Monday, September 20, 2004

Busy Weekend

I think I am actually glad it's Monday;-)

Friday night Joseph and I went to Lodi to see th guys play. Great show as usual. Poor R is looking very tired though:/ It was good to see everyone. We got home about 12:30 a.m., and had to get up early Saturday morning. Saturday was the California Coastal and Creek Cleanup. We all got up and, armed with gloves, headed down to Rodeo for the town cleanup. Our group was assigned the main street, so we headed off, carrying a couple of huge trash bags, which were soon filled, and more passed out. We worked for almost 4 hours.....picking up every thing from cigarette butts to bike frames to sofa cushions, and a few really disgusting things. Thank goodness we were wearing gloves:/ I felt good about how the town looked after we finished, and saddened that it will not last.

When we got back home and showered all the yuck off, I dropped Joseph and his guitar off at Derek's house for the afternoon. While I was gone, Chris finished more of the trim painting on the house. I got home and managed to talk Chris into going downtown to the Jazz Festival. There were some really good bands! There was also a 'wine stroll'........$18 got you a commemorative glass and 5 tastings. They weren't actually tastings either......everyone poured full glasses. Yikes! Its a good thing we only sprang for one glass......we shared. Luckily there was lots of food to taste as well.

Another early morning yesterday. Joseph had to work after the morning Masses, selling donuts. I had to help 'supervise' so I was there all morning as well. After the kids were done, he went back over to Derek's until choir practice at 4:30. I got to go home for a couple of hours, then go back to the church for a meeting......then Mass, then another meeting.

Chris (who doesn't feel sorry for me and my meetings at all, since it was my BIG mouth that got me involved in the first place) went to the Jazz Mass, then went home and relaxed the rest of the day, watching baseball, then football.

Oh! We had our first rain of the season yesterday afternoon, too. It was a doozy....thunder and lightning, and a hailstorm. When I was driving to church, streets were even flooded.

It did make the air smell so good.....and I went to sleep hearing the water drip from the eaves.

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