Thursday, November 25, 2004

Gobble Gobble

The pies are finished, the turkey is in the oven, the rest of the food is prepared and ready to cook, and the table is set. Bring it on!

Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we shop;-) I will be up at the ass crack of dawn to hit the Black Friday sales.

I am thinking of how much I have to be thankful for. My health, my family, my wonderful friends, both IRL and online. I am thankful for the fact that I have a roof over my head and a warm place to sleep. I am thankful for laughter, hugs and music. AND I am thankful that GWB will not be able to run for president again;-)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving.

1 comment:

Pez said...

All wonderful things to be thankful for, Shelly! :)

Did you get some good deals while shopping?