Wednesday, March 29, 2006

leaving on a jet plane

Joseph and I leave ths afternoon for Anaheim and this:

Tomorrow is Youth Day...15,000 teenagers. Joy;-) Actually, it is really fun and powerful. And loud. Can't forget loud. There is nothing like 15,000 like minded teenagers in one place to make you feel the Holy Spirit. Those kids have some energy.

Friday is a free day basically. We will most likely go to Downtown Disney. I wish we could go to Disneyland, but Chris, Joseph and I will be back down there in a couple of weeks, so I guess I can't complain too much;-) The kids leave at about 4 to return home. I am staying the weekend with Josephine to attend the rest of the congress. I have some good classes picked out.

It should be interesting, and a lot of fun. I am excited. Now, I need to pack;-)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

the boy was sure surprised

To see a new IPod sitting on the coffee table when we got back from Mass tonight;-) The look on his face was priceless. I wish I had thought to have the camera ready.

He has been working really hard at everything....his schoolwork, his music, helping out around the house, stepping up as leader at youth group. Not to mention his room is almost clean. He has really matured this year. This weekend, for example. Friday night it was pouring rain, and he *could* have gotten out of serving soup after Stations at church. (I was kind of hoping he didn't want to go out in the rain. I sure didn't) Yesterday he spent the day at Derek's practicing the songs for the battle of the bands later this month, then got up at 6:30 this morning to serve from 8-12 at the pancake breakfast the Knights of Columbus put on. He had a 3 hour break, then back for youth group, choir practice & Mass.

We were going to save the IPod until school is out, but since he and I leave for L.A. on Wednesday for youth day/religious ed. convention, I decided he needed the IPod now (because I want to use my cd player this week. Selfish reasons, lol)

Besides, he is a good kid and deserves it;-)

Ok, I am finished bragging about my son for the moment.
But I am a lucky mom.


Friday, March 24, 2006

zorro in hell

Casey had to go see this play last night for her theatre arts class, so I went with her.

Here's my review:)

It rocked.

I thought it was laugh out loud funny, entertaining, political and thought provoking. I also don't think it would go over well here in conservativeville. Thank God I live close enough to Berkeley;-)

Seriously, I would like to take Joseph. I think he would enjoy it as well. I will most definitely look for any other Culture Clash's shows and try and see them.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

i just noticed

The date. It's March 22. My dad would be 88 today.

I love you Dad, and I miss you :*)

I hope you and Mom are celebrating together:)

Today's Special :Guilt

Chris had his (phone) interview with the guy from Ponca City. He is perfect for the job. Exactly what and who they want. He comes highly recommended, etc. He isn't getting the job though...because he won't relocate. In actuality, I won't relocate. No matter that he would be travelling over half the time, and he could really do that from here. They want him based in Ponca City.....and I am such a spoiled baby I won't move. Joseph doesn't want to go either, but I am SO feeling like I am fucking things up. What do I do? I honestly don't think I could live there. I mean live. As in survive. No matter. I feel like i am holding him back.

Then...I turned my cell off yesterday for class, and forgot to turn it on until today. When I turned it on, there were 3 voice mails from Casey begging me to call her. She was having an emergency. She was in tears. I wasn't available. When I finally connected with her today, she told me that she had such a panic attack she had to call an ambulance and go to the hospital. Steve is out of town, and I am who she relies on when he is gone. She is at her brothers right now. She has been diagnosed with acute panic disorder and post traumatic stress. (She was in a horrible car accident in December) I feel so awful for not having my phone on when she needed me :*(

I hate guilt.

Monday, March 20, 2006

rain rain go away

Today is the first day of spring...and it is raining yet again. **Note to Mother Nature** Seriously , we've had enough for awhile. We're at something like 120% of normal. Do you think you could give us just a little break? Pretty please? My back lawn looks more like a swamp, and we'd really like to get the garden tilled and ready to plant.

The flowers I planted a couple of weeks ago have really exploded though. There is a silver lining in all these friggin rain clouds. Pretty flowers and no drought. It could be worse. I guess I would rather have it wet than dry. Water restrictions suck eggs. We have been there before.

And I do have a yellow rain slicker and very cute rain boots;-)

From the inbox (thanks Eleanor) :


In a courageous attempt to thwart the spread of bird flu, President George W. Bush has just bombed the Canary Islands.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

In honor of St Patrick's Day tomorrow.

Your Irish Name Is...
Roisin Sheridan

Lemon Tree Very Pretty

I have wanted a lemon tree almost since we bought this house. I hate buying lemons in the store. I used to get mine from LaDonn, but since she moved away, my lemon source has dried up (pun intended)

We have an apple tree and an orange tree. I wanted a lemon tree too, dammit. More specifically, a Meyer Lemon tree.

I finally got one last weekend. It is a true dwarf tree, so we have it in a half whiskey barrel on the back patio. It already has lemons on it, too. is good.

Monday, March 13, 2006


So far so good;-)

I am trying to give up swearing for Lent. (I can cuss like a trucker/sailor/take your pick) I am doing better. Really. I sh*t you not ;-) Seriously, I really have a potty mouth. I need to stop. I have been a whole lot better. I am thinking more about what I say. Maybe I will actually cut down on my cursing for ever. Maybe I won't ;-)

I went to Bible study tonight. Fr. Mike has one every Lent. I really feel better going. It seems to clear my mind. I used to go to a bible study in high school (bet you didn't know that about me) I love to learn, and to hear different perspectives.

This season, our bible study is about the passion of Christ. Of course, Fr Mike really liked the Mel Gibson movie....and he mentions it frequently during the 90 minutes or so we are there. I have to admit, I never did see the movie. Maybe I should rent it during Lent this year. Anyway, I think the Bible study will be good for me this year.

Being as his last name is McFadden, and he IS an Irish priest, he did talk a lot about St Patrick tonight. He also said that the Bishop didn't give dispensation for this Friday (St. Patrick's Day. We Catholics are supposed to fast on Friday. ( no meat = no corned beef and cabbage) He did say that the priest could also give dispensation;-) Will I go to hell if I eat corned beef & cabbage on Friday? I don't really think so. After all, eating meat isn't up there with murder & stealing, is it? Please don't tell me it is. I really want my corned beef. We will be serving soup until 7:30 at church though. Will that help?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I finally got up to the new IKEA in West Sacramento today. It's been open for a week or so, but I didn't want to fight the huge crowds at first. It's bigger than the Emeryville store I think. There is a lot of new and different stuff too. I *heart* IKEA. Really. I am thrilled that we have one 30 minutes away now. It will be a lot easier to get there.

I only got a few things today. I'm working on getting the 'classroom' cleaned out, since Joseph does his work on the sofa with a lap desk now. I have SO many books and stuff to go through and decide what to do with. What do I want to keep, and what do I want to get rid of. Anyway, I bought a bunch of containers there to make SOME kind of dent in that room. Joseph wants to soundproof the walls and use it for a studio. I think that will be a great idea. I will just be happy to get all. those. guitars. out of my front room;-)

Of course, a trip to IKEA isn't complete unless I buy meatballs. OMG, those friggin meatballs are SO good.

We had a parent's meeting at Jo's tonight. We spent the first 30 minutes helping Alyssa decide which shoes to wear with her prom dress...which is outstandingly beautiful. It is kind of a light teal-y color with beading. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. She is stressing big time. What shoes, which hairstyle...she brought pictures down of a couple of different hairstyles. I liked one a lot more than the other. So did she. It is very pretty, a half up/half down with tendrils....she will look like a princess. A sexy princess, LOL.

We did actually get some business done too. We're getting everything finalized for the convention and youth day.

Only 3 more weeks until the L.A. trip! We're all excited. Fr. Humberto (El Guapo) is coming along. He can't stay for the whole weekend though, as he can't get anyone to cover for him at Spanish mass. He will go home with the kids on Friday, and I will stay with Jo for the weekend to attend the rest of the convention & workshops. John and Tony are going back on Friday as well.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Light the Way

I found some cool clear votive holders at Big Lots for 29 cents each ( I *heart* Big Lots) , so I decided to have the kids at CCD decopauge them today. When I was at Target the other day, they had some of their specialty tissue paper on clearance (Some of it looks hand made) in purples, blues and pinks. The votive holders turned out really pretty.

I also brought a bunch of vanilla scented candles, so when they were all finished, they put the candles in, and we had a small prayer service at the end of class. I told them to remember when they light their candles, that Jesus is the light of the world. It worked well.

They were actually all engaged today. Even the boys;-) Funny, but their hormones are already bubbling up (6th grade) and they try so hard to be cool, but give them glue and paper, and they are as happy as clams. It makes me happy when they seem to actually enjoy being in class....not just because they have to be.

This morning, I went up to Sacramento, to the big Catholic bookstore, to try and find some different stuff for these kids to do. I didn't find much for the kids, but lots for me. *Sigh* I know why I don't go in there often. I spent almost $80.

I have decide to make an 'altar' in my house. I am doing it for Lent, but will keep it all the time. I got a nice Crucifix, a small statue of Jesus and a smaller one of Mary. Now I need to find a suitable table. I will put a cloth on it, and my Bible and rosary, along with the cross and statues. I also think I will put one of the votive holders we made in class today:)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Yesterday we went to a hardware store's (Orchard Supply) 'how to fair'. We go every year. It's a cool time to see what neat and new stuff they have in the stores. Chris gets to look at all the 'stuff' he wants to get this spring, we get samples of products (free samples are good), and I get to see Nick.

I have an ongoing *thing* with Nick, but he doesn't know it. He's Italian, he has an accent, a great smile, and he can cook.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Note to the Teens

... who showed up last night to serve soup after the Stations of the Cross at church.

You rock.

There were only 5 of you, but you managed to get it all done. You served all the soup up with a smile, even when you had no clue what kind of soup it was.

*Note to those who bring soup* Label the soup, please. We had to play 'guess the soup' before the masses came in. Thank you for bringing it, but please, please label it. And another is up to you, the ones who bring the soup, to make sure it is hot enough to eat. I am not going to be responsible for any kids getting burned carrying a big pot of soup from the stove. Do you know what kind of trouble there would be if one of those kids spilled soup on themself and got burned? Really. So, if you bring the pot of soup two hours before the kids have to serve it, please come in a few minutes before serving time to make sure it is heated enough. Thank you.

Kids, you had the tables set with spoons and napkins, the garlic bread cut and placed in bowls on the table, the coffee made and water out. About the only thing I had to do was remind you to put more spoons & napkins out after the first group ate.

Thank you all for giving up a few hours of your precious Friday night to help serve. We've got 6 more Fridays to do this. I know there are lots of other things you could be doing instead of hanging around the parish hall. It is much appreciated:-)

PS. The few who complained, I would ask you to remember a couple of things. First, this is a free meal. It ain't the Ritz. These kids are doing it because they want to. They don't get paid for it.

If you don't like the soups for any reason, don't complain to the kids. All they do is dish it up. That is all. They didn't make it.

PPS: To the vast majority of people, thanks for taking the time to thank the kids for their help. It is nice for them to feel appreciation for what they do. And, to the one lady who came in and gave me a hug and told me how sweet those kids are...thanks. You made my night. These kids are awesome, and I'm glad someone sees it:-)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Job? I Hope Not.

A posting came open for a new job within the company for Chris. It is what he really wants to do ( travel and help out at other coking units around the country and possibly world) , but it is based here:

he haasn't even decided whether or not to apply for it. he said if he did that he would find out if he could stay here and do the same job. It entails travel about 60% of the time, so while he would be travelling, Joseph and I would be in Ponca City. I can't even begin to get enthused about it. He says he wouldn't take the job if it means moving there, but.......