Monday, June 12, 2006

rest in peace, jenny

The funeral today was beautiful, and so, so hard. I ended up sitting right behind your Dad, Jenny. (He decided he didn't want to sit in the front row) I know you were there with us all, especially your Dad and grandparents. The church was full of your friends, family, teachers and church members who will miss your sweet smile. Father Mike had a hard time in the beginning. We could all tell that he is mourning you as well.

The youth choir did such a good job. I know you enjoyed Amazing Grace. I know everyone in the church was touched when we heard it. You know what a sap I am. You used to tease me about it. When the choir sang Eagle's Wings, it was really hard to keep my composure. It's a good thing I wore waterproof mascara.

I was very glad Father Mike spoke of your mother. He made sure we prayed for her healing. Everyone who knows and loves you and your Mom, knows something happened to her to cause her to do what she did. Did she think she was protecting you from something? Did she even mean to do what she did? I wish I knew, sweetie. I know you know, but you can't tell us.

Jennifer, you are going to be missed so much. It is going to be strange not seeing your sweet, serene face every Sunday at mass. It will be weird not to see you every week at CCD. I know you were looking forward to joining Youth Group this summer/fall. I know you had vacillated about joining, but had pretty much decided to go. You were excited about all the new adventures life had in store for you. I am so sorry you won't be able to do it now.

Your dad told me as Joseph and I left today that he will be back at Mass....on Sundays at 5:30. I am glad he hasn't lost his faith.

Rest in Peace sweet girl..


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DMouse007 said...

I'm so sorry Shelly. What a beautiful entry

jennster said...

so sad.. :(

Evil said...

Sad, sad, sad.


Robin said...

I haven't stopped thinking of her or her mother. So sad :(