Sunday, October 17, 2004

It has been a busy week!

I love Oregon in the fall. We spent last weekend there. The leaves in Lithia Park are all turning, and it is absolutely beautiful. We spent some time with Steve and Roberta, and basically just relaxed. ( I did do some shopping.....3 new pair of shoes among other things:-D )

Joseph played guitar with his Aunt Roberta. She was very impressed with his playing. So was I. I didn't realize just how good he is getting. They played "Pancho & Lefty"... a Willie Nelson song, and then she pulled out the music for "The Weight" by The Band. The kid did good;)

We came home on Monday, then on Tuesday Joseph and I left for Lake Tahoe. We got back yesterday. We stayed at Doc's Cottages.......they are small cottages built in the 1920's, with quite a history. Clark Gable stayed there. Joseph would do his schoolwork in the morning, then we would go out in the afternoon, either shopping, or to the lake looking for rocks. At night we went to see the boys play at Harrah's. It was a nice 4 days. JB gave Joseph some kind of guitar gadget. I have no idea just what it does. I admit I am hoplessly ignorant of much of the stuff that goes along with electric guitars.

We're heading back up on Tuesday for a couple of days. Casey has rehearsals, and she won't be there, so I am handling the merchandise sales alone.....well, with help from Joseph. He is quite the salesman, lol. I am so lucky. Chris doesn't mind at all. He is working long hours with the new project, so us being gone isn't hard on him. He basically comes home, eats and goes to bed. I do worry about him getting sick, but can't tell him anything:/

I am ready for an early bedtime tonight. Today was donut sales, rehearsal for the skit the kids are putting on next Sunday at the rally, youth group, then Mass. I was at the church from 7:30 this mornig until 6:30 tonight. Whew.

Tomorrow it is schoolwork for Joseph and cleaning for me. *Sigh*.......definitely a Monday.

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