Monday, December 20, 2004

We went down to Sue's today to exchange gifts, and I found out more about Geoff. She got the same email as I did, and she called him. Apparently, he has been drinking heavily and drugging heavily since Josh (his oldest son) has been in it has been quite a while:/

He hasn't been making the house is all going to alcohol/drugs. (Now....his wife works.....why didn't she see that those things were taken care of?) Anyway, apparently she just couldn't stand it anymore, and that is why she left. When she left, she left him $1,500 to help him get by. WHAT did he do with that money????? Buy drugs. BUY DRUGS.

He definitely needs help.....more than I can give him. I am looking for some agencies that can help, and I will give him some numbers. Right now, that is all I can do. I can't subject my family to wouldn't be fair to them. I don't want him around Joseph. Sad, but true:(


Pez said...

Shelly, I am sorry to read more about your brother. I will continue to keep him in my prayers. I hope he can get straight and his life back together. {{hugs}}

Shelly said...

Thanks Denine:)