Monday, June 26, 2006


Why is it that whenever we finally get a priest people love, that he doesn't get to stay? Father H. has been reassigned after only a year with us. I am so bummed :/ He has really touched a lot of hearts since he has been here. The teenagers absolutely adore him (partly because he is really close in age to them, LOL)

I feel like one of my kids is moving away. He is only 30. I have a child older than him! I jokingly told him yesterday that we would all be moving to the new town & parish. His eyes lit up and he said "REALLY?" I told him I was kidding him, and he looked so sad and said, "That's not funny" I felt bad then. He has only been an ordained priest for a year, and has spent it at our parish. We have helped him get used to the US (he's from Peru)

I think the youth group will be making a field trip and visiting him in his new parish. He is going to try and come to the dinner concert in August anyway.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

ringo rama

Last night was the Ringo concert at Cache Creek. It was fun. I love the people he has playing with him this year.

Ringo does a couple of numbers, then they go 'round and each person sings one of their hits.

Richard Marx looks mighty fine, if I do say so. He has aged very well, and looks much better without that 80s hair. He is quite chisled;-)

Edgar Winter played Frankenstein and Free Ride. What memories.

Hamish Stuart was in Average White Band, and also played with Paul.

Billy Squier looks WAY different than he used to. He still sounds good.

Speaking of memories, Rod Argent brought back a ton of them. He was with the Hollies way back when, and he sang She's Not There and Time of the Season last night. After The Zombies, he had his own band (Argent) and we heard (and sang along to) Hold You Head Up

Sheila E is the most incredible drummer/percussionist I have ever heard. Does anyone remember The Glamorous Life?

As for Ringo, he did all his goodies. Yellow Submarine, Boys, Photograph, I Wanna be You was a great night.

Steve and Casey came too, so we went out to eat after the show. I was so glad to see them. It's been too long.

I really needed last night. I needed the R&R after the past couple of weeks. I needed to laugh and sing;-)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

home again, home again

We went back down to Pismo Beach Tuesday afternoon. Chris had a meeting in Sta Maria, and we got a list of some vacation rentals. we will be poring through listings now, and probably be back down in a week or so to look. One of the listings is a vintage Airstream trailer with a built on room. It is really cute. I love funky;-)

Don took us out to dinner last night, to meet his wife and son. I think he wants his wife and I to be BFF, and Joseph & the son to be the same. They are nice, but very quiet and shy. I am shy IRL too (not that you can tell here, LOL)

Ana's arraignment was postponed again. It will be tomorrow morning at 8:30. I went Tuesday a.m. with Karla, Corinne and Gina. Unfortunately, none of them will be able to go in the morning, so I will go alone, unless Joseph wakes up in time. He wants to go along with me.

It was so surreal to be there Tuesday, hear her name being called, and see her shuffle out in shackles:( Henry thanked us for coming, and for supporting her. What else can we do?


Saturday, June 17, 2006

purse whore

Yes, I am a purse whore. A cheap one, at that. I could say handbag whore, if that is more pleasing.

We went thrift store shopping today. One of our most favorite shops (Sacks Thrift Avenue in Petaluma) usually has at least a few goodies. Today was no exception. Even though they have raised the prices for purses/handbags to $5, I looked anyway. (And I am glad I did!) I found a pristine Ralph Lauren bag, but I also scored a beautiful Prada bag. Woohoo! $10 spent for 2 bags worth at least a couple hundred dollars. I would never spend whatever those purses would cost new (especially the Prada one) but I get a special thrill out of finding them at a thrift shop;-)

Oh, oh! I must go watch SNL now. It is a rerun, but Dane Cook is hosting. We love Dane Cook around here;-)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

life goes on

Although the last week was hellish for me, there were a few bright spots, and regular life kept happening. I'll play catch up now.

Last weekend was a 2 day music festival at the Nut Tree baseball park here in town. It was a Christian music festival. Jo got tickets for us to go (parent helpers and choir members/musicians) There were quite a few bands, but my absolute favorite was Mercy Me. Their song, I Can Only Imagine, is one of my favorites. It was awesome hearing them sing it live.

I can only imagine what it will be like, when I walk by Your side...I can only imagine, what my eyes will see, when Your Face is before me!
I can only imagine. I can only imagine.
Surrounded by Your Glory, what will my heart feel?

Will I dance for you, Jesus? Or in awe of You, be still?
Will I stand in Your presence, or to my knees will I fall?
Will I sing 'Hallelujah!'? Will I be able to speak at all?
I can only imagine! I can only imagine!
I can only imagine, when that day comes, when I find myself standing in the Son!

I can only imagine, when all I will do, is forever, forever worship You!
I can only imagine! I can only imagine!
Surrounded by Your Glory, what will my heart feel?
Will I dance for you, Jesus? Or in awe of You, be still?

Will I stand in Your presence, or to my knees will I fall?
Will I sing 'Hallelujah!'? Will I be able to speak at all?
I can only imagine! Yeah! I can only imagine!
Surrounded by Your Glory, what will my heart feel?
Will I dance for you, Jesus? Or in awe of You, be still?

Will I stand in Your presence, or to my knees will I fall? Will I sing 'Hallelujah!'? Will I be able to speak at all?
I can only imagine! Yeah! I can only imagine!
I can only imagine! Yeah! I can only imagine!!

Only imagine!!! I can only imagine.
I can only imagine, when all I do is forever, forever worship You!

I can only imagine."

The kids really liked it too.

Last Sunday, Chris and I had to go to another town to pick up something from Longs that our store didn't have. There was a Goodwill next door, so of course I had to go in;-) Boy, am I glad I did. I found a vintage REAL Louis Vuitton handbag...for $5.99. I looked it over, and it isn't a knock's the real thing! Score! I could barely contain my glee. There is nothing like a great thrift store bargain.

We aslo had to make another short trip to Pismo, just to look around neighborhoods. Chris's living arrangements are still up in the air. The job isn't final yet, either. We are going out to lunch with Mike K. on Thursday so he can hear from me what I think about living apart for a year or so. I'm not happy about it, but I know sometimes sacrifices have to be made. *Sigh*

Monday, June 12, 2006

rest in peace, jenny

The funeral today was beautiful, and so, so hard. I ended up sitting right behind your Dad, Jenny. (He decided he didn't want to sit in the front row) I know you were there with us all, especially your Dad and grandparents. The church was full of your friends, family, teachers and church members who will miss your sweet smile. Father Mike had a hard time in the beginning. We could all tell that he is mourning you as well.

The youth choir did such a good job. I know you enjoyed Amazing Grace. I know everyone in the church was touched when we heard it. You know what a sap I am. You used to tease me about it. When the choir sang Eagle's Wings, it was really hard to keep my composure. It's a good thing I wore waterproof mascara.

I was very glad Father Mike spoke of your mother. He made sure we prayed for her healing. Everyone who knows and loves you and your Mom, knows something happened to her to cause her to do what she did. Did she think she was protecting you from something? Did she even mean to do what she did? I wish I knew, sweetie. I know you know, but you can't tell us.

Jennifer, you are going to be missed so much. It is going to be strange not seeing your sweet, serene face every Sunday at mass. It will be weird not to see you every week at CCD. I know you were looking forward to joining Youth Group this summer/fall. I know you had vacillated about joining, but had pretty much decided to go. You were excited about all the new adventures life had in store for you. I am so sorry you won't be able to do it now.

Your dad told me as Joseph and I left today that he will be back at Mass....on Sundays at 5:30. I am glad he hasn't lost his faith.

Rest in Peace sweet girl..

Sunday, June 11, 2006

daddy's girl

That's what the front of Jennifer's shirt says. She looks like a little angel. There are a couple of her favorite stuffed animals in her coffin with her. I guess she slept with them every night, so they will be there for her now.

Tonight was the viewing and her Rosary. By the time I got over to the mortuary after Mass, the viewing was over, so they could bring her over to the church. Her coffin was open for the Rosary though. I wanted to be a big baby and not go up after the Rosary. I wanted to go hide in a corner stamping my feet, but I put on my big girl panties and went up. She looked so sweet.
Daddy's Girl.

Her daddy is a strong man. I don't know how he is functioning, really I don't. I guess it is his faith that keeps him going. He spent time comforting everyone else there. I stood and talked to him, along with Sherry, Heidi and Max. He told us about she is. He told us that he HAS to get Ana declared insane, or else she may spend the rest of her life in prison. He told us he knows (as all her friends know) that she couldn't have done this. A mother does not kill her beloved daughter. Something snapped.

Are we all this close to losing control? What could have caused it? Did she lose her faith for a brief moment? The faith that the world is NOT a bad place, the faith that there is Something greater than all of us. Why didn't she ask for help? Did she even know her world was spinning out of control? There are so many questions...questions that may never be answered.

As one of my friends said tonight...I don't get it.

Tommorow is the funeral. It is going to be hard :*(