Monday, June 26, 2006


Why is it that whenever we finally get a priest people love, that he doesn't get to stay? Father H. has been reassigned after only a year with us. I am so bummed :/ He has really touched a lot of hearts since he has been here. The teenagers absolutely adore him (partly because he is really close in age to them, LOL)

I feel like one of my kids is moving away. He is only 30. I have a child older than him! I jokingly told him yesterday that we would all be moving to the new town & parish. His eyes lit up and he said "REALLY?" I told him I was kidding him, and he looked so sad and said, "That's not funny" I felt bad then. He has only been an ordained priest for a year, and has spent it at our parish. We have helped him get used to the US (he's from Peru)

I think the youth group will be making a field trip and visiting him in his new parish. He is going to try and come to the dinner concert in August anyway.


Pez said...

Sorry that you are losing your new priest (and a well-liked one!).

Fishie said...

I never got that reassignment thing either. Of course, Baptists usually get pastors who stay in one place forever, and that could lead to another type of problem.

I hope the next priest is just as wonderful, and the kids love him too.