Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Back to school time

We're leaving today for our annual back to school camping trip:-) We usually try and start back to school while camping, but couldn't get away in time. It always seems easier to ease back into the daily schoolwork while sitting at a table under the trees. (for both Joseph and me) This year we're camping somewhere different, in honor of 8th grade, lol. We let Joseph choose, so we will be camping at the state park at Pismo Beach.. Falling asleep at night while listening to the ocean......mmmmmm)

I hope everyone had a nice labor day weekend. Saturday we went up to Reno (Sparks, actually) for the Rib Cook Off Yum! There is nothing better than ribs and cold beer on a hot day;-) I bought some different sauces while we were there.....we used one of them on Monday.

Sunday morning Joseph had to help sell donuts after the morning Masses, to raise money for the L.A. trip in February. While we were at church in the morning, ( I had to be there to help wioth the kids) Chris got some trim painting done. Boy, the trim looks so much better now! Sunday evening at youth group, Joseph got his guitar our and played and sang Imagine. It brought tears to my eyes. If I do say so, the kid has talent:)

Monday Chris took him over to Derek's with his guitar, amp, and skateboard (but no helmet. Grrr) He, Derek, Kurt and Heidi are starting a band. Lord help us all;P I am very happy that John and Kathy have decided to let the kids practice there, lol. Its actually easier.....the other three live within a couple of blocks of each other, so I am the only one who has to drive to get there. After they practiced for a while, they decided to ride their boards downtown to get an ice cream and stop at the music store. Well, while they were riding, my darling son (no helmet, remember. Grr again) takes a header off the board. Smacks his head on the sidewalk. He had a humongous goose egg . Instead of turning around and going back to Kathy's though, they decide he is fine, albeit scratched, and continue their adventure. They did call Kathy to come pick them up from the music store though.......after all it was 103 degrees. When they got back to the P's house, John put an ice pack on dear son's head. I arrived soon after that to pick him up.

I am glad he didn't have a concussion (he does have a niiiice bruise now, and the knot is gone already) .....but he is now grounded from the skateboard for a while, because he knows better than to ride without a helmet:/

Oh, one more thing. I told Karla last year that if she needed a catechist for tis year, I would help her out again. I was SO hoping she wouldn't.....but no such luck. She called last night, and I will be teaching 6th grade. When will I learn???

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