Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I Love Lake Tahoe

Tahoe was absolutely beautiful. The weather was perfect, and the days were so relaxing. We did some walking, a bit of window shopping in town, and a lot of reading. It was nice to get away for a week. The only bad thing were the squirrels who decided they wanted in the screen room of the tent.....(to get the pumpkin seeds that DH {not dear husband, either} had left in plain sight) they gnawed through the screen:/ Little fuckers. Now I have to go get some kind of a patch and sew it on.

Oh yeah, the shows at night were awesome:) Donna is an angel.....she seated us in the front row every night, no matter what our tickets said. Casey and I did well selling tee shirts/cds. hats/mugs after the shows. It was much better when the guys came out to sign autographs though. Joseph came to a show one night, then disappeared into the dressing room with S & JB. They are very impressed with his guitar skills, lol. J forgot the wahwah pedal he had promised Joseph, but brought it on Sunday. Speaking of J....he was back to his sweet self, thank goodness. Moody damn musician;-)

Casey and I went shopping on Sunday.....and were caught in one hell of a thunderstorm in Carson City! The freaking lights went out in the store while we were there. It didn't stop us though;-)

Came home on Monday, then went straight down to R& E's in Santa Cruz to celebrate Chris' birthday.....which was yesterday. They bought him a Jacaranda tree.....I was jazzed! We have admired those every time we go to L. A. We just have to decide where to plant it......

Today was spent doing laundry. Oh joy, oh bliss. Not really;) I wish I could send my laundry out to be done. Denine?

The only thing about Chris taking yesterday off.......I feel all discombobulated. It feels like Monday......and I hate Mondays;)

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