Thursday, October 07, 2004

I got my Eucharistic Minister "training" today, such at it was. Karla told me a couple of things, then gave me a booklet to read. Poor thing, she wasn't feeling well, so she gave me an abbreviated version.

Tonight was the parent meeting at Jo's house. We talked about the budget and plans for both the rally this month and the LA trip, then we all just sat & talked. Florence gave us some good feedback....and told us what a difference we are making in the kids' lives. It was nice to hear.

Then I came home and watched Brady being voted off Survivor. Wahhhhh. The cute one is gone:/

After that I got on the forums...........I wish I hadn't.


Right now, I am so disappointed in some people.....on so many levels:(


Pez said...

Congratulations on becoming a (an?) Eucharistic Minister, Shelly. :)

Sorry about the forums, Shelly. Not sure which one you are talking about but most of them seem to have gone downhill, haven't they?

Shelly said...


I was talking about all the crap posted to Raven. Sad:(

Katie said...

I don't know why they are so determined to vote off all the cute ones. JP is gone now too. *sigh*

tattooed heathen said...

I'm bad bad bad. I've only watched the first Survivor this season. This is probably why I'm doing poorly in the Fantasy League. I don't know who to pick for my team.

But I am recording it so DH can watch when he gets home. It can be our quality bonding time. ;)