Saturday, August 07, 2004

Bad Blogger, Bad.
I have been a bad blogger this week. I didn't realize it had been since Monday or something since I blogged. I kept putting it off because I didn't think I had anything worth blogging. *Sigh*

It really has been slow around the old homestead this week. Let me see if I can remember any highlights.......

Hmm. There was the day that Chris brought home a printed email he got at work from his was very nice. It was all about what kind of herbs I should be taking for menopause. It even gave him the brand name and how to buy them. Gee, I wonder how Charlie knows I am going through menopause? Wasn't it sweet of my dear husband to let someone (who I don't know well at all) know personal stuff about me??? Maybe I can poll my friends about a problem he is having, and give him the results of what they think. After is just being helpful, right???

I had a parents meeting at Jo's house for youth group.....somehow I have been named a parent leader. I am on the inside as far as budget and planning goes now. How the hell did that happen?? I guess that's what I get for volunteering;-)

I am surrounded by assholes.

Not only has dh been an ass this week (besides the menopause thing.....he has been a grouchy ass for 2 days....he really needs this vacation), but yesterday Joseph and I went to Santa Rosa to see the guys play. After dealing with the assholes on the freeway (do they really need to ride my bumper?) J was being an arrogant ass. Ugh. Sometimes.........I could just smack the crap out of him.

Hopefully my mood will improve this week. We leave for Tahoe tomorrow for 5 days of 'city camping' (actually, I leave tomorrow....Chris and Joseph come up on Monday) It should be fun, and relaxing. I made sure Chris packed the lounge in the truck.....the better for an aftenoon nap. (And I won't be camping tomorrow, LOL....I will be in a nice hotel......) I'm looking forward to seeing Casey and the guys too. Hopefully, J will be over his 'assholyness'. If not, screw him:/

I am also hoping Chris gets to relax. Believe me, he needs it:/


Chris said...

Sorry folks are being ass hats. :(

Shelly said...

Thanks Chris:)

Its nothing a couple of martinis won't take care of, lol.

Anonymous said...


Well . . .

I see the men in your life are irritating you. Um, may I say you seem a bit grouchy, too? Or will I get bitch slapped?

/////running away/////

Evil One

Katie said...

I think I have a spare frying pan here somewhere... Enjoy your mini vacation!

Pez said...

Where's the Tahoe update? I know are you back!