dealing with the assholes on the freeway (do they really need to ride my bumper?) J was being an arrogant ass. Ugh. Sometimes.........I could just smack the crap out of him.

Hopefully my mood will improve this week. We leave for Tahoe tomorrow for 5 days of 'city camping' (actually, I leave tomorrow....Chris and Joseph come up on Monday) It should be fun, and relaxing. I made sure Chris packed the lounge in the truck.....the better for an aftenoon nap. (And I won't be camping tomorrow, LOL....I will be in a nice hotel......) I'm looking forward to seeing Casey and the guys too. Hopefully, J will be over his 'assholyness'. If not, screw him:/

I am also hoping Chris gets to relax. Believe me, he needs it:/

Monday, August 02, 2004


It was a pretty nice weekend. Friday, Joseph and I went up to Sheri's for the day. We went to Nordstrom Rack and picked up a few things. He got a pair of red checked Vans....$19.99. I found a very cute skirt, and I also picked up a couple of things for Christmas gifts. We got home right before Chris got home from work...and we all went to Round Table for our weekly pizza. We tried the 'skinny' crust.....not too bad. Of course, the carbs we didn't get from the pizza crust, we did get from the Coors Light, lol.

From there we went to the Creekwalk to listen to the band play. I don't know the name of the band performing then, but they were pretty good. Chris & I sat and listened to music while Joseph got to visit with some friends.

Chris had to work (both Saturday and Sunday), so Joseph & I pretty much relaxed both days. I did go to Ross and get a few things on Saturday.....then hit Goodwill on Sunday.

Joseph played guitar again at Mass, then played a new song at youth group afterwards. He is supposed to be the guitar player this Sunday evening, but we are supposed to already be in Tahoe. *Sigh* If he really wants to play, then I will go up Sunday, and Chris & Joseph will come up Monday morning. Its all depending on whether or not Joe really wants to play Sunday....

As for today....its Monday. What more can I say.....cleaning and errands.

I have been able to take a few breaks during the day to peruse the latest forum debates. Gotta love abortion debates:/ Especially the ones who love to tell you that "a Christian CAN'T be pro choice". Wrong again, o young ones. *Sigh* When I was 22 though, I also thought I knew everything;-)

Thursday, July 29, 2004

A Visit With Auntie
I had such a good time visiting with Aunt Louise today.  Sue wasn't home, so I took her for a drive around the old 'hood.   She really hasn't been back there in 25+ years, so she enjoyed the tour, and she reminisced quite a bit.   I love hearing the 'remembering'.  We stopped and had lunch in Pinole, and each house we passed in old town brought a memory from her:)
She may move down from Oregon.  Since Uncle Sam passed, and  Wauhilla& Lance are planning a move, she is pretty much on her own, except for friends, and her other daughters want her closer to them.....in case she gets sick or something.  I would really love to have her closer as well.  She has always been like a second mother to me, and since I don't have one anymore....a surrogate is always nice.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I get to spend some time with my aunt tomorrow:-)
Aunt Louise is down from Oregon, and gave me a call this morning.  She wants me to pick her up at Denise's and drive down to Sue's for a visit.   It was either that or come over here, and since my house is torn up right now (clasroom cleaning & organizing....and major cupboard cleaning in the kitchen)  I wish I had known she was coming down. I wouldn't have started the cleaning and stuff.  Right now the kitchen is in boxes while I go through and see what I am keeping and what goes to Goodwill.  As for the classroom......UGH.   I will get it finished by the end of next week. I am giving myself a full week for both things.
I think I will take her out to lunch too.  She was such a big part of my life growning up, especially during my teen age years.  I spent a lot of time at her house.  She has been alone for a year now, since Uncle Sam passed away.  I 'm glad she's getting out and about.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I need a new scanner.  I really do. 
Target has a printer/copier/scanner on sale......I should go get it.  We had one before and I loved it.  When it died, I just replaced the printer, so we have been scanner-less for awhile.  I use it so much with school stuff.....and when I get a new one, I will post more pictures;-)
From the Inbox
For us dopeless hope fiends:
How  to start your day with a positive attitude.
1. Create a "new folder" on your computer.
2. Name it "George W. Bush".
3. Send it to the trash.
4. Empty the trash.
5. Your computer will ask you: "Do you really want to get rid of "George W. Bush"?
6. Answer calmly, "Yes", and press the mouse button firmly...

Monday, July 26, 2004

This is a couple of years old. We were dressed up for an event and my friend surprised me.
here I am
OMG, its me!

For you, o Evil One

Ok, I posted a picture. I hope it doesn't break the poor blog;-)
As soon as I get a new scanner (mine died....may it RIP) I will scan and post some more;)

In the meantime, I may look and see what else I have around here I can post:)

Saturday, July 24, 2004

As soon as I can figure out how to post a picture, I will, I promise.   (Ok, Evil One??)

I don't have many on the 'puter anyway.

I will try and figure it out tomorrow.........

Deal of the day...
We went thrift shopping today.....I got a pair of linen cropped pants......baby blue Banana Republic with store tags on ($68....thankyouverymuch) for $2.99. I love getting something like that!  I just don't understand though.....if you are spending nearly $70 for a pair of pants, and you don't like them (or they don't fit) why don't you take them back for a refund? Hell, I would.  But, thank you for not taking them back, whoever you are. I know I would never spend $70 on a pair of pants. I do love getting them for $2.99 though;-)

Friday, July 23, 2004

We interrupt this regularly scheduled programming.......
The shows at the fair last night were really good.   Joseph had a grand time.   S let him play one of his guitars, then complimented him on his playing.  Coming from a professional, that is high praise, lol

Joseph  had a good time hanging around with J during the break.  He really loves him, and J loves him back.   I'm glad they are so close.  J is like another father (or uncle) .  Joseph can't get away with anything around him:)

Exciting news!  JB and M are getting married (finally!)   Its family only at the wedding, but I am sending them a card.  I wish them all the best.....love, health and a lifetime of happiness...

Tee shirt/CD sales went well.....and one of the cute lighting guys was flirting.  He has no idea how freaking old I am!!  It did make me feel good though;-)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programs.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

*Said in voice of the Wicked Witch*............."I'm mellllting"

It is friggin hot.   9:30 at night and still almost 90.  Sleeping is going to be next to impossible,even with the air on.   I may end up on the sofa, just because the family room is the coolest room in the house:/ 

I had big plans for cleaning today, but it was too damn hot.   Since it was too hot to clean, I took Joseph up to Guitar Center to get a few things he needed.  $60 later..............little things add up, for sure.

I can't complain though.  He really enjoys his guitars and is getting so good!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another scorcher.....102* or more.  It is gonna be hot at the Amador Co. Fair, where the boys will be playing.  Sometimes I wish I still wore shorts in public.....but I will have to find something else to wear:/
Joseph is looking forward to going with me.  It should be fun.

I just found out that they will be back at Harrah's Tahoe in August!  http://www.harrahs.com/our_casinos/tah/
Yay! I always have fun there:)

Saturday, July 17, 2004

I am one tired puppy.   We just got back from Marine World....we've been there since 10 this morning..   We were supposed to go to a Gospel Day there with the youth group, but the music was so unorganized that we all just ended up going to the shows and riding rides.  The kids didn't want to sit and listen to much music.....and 30 cranky teenagers is not a good thing;-)
After this past week with VBS, and today at Marine World.....I am exausted.  I think I am going to bed early and hopefully I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow. I know Joseph will!  Chris went down to R&E's to do some yard work today since neither of them can do it.  He'll be back home tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Its Wednesday.....halfway through this year's VBS. I'm having fun (and so is Joseph) I think being the 'craft lady' is a blast;-) I love watching the kiddoes putting together whatever I have planned for them. There are some colorful things being made. We have preschoolers in the program this year, which is different. Karla couldn't get someone just for the pre k, so they are with the K-3 kids. Most of them are doing really well. I would rather have some of the littles over some of the older kids. They can be real smart asses.

Tomorrow night is the pot luck (I have no clue what to take, either....) and the carnival that the youth group is putting on. Friday is the last day of VBS, and Saturday is the day we take youth group to Marine World. I think Sunday is going to be a day of sleep for me;)

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Thrift shop deals

Since Karla wants everyone working to wear 'island' clothing this week at VBS, I picked up 5 Hawaiian shirts for Joseph to wear (The theme is Lava Lava Island) @ $2.99 each. 2 of them are even vintage! Woo hoo!! I already have some for me, but I found a tropical looking dress today also. If I can find a sarong tomorrow, I may wear one (over shorts, and with a tee shirt) If not, there is always the grass skirt at the party outlet;)

I put together the sample crafts tonight. I am going to have to tell Karla tomorrow what a PITA the angel pin is. I don't know if the littles will be able to do it at all....and I know it will take longer than the 20 minutes alloted. It will probably take 2 days, even for the older kids:/ I don't think she really looked at them before she ordered them.

I think when I go to set up my room tomorrow afternoon, I will look around and see if there is something we can do instead of the angel pin....

Tonight is the best of Will Farrell on SNL.....can't wait til 11:30. In the meantime, I picked up the new Vanity Fair today, so I think I'll pour a glass of wine and do a little reading.