Saturday, June 24, 2006

ringo rama

Last night was the Ringo concert at Cache Creek. It was fun. I love the people he has playing with him this year.

Ringo does a couple of numbers, then they go 'round and each person sings one of their hits.

Richard Marx looks mighty fine, if I do say so. He has aged very well, and looks much better without that 80s hair. He is quite chisled;-)

Edgar Winter played Frankenstein and Free Ride. What memories.

Hamish Stuart was in Average White Band, and also played with Paul.

Billy Squier looks WAY different than he used to. He still sounds good.

Speaking of memories, Rod Argent brought back a ton of them. He was with the Hollies way back when, and he sang She's Not There and Time of the Season last night. After The Zombies, he had his own band (Argent) and we heard (and sang along to) Hold You Head Up

Sheila E is the most incredible drummer/percussionist I have ever heard. Does anyone remember The Glamorous Life?

As for Ringo, he did all his goodies. Yellow Submarine, Boys, Photograph, I Wanna be You was a great night.

Steve and Casey came too, so we went out to eat after the show. I was so glad to see them. It's been too long.

I really needed last night. I needed the R&R after the past couple of weeks. I needed to laugh and sing;-)


Fishie said...

Thank you SO MUCH for getting Glamorous Life stuck in my head. I always envied that woman her mad drum skilz. I know rhythm, have taught it to my daughter some who likes drums, but I couldn't drum to save my life.

It sounds like it was a great show! I'm jealous - it was probably something I'd really enjoy!

Pez said...

Sounds like a cool concert, Shelly. I saw Sheila E before she was famous on her own. She toured with Marvin Gaye and I saw him in concert the summer before his dad shot him. :(

I also saw Richard Marx in the summer of '92. He still had his 80's hair then! We went to see Wilson Phillips who opened for RM then left they played and during RM's first song. lol