Monday, March 13, 2006


So far so good;-)

I am trying to give up swearing for Lent. (I can cuss like a trucker/sailor/take your pick) I am doing better. Really. I sh*t you not ;-) Seriously, I really have a potty mouth. I need to stop. I have been a whole lot better. I am thinking more about what I say. Maybe I will actually cut down on my cursing for ever. Maybe I won't ;-)

I went to Bible study tonight. Fr. Mike has one every Lent. I really feel better going. It seems to clear my mind. I used to go to a bible study in high school (bet you didn't know that about me) I love to learn, and to hear different perspectives.

This season, our bible study is about the passion of Christ. Of course, Fr Mike really liked the Mel Gibson movie....and he mentions it frequently during the 90 minutes or so we are there. I have to admit, I never did see the movie. Maybe I should rent it during Lent this year. Anyway, I think the Bible study will be good for me this year.

Being as his last name is McFadden, and he IS an Irish priest, he did talk a lot about St Patrick tonight. He also said that the Bishop didn't give dispensation for this Friday (St. Patrick's Day. We Catholics are supposed to fast on Friday. ( no meat = no corned beef and cabbage) He did say that the priest could also give dispensation;-) Will I go to hell if I eat corned beef & cabbage on Friday? I don't really think so. After all, eating meat isn't up there with murder & stealing, is it? Please don't tell me it is. I really want my corned beef. We will be serving soup until 7:30 at church though. Will that help?


Pez said...

Our bishop gave a dispensation for this Friday so we do get to eat meat. C'mon up for the weekend!

Shelly said...

LOL, I wish I could.
I am ready for a Seattle trip;-)

Anonymous said...