Friday, August 20, 2004


The boy and I both got haircuts this afternoon. He really needed one.....the curls were out of control! His hair looks good. He had them cut it a little shorter on the sides and back than before. Damn kid looks like a man now:/ Where did my baby boy go?

Mine was just trimmed. I am growing it out....I want to be able to put it up if I want to, but it had no shape at all, so I had her trim & shape it a bit. It kind of looks like Oprah's.....with bangs and kinda flippy.

Chris should be home soon......tonight is pizza night (yay) Round Table here we come!

After pizza we will go to the Creekwalk. I hope the band is good tonight. I forgot to look and see who is playing. Please....anything but country;/ Joseph is supposed to meet Derek.....but if it is a country band, we will not be staying long. There isn't enough beer for sale to make me listen to country music for very long;-)

One more thing (shameless patriotism here.....the Olympics bring it out in me, lol)
YAY Carly Patterson! WTG girl!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you know the gymnast has had her own website since 2001? That strikes me as strange for some reason.

I hear you on the country music...LOL!


Anonymous said...


Signed: Evil One

Shelly said...

Her own website? Weird.

Thank country music Friday;)

And Evil One? I still haven't got a scanner, so you will have to wait om more pictures.