Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Light the Way

I found some cool clear votive holders at Big Lots for 29 cents each ( I *heart* Big Lots) , so I decided to have the kids at CCD decopauge them today. When I was at Target the other day, they had some of their specialty tissue paper on clearance (Some of it looks hand made) in purples, blues and pinks. The votive holders turned out really pretty.

I also brought a bunch of vanilla scented candles, so when they were all finished, they put the candles in, and we had a small prayer service at the end of class. I told them to remember when they light their candles, that Jesus is the light of the world. It worked well.

They were actually all engaged today. Even the boys;-) Funny, but their hormones are already bubbling up (6th grade) and they try so hard to be cool, but give them glue and paper, and they are as happy as clams. It makes me happy when they seem to actually enjoy being in class....not just because they have to be.

This morning, I went up to Sacramento, to the big Catholic bookstore, to try and find some different stuff for these kids to do. I didn't find much for the kids, but lots for me. *Sigh* I know why I don't go in there often. I spent almost $80.

I have decide to make an 'altar' in my house. I am doing it for Lent, but will keep it all the time. I got a nice Crucifix, a small statue of Jesus and a smaller one of Mary. Now I need to find a suitable table. I will put a cloth on it, and my Bible and rosary, along with the cross and statues. I also think I will put one of the votive holders we made in class today:)


Pez said...

Your altar sounds cool, Shelly. I love the little tables that the kids' Sunday School teachers set up with candles, the bible, a crucifix and then something seasonal.

BTW, have you checked out the religious stuff/crafts at orientaltrading.com? They have some cool things and probably spot on for 6th graders.

Shelly said...

I need to check out Oriental Trading. Thanks Denine!

Fish said...

That's a really interesting idea - an altar. I imagine I'd o much more in the way of praying if I had something tangible around to remind me to do it. I'm so lazy!

The Vichy said...

I heart Big Lots, too. Sounds like you found some great deals there.