Wednesday, July 21, 2004

*Said in voice of the Wicked Witch*............."I'm mellllting"

It is friggin hot.   9:30 at night and still almost 90.  Sleeping is going to be next to impossible,even with the air on.   I may end up on the sofa, just because the family room is the coolest room in the house:/ 

I had big plans for cleaning today, but it was too damn hot.   Since it was too hot to clean, I took Joseph up to Guitar Center to get a few things he needed.  $60 later..............little things add up, for sure.

I can't complain though.  He really enjoys his guitars and is getting so good!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another scorcher.....102* or more.  It is gonna be hot at the Amador Co. Fair, where the boys will be playing.  Sometimes I wish I still wore shorts in public.....but I will have to find something else to wear:/
Joseph is looking forward to going with me.  It should be fun.

I just found out that they will be back at Harrah's Tahoe in August!
Yay! I always have fun there:)

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