Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Another day, another debate.

Tonight it was the candidates for VP. I think John Edwards won the debate handily, but that's just me. I really have a hard time even watching Cheney.....he gives me the willies. Seriously....he scares me....even more than Dubya does. I think he is an evil, evil man. *Shudder*

With the mess the forums have been the past couple of days, (damn Delphi) I actually got some stuff done around the house;) I got the closet in the den straightened out, and went through some of Joseph's old books. I gave some old unused workbooks and stuff to Florence for Helen to use.

I also rearranged the lawyers bookcase in the entry/dining room, and the table behind the sofa. I took the vintage school books off the table and put them on top of the bookcase where we can see them better, and I put all the pictures that were on the bookcase onto the sofa table. I feel like I am finally making some progress, lol.

After I finished that, I made a simple family tree as an example for the CCD kids, as I had them make one during class this afternoon. After they finished, I put them all up on the wall under a sign that read " An Arbor of Ancestors". Fr. Mike came in and spoke to the kids about the children's mass he is (finally) starting. I really wish we had a priest who connected with the kids and teenagers of the parish:-( Neither he nor Fr Paul do....at all. Neither one is comfortable around young people. The kids see it too, at least the teens do. They don't feel like they are part of the church. Sad. When the YG had donut sales Sunday from 8-12, Fr Mike didn't even walk over and say hello to the kids. He didn't even acknowledge them at all:(

The only comments some of the kids even get is someone bitching about how they dress. I don't like the really short, short skirts, or belly shirts either at church, but other than that, I don't see what the big deal is. The youth group has a dress code that says no micro minis or belly shirts, so the YG kids, at least don't wear them to church. The thing is, at least around here lots of people don't dress up for church anymore. When a 70 year old complains about the clothes the teens wear to Mass though, I would like to respectfully tell them to STFU. At least the kids are coming to church. Besides, the 5:50 Mass on Sunday evening is the youth Mass. If the little old ladies don't like it, there are lots of other Masses they can go to:/


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Kim!

I didn't watch the debate - The Two Towers was calling me, and I prefer Peter Jackson's fantasy instead of politicians.

I'm glad for the kids at church that at least they have you to connect with, since neither of the priests is interested.

As for the clothing issue, as long as they're in clean clothes that aren't revealing, who cares what they wear? I'm pretty sure Jesus doesn't . . . Gosh, it must be nice to have such a perfect life that you have time to concern yourself with nitpicky crap like what kids are wearing.

I understand about the "giving your best to God," looking nice getting you in the church mindset, etc. But I think the reason most people get dressed up for church is
1) habit - it's the way they always have done it
2) showing off - who's the best dressed?
3) concern about what others will think if they don't
I'm sure that teens do the same things, just with different kinds of clothes than the blue-hairs. But if they're at church for their spiritual life, leave corporeal things behind and don't sweat the clothes. Hmm, I think that's just what you said, too!

That's the end of my snark for right now, but you know there's a never ending supply!

Shelly said...

Frankly, fantasy is sounding much better than polotica all the time, lol.

Snark is good. I think being snarky is mandatory ;-)

Pez said...

You are spot on about Cheney!