Thursday, October 21, 2004

Its JUST an online community....why am I hurt?

A private forum....sorry, but nonetheless, someone made me cry tonight :*( One person asked me if I had a good time in Tahoe and Oregon....and said they wished they got around as much as I do. I took it to mean ...travelled...but some one else said (jokingly) why don't you just call her a ho. I should have realized she was joking, but when someone says that.....damn. I keep wondering, does she mean it? Does she really think (even subconciously) I am a *ho*? Yeah, I do go a lot. I am damn lucky that I can. I know that. Chris makes good money....I homeschool Joseph and we can take off at the drop of a hat. Schoolbooks travel well, and he can do math anywhere;)

I am also very good friends with 5 men. I have posted about those friends. I have known them for almost 18 years...they are all part of my life. A platonic part of my life. I have been married for 30 years, and am faithful.
I happen to enjoy being friends with men. They aren't as catty and bitchy as women can be. They are real.

I am so fucking frustrated. I made the mistake of saying something (in response) about 'travelling being better than bitching about my life and my sick kids.' That was in regards to someone who does exactly that. All the time. Those person does nothing but complain about one of her kids having a cold, or a runny (or stuffy) nose, and how she has to take them to the doctor. What I want to do is slap her upside her head and tell her to STOP. But I don't. Well, one time I did try and gently tell her that maybe she was too much of worrier. That went over like a lead balloon though, so I have given up. I usually ignore her. We are just too different.

Anyway, I shouldn't have lashed out at her because someone hurt my feelings. That was wrong, and I am sorry I did it.


Might as well, lol......just wish I was having the fun such a title implied;-)

Tahoe was fun, but the drive up was hell.

We left Tuesday afternoon.....and had to drive up highway 80, as 50 was closed due to mudslides. It took 6 hours to get from my house to Truckee......a trip that normally takes 2 hours. Here in the valley, it was flooding and high winds, and in the mountains it was snow....and chains. By the time we got to was almost dark. I drove along Highway 89....and there were no 'chain monkeys' to take the cables off the tires. Yes, I am a flatlander, and I have no freaking idea how to take them off.

We got to the 7-11 by Squaw Valley, and I pulled in the parkng lot to attempt to remove them. (It wasn't snowing then....) We got one partof each cable undone, but couldn't reach the other part. Luckily, a Good Samaritan came out and helped us unfasten one....but the other one got stuck and wrapped around the axle (do NOT ask me how that happened) I ended up having to call AAA to come and fix it. By the time AAA got there and unhooked started to snow again.

We bravely decided to continue on our way to was only a 45 minute to an hour drive.....I could still make it for the end of the show, and to sell merchandise. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had different ideas. The snow came down harder...and harder. I couldn't freaking SEE. I don't know how people drive at night in the snow:/

We decided to turn around and head back to Truckee for the night. What a freaking harrowing drive. I had Joseph roll down his wondow andhelp me navigate the road. I was terrified I would skid off the road onto either an embankement or the river. Luckily, the Holiday Inn had rooms when we got there. After a dinner of chips/candy bars and sodas from the hotel machines, first Joseph, than I took a hot bath to thaw out our wet feet and bodies. I called Chris to tell him we were in Truckee instead of Tahoe, and had to listen to him tell me 'I should have left earlier, I should have gone a different way, I should have....blah blah blah.' Not what I needed to hear. By the time we made it back to Truckee,I was shaking like a leaf.

We got up yesterday morning, and it was still snowing......but the road was plowed, and we headed off to Tahoe via Reno.

The show last night was lots of fun.....we spent some time with the guys at sound check....and everyone was worried because we hadn't shown up on Tuesday. Its nice to know someone cares.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had a rough trip. Driving in snow like that is very stressful, I know.

Online messages can be so difficult to interpret - gentle teasing doesn't always come through very well. I can't believe anyone thinks, on any level, that you're a ho.


Anonymous said...

Dammit, I forgot to sign my name. It's me, Kimmer.

Shelly said...

Thanks Kim.

We got it straightened out:-)

Pez said...

((hugs)) Shelly