Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Well, brother Greg has gone back to Boston. It was good to see him. He came out for his 40th class reunion. I made sure to call him my much older brother while he was here, lol. I am still the pesky little sister when I have to be;-)

We had a small family reunion on Sunday.....Aunt Louise, Sheila, Denise, Myrtle, Wauhilla and various kids & grandkids came, along with Sue, Greg, Sue's kids & grandkids, and Chris, Joseph and me. It was so much fun. I took some old family albums along (I inherited my Mom & Dad's photo albums) It is nice looking back with people who were actually there. I realized how much my family means to me. Aunt Louise (and Uncle Sam) were such a big part of my growing up years. I miss seeing her. I do hope she moves down here.

Yesterday we all went to Sue's for a goodbye dinner with Greg. Lots of laughter there. I realized I am the baby sister....now matter how old I am;-) I stil lcatch crap from big brother and big sister...but luckily I heard no more about how awful I am for not calling Sue:/ Luckily her boys & their SO's know how she is....I got commended by Laura for putting up with it.

I have no choice:/

Today was back to the same old, same old. You know....the never ending pile of laundry. Where does it all come from??? There are only 3 of us here!

OMG....I almost forgot.....my son has a new gadget in his room....a black light. He belongs to another age, so my SIL says. He was born in the wrong decade;-)
It is pretty cool though;)


Pez said...

Sounds as though Joseph is an old soul and belongs in the decade that you came of age in! He is definitely a part of you!

Shelly said...

LOL....he most definitely is an old soul;)