Monday, December 06, 2004

Monday......or more aptly named busy day;)

I finally got my ornament swaps mailed out. I really dislike standing on line at the post office. Especially for 30 minutes:/ *Sigh* At least they're mailed:-D

Tonight I'm doing Christmas cards. I've got family & friends done and will do the SAHP ones next. Luckily it is a small list this year, so my writer's cramp won't be too bad;)

I had grand plans to clean house today, but after the post office I had to go to Costco, Big 5 , Kohls, Wal Mart and Target, then to the grocery store. There was no time to clean house! Oh well, there is always tomorrow. I will have to get it finished early though, because Joseph and I will be working at Christmas Wish for a few hours before we go to CCD. I have a great project for the kids to do tomorrow....making Christmas message thingys to go on the fridge. They are Christmas trees with a clothes pin and magnet on the back.

I got 3 of my ornaments in the mail today (well, it could have been Saturday, because I didn't check the mail that day....) They are all beautiful:-) I love the swaps. Everyone is so talented. I wish I was. Its an easy kit for know, ornaments for dummies ;-)

Hmm. PEZ opened a chat last night. I of course missed it. I will have to see when she opens the next one. I miss chatting:)

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