Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Sunday was World Youth Day.

I spent it with about 400 kids from 5 different youth groups at a 'praise' rally at St Patricks High School. It was raucous, funny, powerful and touching. The theme of the rally was social justice.....something close to my heart. Each youth group had to do a skit. Our kids did really well, I thought. They showed a video....the "What's Going On" one with Bono, Christina Aguilera, and a bunch of other singers.....powerful. After that, they did a skit with a 'teacher' and 'students' who did 'reports' on different things that have happened....the Holocaust, the Civil Rights movement , and Columbine. At the end, they played another video, Michael Jackson's Heal the World. (I thought it ironic that they used a Michael Jackson song....perverted bastard) They were all on stage singing along with it, and everyone in the audience stood and sang along....holding hands.

There was a speaker by the name of Paul Flores. He was awesome! He connected so well with the kids, and spoke the truth, lol. He makes observations....observations that are dead on. He was also funny as hell;) I guess he is also going to speak at the L.A. convention in February. That should be very cool.

The singer they had was great too. During the first break, instead of going outside for a snack, Joseph and Derek both ended up talking to him (and he let them play his guitars) In fact, Joseph ended up going out and bringing his guitar from the car, and before the end of the next break, he was onstage with Trevor, singing;-)

Chris took Monday off. We went down to IKEA. I bought a great shelf for all the record albums. I knew I could find one at IKEA, lol. I also found a chair I want for the family room....but I didn't get it then. Chris will have to take the truck down and get it.

Today Joseph and I are going back up to Tahoe for the last 2 nights of the run there. At least the weather is cooperating this time! I am going to take my ornaments along and work on them tomorrow while Joseph is doing his school work. It will be a perfect time to do it:)


Jennifer said...

What's a record album?

I'm KIDDING! I have several here myself, if I had a needle in the record player I could ACTUALLY play them *sigh* The Wall sounds best on vinyl IMO.

Shelly said...

I forgot about how YOUNG you are, lol.

Smart a$$.