Saturday, November 13, 2004

Ob La Di Ob La Da.......Life goes on.....

It does go on, you know. Even with an evil ass being re elected. One thing this last election has done is made me even more political. Heaven help us all now, lol. I will be fighting the good fight;-)

In other news......

Where has this week gone? I can't believe it is already Saturday night.

Only 3 weeks til my birthday. I am buying a red hat that day;)

That night, I am going to see the boys play! I am thrilled. They are playing at the Crest Theater in Sacramento.....on my actual birthday. I think I should be able to pick the whole set list;-)

We all went to Cal Expo today. Chris and Joseph went to the car show, and I went to the Country Folk Art Show. I didn't spend a fortune, either. I picked up some really cute metal Christmas decorations.....2 for outside and one for inside.....and got some ideas for some other decorations to make myself:) I did get some darling jewelry......and for cheap, too. I got a Christmas bracelet, along with a couple of other beaded bracelets and 2 vintage looking brooches. All in all it was a good day. After the shows, Chris dropped me off at the mall while he and Joseph went to Guitar Center. He picked up another guitar stand for Boo, and a new guitar strap. I bought nothing at the mall....but had fun looking, lol.

Tomorrow morning is donut sales again....along with crucifixes, crosses and other stuff. We're still trying to raise more money for the L.A. trip in February....wouldn't want Father to have to give us too much:/

Chris is taking Monday off....he hasn't had a day off in 3 weeks. We're heading up to Sonora for the night after donut sales. He really wants to get away.


Anonymous said...

And how old will you be? I already know you're old enough to be my momma. Heh. Hey, I know how old your kid is.

Anyway, I should be asking: how YOUNG will you be? ;-)

Evil One

Shelly said...

The number is a big one. Really big;)

And yes, I am old enough to be your momma.....

Hint: it starts with the number after 4;-)

Pez said...

I cannot wait to see a picture of you in your red hat! Do you have the purple outfit to go with it?! ;)