Saturday, July 17, 2004

I am one tired puppy.   We just got back from Marine World....we've been there since 10 this morning..   We were supposed to go to a Gospel Day there with the youth group, but the music was so unorganized that we all just ended up going to the shows and riding rides.  The kids didn't want to sit and listen to much music.....and 30 cranky teenagers is not a good thing;-)
After this past week with VBS, and today at Marine World.....I am exausted.  I think I am going to bed early and hopefully I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow. I know Joseph will!  Chris went down to R&E's to do some yard work today since neither of them can do it.  He'll be back home tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What is Marine World? I guess I could look it up online, as I have been doing with most places to research our next road trip, but asking you makes for better conversation. LOL!

Evil One

Shelly said...

Marine World is a Six Flags park. Before 6 Flags bought it and added mongo roller coasters, it was more of a wildlife park....whale shows, bird shows, etc.

Planning a road trip to California? I think you should, lol.