Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Don't sweat the petty things....and don't pet the sweaty things;/

I was told today by someone on the forums that I am being petty. "Your pettiness and insults lower any message you may have had. If you want change it has to start with yourself and thus far you are not convincing me or any other Bush supporters that we made any sort of mistake. "

I had posted that something to the effect that I thought the American people were smarter than enough to see through all the BUshit. (of course I didn't sayBUshit....that wouldn't be nice.....and gawd knows I always try to be nice.....) And that I was disappointed and disgusted...and scared.

I was also told that my 'attitude was beneath me'

What the fuckever:/ This woman has not begun to see my 'attitude', lol......and she won't. She's not worth it. I guess I am not allowed to say what I think of the election. *shrug*

I have seen some gloating and a lot of self righteousness coming from the Bushies. (But we "losers" are whining?):/ One person even made mention that maybe the Dems needed a candidate with good morals (?) WTF does that mean? She made it sound as if Dems have no morals. Hoo boy. What I wanted to say to her then!

I was actually nicer than I wanted to be ;/


Anonymous said...

You were much nicer than they desvered!

I cant post in the forums today, they are all making me ill.

I will make up the spare room so you can hide here until the four years are up if you need to

Shelly said...

Don't offer...I may show up;-)

*Now* I am lacking in good moral character;/


Anonymous said...

OK if you really might come, its an offer :)

Did you know we are moving? DH has a new job that is taking us back into Melbourne to live.

Shelly said...


Make sure to send me your new addy.....

AiNtEzBnMe said...

Cant save the world Shelly :( Consider the sources and just be glad you arent as uneducated or hard headed. :/ We will make it through it, just be glad that he CANT run again next election! That's something to look forward to right? :/
ps. and stop being so nice! ;)

Shelly said...

But I *want* to save the world, dammit;-)

I do get tired of being nice,lol. I would love to just be a royal bitch. Sigh.