Friday, October 08, 2004

Today was Mr. N's funeral. It was good to see Mike and Tom.....its been a long time. It is sad that there are family members we don't see unless there is a funeral:( Peggy didn't come out for the funeral though. I didn't think she would. If she couldn't be bothered to come out for her own father's funeral, why would she for her father in law:/ Poor Tom. It must be awful to get NO support from your spouse. Ever.

We went and had pizza for dinner, but waited til after the debate was over. Shrub was defensive again. He just doesn't. get. it.


We're heading up to Oregon tomorrow for a couple of days to see SJ and maybe Auntie.

Have a good weekend everyone:)

Oh......the girl with the offensive sig took it off, so I have her off ignore now.


Pez said...

I hope you had a good time in Oregon. Yeah for the offensive sig being gone. :)

tattooed heathen said...

How was Oregon?