Monday, March 20, 2006

rain rain go away

Today is the first day of spring...and it is raining yet again. **Note to Mother Nature** Seriously , we've had enough for awhile. We're at something like 120% of normal. Do you think you could give us just a little break? Pretty please? My back lawn looks more like a swamp, and we'd really like to get the garden tilled and ready to plant.

The flowers I planted a couple of weeks ago have really exploded though. There is a silver lining in all these friggin rain clouds. Pretty flowers and no drought. It could be worse. I guess I would rather have it wet than dry. Water restrictions suck eggs. We have been there before.

And I do have a yellow rain slicker and very cute rain boots;-)

From the inbox (thanks Eleanor) :


In a courageous attempt to thwart the spread of bird flu, President George W. Bush has just bombed the Canary Islands.

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